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And Finally...Bizarre Fruit1994
Angel St.Fresco1997
Angel St.The Best Of M People1998
Angel St.Testify1999
Angel St. (M People)Ultimate Collection2005
Believe ItFresco1997
Colour My LifeNorthern Soul1992
Colour My LifeThe Best Of M People1998
Colour My Life (Joey Negro's Agoura Mix)Testify1999
Colour My Life (M People)Ultimate Collection2005
Colour My Life (Original Mix) (Bonus Track)Northern Soul1992
Don't Look Any FurtherElegant Slumming1993
Don't Look Any FurtherThe Best Of M People1998
Don't Look Any Further (M People)Ultimate Collection2005
DreamingThe Best Of M People1998
Drive TimeBizarre Fruit1994
Excited (M People)Ultimate Collection2005
Fantasy IslandFresco1997
Fantasy IslandThe Best Of M People1998
Fantasy IslandTestify1999
Fantasy Island (M People)Ultimate Collection2005
Holding On (Heather Small)Ultimate Collection2005
How Can I Love You MoreNorthern Soul1992
How Can I Love You MoreThe Best Of M People1998
How Can I Love You More (Jimmy Gomez 6AM Mix)Testify1999
How Can I Love You More (M People)Ultimate Collection2005
Inner City CruiseNorthern Soul1992
Inner City Dub (Bonus Track)Northern Soul1992
It's Your WorldNorthern Soul1992
Itchycoo ParkThe Best Of M People1998
Itchycoo Park (Bonus Track)Bizarre Fruit1994
Just For YouFresco1997
Just For YouThe Best Of M People1998
Just For YouTestify1999
Just For You (M People)Ultimate Collection2005
Kiss It BetterNorthern Soul1992
Kiss It Better (Guitar Mix) (Bonus Track)Northern Soul1992
La Vida LocaElegant Slumming1993
Landscape Of LoveNorthern Soul1992
Last Night 10.000Fresco1997
LifeNorthern Soul1992
Little PacketElegant Slumming1993
Love Is In My SoulElegant Slumming1993
Love RendezvousBizarre Fruit1994
Love Rendezvous (M People)Ultimate Collection2005
Melody Of LifeElegant Slumming1993
Moving On UpElegant Slumming1993
Moving On UpThe Best Of M People1998
Moving On Up (M People)Ultimate Collection2005
Moving On Up (Mark Picchiotti's Millennium Vocal Remix)Testify1999
Natural ThingElegant Slumming1993
Never Mind LoveFresco1997
One Night In HeavenElegant Slumming1993
One Night In HeavenThe Best Of M People1998
One Night In Heaven (M People)Ultimate Collection2005
Open Your HeartBizarre Fruit1994
Open Your HeartThe Best Of M People1998
Open Your Heart (M People)Ultimate Collection2005
PadlockBizarre Fruit1994
Platini (Bonus Track)Northern Soul1992
Precious PearlBizarre Fruit1994
Proud (Heather Small)Ultimate Collection2005
Red Flower SunsetFresco1997
Red Flower SunsetTestify1999
RenaissanceElegant Slumming1993
RenaissanceThe Best Of M People1998
Renaissance (M People)Ultimate Collection2005
Rhythm And BluesFresco1997
Search For The HeroBizarre Fruit1994
Search For The HeroThe Best Of M People1998
Search For The HeroTestify1999
Search For The Hero (M People)Ultimate Collection2005
Sexual FreedomNorthern Soul1992
Sight For Sore EyesBizarre Fruit1994
Sight For Sore EyesThe Best Of M People1998
Sight For Sore EyesTestify1999
Sight For Sore Eyes (M People)Ultimate Collection2005
SomedayNorthern Soul1992
SomedayThe Best Of M People1998
Someday (M People)Ultimate Collection2005
Sugar TownBizarre Fruit1994
TestifyThe Best Of M People1998
Testify (M People)Ultimate Collection2005
Tumbling DownNorthern Soul1992
Walk AwayBizarre Fruit1994
What A Fool BelievesThe Best Of M People1998
What A Fool BelievesTestify1999
You Just Have To Be ThereElegant Slumming1993

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