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1st Band On The MoonNew Tattoo2000
A Rat Like MeGeneration Swine1997
AfraidGeneration Swine1997
AfraidGreatest Hits1998
Afraid (Alternative Rave Mix)Red, White And Crüe2005
All In The Name Of...Girls, Girls, Girls1987
All In The Name Of...Red, White And Crüe2005
Anarchy In The U.K.Red, White And Crüe2005
Anybody Out ThereGeneration Swine1997
Bad Boy BoogieGirls, Girls, Girls1987
BastardShout At The Devil1983
BeautyGeneration Swine1997
BeautyRed, White And Crüe2005
Bitter PillGreatest Hits1998
Bitter PillRed, White And Crüe2005
BittersuiteRed, White And Crüe2005
Black WidowRed, White And Crüe2005
BrandonGeneration Swine1997
Chicks = TroubleSaints Of Los Angeles2008
City Boy BluesTheatre Of Pain1985
Come On And DanceToo Fast For Love1981
ConfessionsGeneration Swine1997
Crash And BurnThe Dirt (Soundtrack)2019
Dancing On GlassGirls, Girls, Girls1987
DangerShout At The Devil1983
Don't Go Away MadRed, White And Crüe2005
Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)Dr. Feelgood1989
Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)Greatest Hits1998
Down At The WhiskySaints Of Los Angeles2008
Dr FeelgoodGreatest Hits1998
Dr. FeelgoodDr. Feelgood1989
Dr. FeelgoodRed, White And Crüe2005
Dr. FeelgoodThe Dirt (Soundtrack)2019
Dragstrip SuperstarNew Tattoo2000
DriftawayMötley Crüe1994
Droppin' Like FliesMötley Crüe1994
EnslavedGreatest Hits1998
EnslavedRed, White And Crüe2005
Face Down In The DirtSaints Of Los Angeles2008
FakeNew Tattoo2000
Fight For Your RightsTheatre Of Pain1985
Find MyselfGeneration Swine1997
Five Years DeadGirls, Girls, Girls1987
FlushGeneration Swine1997
Generation SwineGeneration Swine1997
Generation SwineRed, White And Crüe2005
Girls, Girls, GirlsGirls, Girls, Girls1987
Girls, Girls, GirlsGreatest Hits1998
Girls, Girls, GirlsRed, White And Crüe2005
Girls, Girls, GirlsThe Dirt (Soundtrack)2019
GlitterGeneration Swine1997
GlitterGreatest Hits1998
God Bless The Children Of The BeastShout At The Devil1983
Goin' Out Swingin'Saints Of Los Angeles2008
HammeredMötley Crüe1994
Hell On High HeelsNew Tattoo2000
Hell On High HeelsRed, White And Crüe2005
Helter SkelterShout At The Devil1983
Helter SkelterRed, White And Crüe2005
Hollywood EndingNew Tattoo2000
Home Sweet HomeTheatre Of Pain1985
Home Sweet HomeGreatest Hits1998
Home Sweet HomeThe Dirt (Soundtrack)2019
Home Sweet Home ('91 Remix)Red, White And Crüe2005
Hooligan's HolidayMötley Crüe1994
Hooligan's HolidayRed, White And Crüe2005
I'm A Liar (And That's The Truth) (Bonus Track)Red, White And Crüe2005
If I Die TomorrowRed, White And Crüe2005
In The BeginningShout At The Devil1983
Jailhouse Rock (live)Girls, Girls, Girls1987
Just Another PsychoSaints Of Los Angeles2008
Keep Your Eye On The MoneyTheatre Of Pain1985
Kickstart My HeartDr. Feelgood1989
Kickstart My HeartGreatest Hits1998
Kickstart My HeartRed, White And Crüe2005
Kickstart My HeartThe Dirt (Soundtrack)2019
Knock 'Em Dead, KidShout At The Devil1983
L.A.M.F.Saints Of Los Angeles2008
Let Us PreyGeneration Swine1997
Like A VirginThe Dirt (Soundtrack)2019
Live WireToo Fast For Love1981
Live WireRed, White And Crüe2005
Live WireThe Dirt (Soundtrack)2019
Look That KillThe Dirt (Soundtrack)2019
Looks That KillShout At The Devil1983
Looks That KillGreatest Hits1998
Looks That KillRed, White And Crüe2005
Louder Than HellTheatre Of Pain1985
LoveshineMötley Crüe1994
Merry-Go-RoundToo Fast For Love1981
Merry-Go-RoundThe Dirt (Soundtrack)2019
MisunderstoodMötley Crüe1994
MisunderstoodRed, White And Crüe2005
Mutherfucker Of The YearSaints Of Los Angeles2008
New TattooNew Tattoo2000
New TattooRed, White And Crüe2005
NonaGirls, Girls, Girls1987
On With The ShowToo Fast For Love1981
On With The ShowThe Dirt (Soundtrack)2019
Piece Of Your ActionToo Fast For Love1981
Piece Of Your ActionRed, White And Crüe2005
Piece Of Your ActionThe Dirt (Soundtrack)2019
Planet BoomRed, White And Crüe2005
Poison ApplesMötley Crüe1994
Porno StarNew Tattoo2000
Power To The MusicMötley Crüe1994
Primal ScreamGreatest Hits1998
Primal ScreamRed, White And Crüe2005
Public Enemy #1Too Fast For Love1981
Punched In The Teeth By LoveNew Tattoo2000
Raise Your Hands To RockTheatre Of Pain1985
Rattlesnake ShakeDr. Feelgood1989
Red HotShout At The Devil1983
Red HotThe Dirt (Soundtrack)2019
Ride With The DevilThe Dirt (Soundtrack)2019
RocketshipGeneration Swine1997
Saints Of Los AngelesSaints Of Los Angeles2008
Same Ol' SituationRed, White And Crüe2005
Same Ol' Situation (S.O.S.)Dr. Feelgood1989
Same Ol' Situation (S.O.S.)Greatest Hits1998
Same Ol' Situation (S.O.S.)The Dirt (Soundtrack)2019
Save Our SoulsTheatre Of Pain1985
She Goes DownDr. Feelgood1989
She Needs Rock And RollNew Tattoo2000
Shout At The DevilShout At The Devil1983
Shout At The DevilRed, White And Crüe2005
Shout At The DevilThe Dirt (Soundtrack)2019
Shout At The Devil '97Generation Swine1997
Shout At The Devil ('97)Greatest Hits1998
Sick Love SongRed, White And Crüe2005
Slice Of Your PieDr. Feelgood1989
Smoke The SkyMötley Crüe1994
Smokin' In The Boys RoomGreatest Hits1998
Smokin' In The Boys RoomRed, White And Crüe2005
Smokin' In The Boys' RoomTheatre Of Pain1985
Starry EyesToo Fast For Love1981
Stick To Your GunsToo Fast For Love1981
Sticky SweetDr. Feelgood1989
Street Fighting ManRed, White And Crüe2005
Sumthin' For Nuthin'Girls, Girls, Girls1987
T.N.T. (Terror 'n Tinseltown)Dr. Feelgood1989
Take Me To The TopToo Fast For Love1981
Take Me To The TopThe Dirt (Soundtrack)2019
Ten Seconds To LoveShout At The Devil1983
The Animal In MeSaints Of Los Angeles2008
The Dirt (Est. 1981) (+ Machine Gun Kelly)The Dirt (Soundtrack)2019
This Ain't A Love SongSaints Of Los Angeles2008
Til Death Do Us PartMötley Crüe1994
Time For ChangeDr. Feelgood1989
Toast Of The TownRed, White And Crüe2005
Tonight (We Need A Lover)Theatre Of Pain1985
Too Fast For LoveToo Fast For Love1981
Too Fast For LoveGreatest Hits1998
Too Fast For LoveRed, White And Crüe2005
Too Young To Fall In LoveShout At The Devil1983
Too Young To Fall In LoveRed, White And Crüe2005
Too Young To Fall In LoveThe Dirt (Soundtrack)2019
Treat Me Like The Dog I AmNew Tattoo2000
Uncle JackMötley Crüe1994
Use It Or Lose ItTheatre Of Pain1985
Use It Or Lose ItRed, White And Crüe2005
Welcome To The MachineSaints Of Los Angeles2008
Welcome To The NumbMötley Crüe1994
What's It Gonna TakeSaints Of Los Angeles2008
White Punks On DopeNew Tattoo2000
White Trash CircusSaints Of Los Angeles2008
Wild SideGirls, Girls, Girls1987
Wild SideGreatest Hits1998
Wild SideRed, White And Crüe2005
Without YouDr. Feelgood1989
Without YouGreatest Hits1998
Without YouRed, White And Crüe2005
You're All I NeedGirls, Girls, Girls1987
You're All I NeedRed, White And Crüe2005

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