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A Song To Slit Your Wrists ByLiving Like A Runaway2012
Aces And EightsStiletto1990
Any Way That You Want MeOut For Blood1983
AsylumLiving Like A Runaway2012
Back To The CaveLita1988
Back To The CaveThe Best Of Lita Ford1992
Back To The Cave (live)The Bitch Is Back... Live2013
Bad BoyStiletto1990
Bad LoveDangerous Curves1991
BedWicked Wonderland2009
BetrayalWicked Wonderland2009
Big GunStiletto1990
Black WidowDangerous Curves1991
Boilin' PointBlack1995
BrandedLiving Like A Runaway2012
Broken DreamsLita1988
Can't Catch MeLita1988
Can't Catch Me (live)The Bitch Is Back... Live2013
Cherry RedStiletto1990
Close My Eyes ForeverThe Best Of Lita Ford1992
Close My Eyes Forever (+ Ozzy Osbourne)Lita1988
Close My Eyes Forever (live)The Bitch Is Back... Live2013
CraveWicked Wonderland2009
Dancin' On The EdgeDancin' On The Edge1984
Dancing On The Edge (live)The Bitch Is Back... Live2013
Devil In My HeadLiving Like A Runaway2012
Devil In My Head (live)The Bitch Is Back... Live2013
Die For Me Only (Black Widow)Out For Blood1983
Don't Let Me Down TonightDancin' On The Edge1984
Dressed To KillDancin' On The Edge1984
EverythingWicked Wonderland2009
Falling In And Out Of LoveLita1988
Fatal PassionLita1988
Fire In My HeartDancin' On The Edge1984
GardenWicked Wonderland2009
Gotta Let GoDancin' On The Edge1984
Gotta Let GoThe Best Of Lita Ford1992
HateLiving Like A Runaway2012
Hate (live)The Bitch Is Back... Live2013
Hellbound TrainDangerous Curves1991
Hit 'n RunDancin' On The Edge1984
Holy ManDangerous Curves1991
HungryThe Best Of Lita Ford1992
Hungry (live)The Bitch Is Back... Live2013
I Can't Stand ItOut For Blood1983
If You Can't Live With ItOut For Blood1983
IndulgeWicked Wonderland2009
InsideWicked Wonderland2009
Just A FeelingOut For Blood1983
Killin' KindBlack1995
Kiss Me DeadlyLita1988
Kiss Me DeadlyThe Best Of Lita Ford1992
Kiss Me Deadly (live)The Bitch Is Back... Live2013
Lady KillerDancin' On The Edge1984
Larger Than LifeDangerous Curves1991
Larger Than LifeThe Best Of Lita Ford1992
LisaThe Best Of Lita Ford1992
Little Black SpiderDangerous Curves1991
Little Too EarlyDangerous Curves1991
Living Like A RunawayLiving Like A Runaway2012
Living Like A Runaway (live)The Bitch Is Back... Live2013
LoveWicked Wonderland2009
Love 2 Hate ULiving Like A Runaway2012
MotherLiving Like A Runaway2012
On The RunOut For Blood1983
Only Women BleedStiletto1990
Only Women BleedThe Best Of Lita Ford1992
Out For BloodOut For Blood1983
Out For Blood (live)The Bitch Is Back... Live2013
Patriotic SobWicked Wonderland2009
PieceWicked Wonderland2009
Playin' With FireDangerous Curves1991
Playin' With FireThe Best Of Lita Ford1992
PushWicked Wonderland2009
Ready, Willing, And AbleOut For Blood1983
RelentlessLiving Like A Runaway2012
Relentless (live)The Bitch Is Back... Live2013
Rock And Roll Made Me What I Am TodayOut For Blood1983
Run With The $Dancin' On The Edge1984
SacredWicked Wonderland2009
ScreamWicked Wonderland2009
Shot Of PoisonDangerous Curves1991
Shot Of PoisonThe Best Of Lita Ford1992
Smokin' ToadsBlack1995
Spider MonkeyBlack1995
Stay With Me BabyOut For Blood1983
Still Waitin'Dancin' On The Edge1984
Tambourine DreamDangerous Curves1991
The Bitch Is Back (live)The Bitch Is Back... Live2013
The MaskLiving Like A Runaway2012
The RipperStiletto1990
TruthWicked Wonderland2009
Under The GunLita1988
War Of The AngelsBlack1995
What Do Ya Know About LoveDangerous Curves1991
What Do Ya Know About LoveThe Best Of Lita Ford1992
Where Will I Find My TonightBlack1995
White Lightnin'Black1995
Wicked WonderlandWicked Wonderland2009
Your Wake Up CallStiletto1990

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