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7 YearsLukas Graham (Blue Album)2015
ApologizeLukas Graham2012
Before The Morning SunLukas Graham2012
Criminal MindLukas Graham2012
Don't Hurt Me This WayLukas Graham2012
Don't You Worry 'Bout MeLukas Graham (Blue Album)2015
Drunk In The MorningLukas Graham2012
Everything That Isn't MeLukas Graham (The Purple Album)2018
FuneralLukas Graham (Blue Album)2015
Happy HomeLukas Graham (Blue Album)2015
HayoLukas Graham (Blue Album)2015
Hold My HandLukas Graham (The Purple Album)2018
Love SomeoneLukas Graham (The Purple Album)2018
LullabyLukas Graham (The Purple Album)2018
Mama SaidLukas Graham (Blue Album)2015
Moving AloneLukas Graham2012
Never Let Me DownLukas Graham2012
Nice GuyLukas Graham2012
Not A Damn Thing ChangedLukas Graham (The Purple Album)2018
Oohhh (Interlude)Lukas Graham2012
Ordinary ThingsLukas Graham2012
PlaytimeLukas Graham (Blue Album)2015
PromiseLukas Graham (The Purple Album)2018
Red WineLukas Graham2012
Say Yes (Church Ballad)Lukas Graham (The Purple Album)2018
Stick AroundLukas Graham (The Purple Album)2018
Strip No MoreLukas Graham (Blue Album)2015
Take The World By StormLukas Graham (Blue Album)2015
UnhappyLukas Graham (The Purple Album)2018
What Happened To PerfectLukas Graham (Blue Album)2015
When I Woke Up (Interlude)Lukas Graham (Blue Album)2015
When You're With Me (Interlude)Lukas Graham2012
You're Not The Only One (Redemption Song)Lukas Graham (The Purple Album)2018
You're Not ThereLukas Graham (Blue Album)2015

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