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A Taste Of HoneyDreaming Wide Awake2005
Afro BlueSalt2003
All The SeedsFellowship2010
All The Way HereGrace2017
Amazing GraceFellowship2010
Another AngelThe Orchard2008
Blessed The BraveFreedom And Surrender2015
Blue RoseSalt2003
Chasing StrangeDreaming Wide Awake2005
Coming HomeThe Orchard2008
Dreaming Wide AwakeDreaming Wide Awake2005
Every Grain Of SandGrace2017
Feed The LightFellowship2010
FreedomFreedom And Surrender2015
Get TogetherDreaming Wide Awake2005
God SpecializesFellowship2010
Gospel Medley: I've Got A Feeling - Power Lord - Glory Glory - Up Above My Head - Hold On Just A Little While LongerFellowship2010
Here And NowFreedom And Surrender2015
Hey MannThe Orchard2008
Hit The GroundDreaming Wide Awake2005
I Concentrate On YouShadow2024
I Idolize YouThe Orchard2008
I Made A Lover?s PrayerShadow2024
I Remember, I BelieveFellowship2010
I'm Confessin'Dreaming Wide Awake2005
In From The StormFellowship2010
It Makes No DifferenceThe Orchard2008
Lead The WaySalt2003
Lean InFreedom And Surrender2015
Leave Me Standing AloneThe Orchard2008
Lost In The ValleyShadow2024
Mu HeartThe Orchard2008
Narrow DaylightDreaming Wide Awake2005
Old ManDreaming Wide Awake2005
Open Your Eyes, You Can FlySalt2003
Presence Of The LordFellowship2010
Real Life PaintingFreedom And Surrender2015
Right Where You AreFreedom And Surrender2015
River ManFreedom And Surrender2015
Root of MercyShadow2024
Seems I'm Never Tired Lovin' YouGrace2017
Singing In My SoulGrace2017
Somewhere Down The MysticFreedom And Surrender2015
Song For MiaThe Orchard2008
Soon As I Get HomeSalt2003
Southern NightsGrace2017
Speak You HeartThe Orchard2008
Stars Fell On AlabamaGrace2017
StopDreaming Wide Awake2005
StrangeThe Orchard2008
SurrenderFreedom And Surrender2015
Sweeping Through The CityFellowship2010
Sweet FeelingShadow2024
Thank YouThe Orchard2008
The GameFreedom And Surrender2015
The New GameFreedom And Surrender2015
This IsThe Orchard2008
This WayShadow2024
To Love SomebodyFreedom And Surrender2015
TroubleDreaming Wide Awake2005
Vocalise - End Of The LineSalt2003
Wake Up Little SparrowDreaming Wide Awake2005
Walk With Me, LordSalt2003
Wash Me CleanGrace2017
What Would I Do Without YouGrace2017
When I Close My EyesDreaming Wide Awake2005
When I FallThe Orchard2008
Without YouDreaming Wide Awake2005
YouFreedom And Surrender2015
Your LoveShadow2024

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