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A Little Moment Of DesperationFables And Dreams2004
AvalonFables And Dreams2004
Between Love And HateAtlantis2001
ElementsFables And Dreams2004
EmoceanThe Edge Of Inifinity2006
Emocean (feat. Oliver Hartmann) (Bonus Track)The Edge Of Inifinity2006
Fable Of DreamsFables And Dreams2004
Farewell My LoveNew Shores2009
Garden Of DelightAtlantis2001
Heart Of A LionNew Shores2009
How Did It Come To ThisNew Shores2009
HymnFables And Dreams2004
Into The DissonanceNew Shores2009
IntroductionThe Edge Of Inifinity2006
My Hardest WalkNew Shores2009
New ShoresNew Shores2009
Out!The Edge Of Inifinity2006
Silent ScreamAtlantis2001
Silent Scream (2004)Fables And Dreams2004
Song For You (feat. John Payne)The Edge Of Inifinity2006
Sons Of The WindThe Edge Of Inifinity2006
Still BelieveFables And Dreams2004
The Chosen OnesNew Shores2009
The Day The Falcon DiesNew Shores2009
The Edge Of InfinityThe Edge Of Inifinity2006
The IncrediblesNew Shores2009
The LandingAtlantis2001
The Neverending StoryFables And Dreams2004
The Power Of LoveThe Edge Of Inifinity2006
The Search Begins...Atlantis2001
The Search Goes OnFables And Dreams2004
The SpellFables And Dreams2004
TogetherThe Edge Of Inifinity2006
Two DreamersNew Shores2009
Who You AreThe Edge Of Inifinity2006
Winds Of HeavenNew Shores2009
Words UnleashedThe Edge Of Inifinity2006
World Under IceAtlantis2001

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