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$Ad MillionaireLunitik Muzik1997
20 Bluntz A DayLunitik Muzik1997
5150Operation Stackola1995
911Bootlegs And B-Sides1997
Baby MamaWe Are The Luniz2005
Baby MommaGreatest Hits2005
Ball Or BleedWe Are The Luniz2005
Big Face EscaladeSilver And Black2002
Big Face EscaladeGreatest Hits2005
Blame A NiggaOperation Stackola1995
Break Me OffSilver And Black2002
Break Me OffGreatest Hits2005
Broke HiggazOperation Stackola1995
Broke Hoes Is A No NoGreatest Hits2005
Broke HosOperation Stackola1995
Closer Than CloseSilver And Black2002
Closer Than CloseGreatest Hits2005
CreamBootlegs And B-Sides1997
Dirty RatsBootlegs And B-Sides1997
Do You Im A Do MeWe Are The Luniz2005
Fuck YouSilver And Black2002
Fuck YouGreatest Hits2005
Fugitive (Armed and Dangerous)Silver And Black2002
Funkin Over Nuthin'Lunitik Muzik1997
Game (Interlude)Lunitik Muzik1997
GunzBootlegs And B-Sides1997
Handcuff Your HoesLunitik Muzik1997
Highest Niggaz In The IndustryLunitik Muzik1997
HypnotizeLunitik Muzik1997
I Can't WaitWe Are The Luniz2005
I Got 5 On ItOperation Stackola1995
I Got 5 On ItGreatest Hits2005
I Got 5 On It (Remix)Bootlegs And B-Sides1997
I Got 5 On It (Reprise)Operation Stackola1995
In My NatureLunitik Muzik1997
In My NatureGreatest Hits2005
International HelmetWe Are The Luniz2005
IntroOperation Stackola1995
IntroLunitik Muzik1997
IntroGreatest Hits2005
Is It KoolLunitik Muzik1997
IssuesSilver And Black2002
Jack OffWe Are The Luniz2005
Jus Mee And ULunitik Muzik1997
Just Me And YouGreatest Hits2005
Killaz On The PayrollLunitik Muzik1997
Killers On The PayrollGreatest Hits2005
Knock DieselWe Are The Luniz2005
MobGreatest Hits2005
Mobb ShLunitik Muzik1997
Much DramaOperation Stackola1995
My Baby MammaLunitik Muzik1997
No HoesWe Are The Luniz2005
Oakland RaidersSilver And Black2002
Oakland RaidersGreatest Hits2005
Operation StackolaOperation Stackola1995
OutroOperation Stackola1995
Payroll FamilyWe Are The Luniz2005
PhiliesWe Are The Luniz2005
PhilliesLunitik Muzik1997
Piece Of MeSilver And Black2002
Pimps, Payers HustlersGreatest Hits2005
Pimps, Playas And HustlasOperation Stackola1995
Playa HataOperation Stackola1995
Playa HataGreatest Hits2005
Plead GuiltyOperation Stackola1995
Put The Lead On YaOperation Stackola1995
Riding DirtyBootlegs And B-Sides1997
ScandalousBootlegs And B-Sides1997
ScopeBootlegs And B-Sides1997
She's A FreakBootlegs And B-Sides1997
She's Just A FreakOperation Stackola1995
So Much DramaGreatest Hits2005
Street MoneySilver And Black2002
Swang SongSilver And Black2002
ThangzBootlegs And B-Sides1997
The WorldWe Are The Luniz2005
Thugs DieWe Are The Luniz2005
TrikinWe Are The Luniz2005
We FamousWe Are The Luniz2005
Y Do Thugz DieLunitik Muzik1997
Yellow Brick RoadOperation Stackola1995

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