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Achilles, Agony And Ecstasy In Eight PartsThe Triumph Of Steel1992
All Men Play On 10Sign Of The Hammer1984
An American TrilogyWarriors Of The World2002
AnimalsSign Of The Hammer1984
AnnihilationThe Lord Of Steel2012
Army Of The Dead, Part IGods Of War2007
Army Of The Dead, Part IIGods Of War2007
Army Of The ImmortalsHail To England1984
Battle HymnBattle Hymns1982
Battle Hymn (Re-Recording 2010)Battle Hymns MMXI2010
Black ArrowsHail To England1984
Black ListThe Lord Of Steel2012
Black Wind, Fire And SteelFighting The World1987
Black Wind,Fire And SteelThe Hell Of Steel1994
Blood BrothersGods Of War2007
Blood Of My EnemiesHail To England1984
Blood Of The KingsKings Of Metal1988
Blood Of The Kings (MMXIV)Kings Of Metal MMXIV2014
Blood Of The Kings (MMXIV) (Instrumental) (Bonus Track)Kings Of Metal MMXIV2014
Blow Your SpeakersFighting The World1987
Blow Your SpeakersThe Hell Of Steel1994
Born In A GraveThe Lord Of Steel2012
Bridge Of DeathHail To England1984
Brothers Of Metal (Part 1)Louder Than Hell1996
BurningThe Triumph Of Steel1992
Call To ArmsWarriors Of The World2002
Call To Arms (Live)Battle Hymns MMXI2010
Carry OnFighting The World1987
CourageLouder Than Hell1996
Dark AvengerBattle Hymns1982
Dark Avenger (Re-Recording 2010)Battle Hymns MMXI2010
Death ToneBattle Hymns1982
Death Tone (Live)Battle Hymns MMXI2010
Death Tone (Re-Recording 2010)Battle Hymns MMXI2010
DefenderFighting The World1987
DefenderThe Hell Of Steel1994
Die For MetalGods Of War2007
Drums Of DoomFighting The World1987
Each Dawn I DieHail To England1984
El GringoThe Lord Of Steel2012
ExpendableThe Lord Of Steel2012
Fast TakerBattle Hymns1982
Fast Taker (Live)Battle Hymns MMXI2010
Fast Taker (Re-Recording 2010)Battle Hymns MMXI2010
Fight Until We DieWarriors Of The World2002
Fighting The WorldFighting The World1987
Fighting The WorldThe Hell Of Steel1994
Gates Of ValhallaInto Glory Ride1983
Glory Majesty UnityGods Of War2007
Gloves Of MetalInto Glory Ride1983
Gods Of WarGods Of War2007
Guyana (Cult Of The Damned)Sign Of The Hammer1984
Hail And KillKings Of Metal1988
Hail And KillThe Hell Of Steel1994
Hail And Kill (MMXIV)Kings Of Metal MMXIV2014
Hail And Kill (MMXIV) (Instrumental) (Bonus Track)Kings Of Metal MMXIV2014
Hail To EnglandHail To England1984
Hail, Kill And DieThe Lord Of Steel2012
Hand Of DoomWarriors Of The World2002
Hand Of Doom (Live)Battle Hymns MMXI2010
HatredInto Glory Ride1983
Heart Of SteelKings Of Metal1988
Heart Of Steel (MMXIV)Kings Of Metal MMXIV2014
Heart Of Steel (MMXIV) (Acoustic Intro) (Bonus Track)Kings Of Metal MMXIV2014
Heart Of Steel (MMXIV) (Guitar Instrumental) (Bonus Track)Kings Of Metal MMXIV2014
Heart Of Steel (MMXIV) (Instrumental) (Bonus Track)Kings Of Metal MMXIV2014
Heart Of Steel (MMXIV) (Orchestral Intro) (Bonus Track)Kings Of Metal MMXIV2014
Herz aus StahlThe Hell Of Steel1994
Holy WarFighting The World1987
House Of DeathWarriors Of The World2002
House Of Death (Live)Battle Hymns MMXI2010
Hymn Of The Immortal WarriorsGods Of War2007
Kill With PowerHail To England1984
KingLouder Than Hell1996
King Of KingsGods Of War2007
Kingdom ComeKings Of Metal1988
Kingdom ComeThe Hell Of Steel1994
Kingdom Come (MMXIV)Kings Of Metal MMXIV2014
Kingdom Come (MMXIV) (Instrumental) (Bonus Track)Kings Of Metal MMXIV2014
Kings Of MetalKings Of Metal1988
Kings Of MetalThe Hell Of Steel1994
Kings Of Metal (MMXIV)Kings Of Metal MMXIV2014
Kings Of Metal (MMXIV) (Instrumental) (Bonus Track)Kings Of Metal MMXIV2014
Loki God Of FireGods Of War2007
ManowarBattle Hymns1982
Manowar (Re-Recording 2010)Battle Hymns MMXI2010
ManowarriorsThe Lord Of Steel2012
March For Revenge (By The Soldiers Of Death)Into Glory Ride1983
Master Of RevengeFighting The World1987
Master Of The WindThe Triumph Of Steel1992
Master Of The WindThe Hell Of Steel1994
Metal DazeBattle Hymns1982
Metal Daze (Re-Recording 2010)Battle Hymns MMXI2010
Metal WarriorsThe Triumph Of Steel1992
Metal WarriorsThe Hell Of Steel1994
MountainsSign Of The Hammer1984
My Spirit Lives OnLouder Than Hell1996
Nessun DormaWarriors Of The World2002
Number 1Louder Than Hell1996
OdinGods Of War2007
OutlawLouder Than Hell1996
Overture To OdinGods Of War2007
Overture To The Hymn Of The Immortal WarriorsGods Of War2007
Pleasure SlaveKings Of Metal1988
Return Of The WarlordLouder Than Hell1996
Revelation (Death's Angel)Into Glory Ride1983
Ride The DragonThe Triumph Of Steel1992
Righteous GloryThe Lord Of Steel2012
Secret Of SteelInto Glory Ride1983
Shell ShockBattle Hymns1982
Shell Shock (Re-Recording 2010)Battle Hymns MMXI2010
Sign Of The HammerSign Of The Hammer1984
SleipnirGods Of War2007
Spirit Horse Of The CherokeeThe Triumph Of Steel1992
Sting Of The BumblebeeKings Of Metal1988
Sting Of The Bumblebee (MMXIV)Kings Of Metal MMXIV2014
Swords In The WindWarriors Of The World2002
The AscensionGods Of War2007
The Blood Of OdinGods Of War2007
The Crown And The RingThe Hell Of Steel1994
The Crown And The Ring (Lament Of The Kings)Kings Of Metal1988
The Crown And The Ring (MMXIV) (Metal Version) (Bonus Track)Kings Of Metal MMXIV2014
The Crown And The Ring (MMXIV) (Orchestral Version)Kings Of Metal MMXIV2014
The Demon's WhipThe Triumph Of Steel1992
The Demon's WhipThe Hell Of Steel1994
The Fight For FreedomWarriors Of The World2002
The Gods Made Heavy MetalLouder Than Hell1996
The Lord Of SteelThe Lord Of Steel2012
The MarchWarriors Of The World2002
The OathSign Of The Hammer1984
The PowerLouder Than Hell1996
The Power Of Thy SwordThe Triumph Of Steel1992
The Power Of Thy SwordThe Hell Of Steel1994
The Sons Of OdinGods Of War2007
The Warrior's PrayerKings Of Metal1988
The Warrior's Prayer (MMXIV)Kings Of Metal MMXIV2014
The Warriors PrayerThe Hell Of Steel1994
Thor (The Powerhead)Sign Of The Hammer1984
Thunder In The Sky (Live)Battle Hymns MMXI2010
ThunderpickSign Of The Hammer1984
Today Is A Good Day To DieLouder Than Hell1996
Touch The SkyThe Lord Of Steel2012
ValhallaWarriors Of The World2002
Violence And BloodshedFighting The World1987
WarlordInto Glory Ride1983
Warriors Of The World UnitedWarriors Of The World2002
Wheels Of FireKings Of Metal1988
Wheels Of Fire (MMXIV)Kings Of Metal MMXIV2014
Wheels Of Fire (MMXIV) (Instrumental) (Bonus Track)Kings Of Metal MMXIV2014
William's TaleBattle Hymns1982
William'S Tale (Re-Recording 2010)Battle Hymns MMXI2010

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