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43Level 421981
88The Early Tapes - July-Aug 19801982
88 (live)A Physical Presence1985
A Floating LifeTrue Colours1984
A Kinder EyeGuaranteed1991
A Pharaoh's Dream (Of Endless Time)Standing In The Light1983
A Physical PresenceWorld Machine1985
All AroundRetroglide2006
All I Need (Bonus Track)Retroglide2006
All Over YouForever Now1994
Almost ThereLevel 421981
Almost There (live)A Physical Presence1985
Are You HearingThe Pursuit Of Accidents1982
Autumn (Paradise Is Free)The Early Tapes - July-Aug 19801982
Bass Solo - Love Games (live)A Physical Presence1985
Billy's GoneForever Now1994
Children SayRunning In The Family1987
Children SayLevel Best1989
Children SayThe Very Best Of Level 421998
Coup D'EtatWorld Machine1985
Dance On Heavy WeatherStanding In The Light1983
Dive Into The SunRetroglide2006
Don't Bother MeForever Now1994
Dream CrazyWorld Machine1985
Dune TuneLevel 421981
Eyes WaterfallingThe Pursuit Of Accidents1982
Eyes Waterfalling (live)A Physical Presence1985
Fashion FeverRunning In The Family1987
Follow Me (live)A Physical Presence1985
Forever NowForever Now1994
Forever NowThe Very Best Of Level 421998
Foundation And Empire (live)A Physical Presence1985
Freedom SomedayRunning In The Family1987
Good Man In A StormWorld Machine1985
Gresham Blues (Bonus Track)Staring At The Sun1988
GuaranteedThe Very Best Of Level 421998
HeathrowLevel 421981
Heaven In My HandsStaring At The Sun1988
Heaven In My HandsLevel Best1989
Heaven Un My HandsThe Very Best Of Level 421998
Hell Town StoryRetroglide2006
Her Big DayGuaranteed1991
Hot WaterTrue Colours1984
Hot WaterLevel Best1989
Hot WaterThe Very Best Of Level 421998
Hot Water (live)A Physical Presence1985
Hours By The Window (Bonus Track)True Colours1984
I Don't Know WhyStaring At The Sun1988
I Sleep On My HeartWorld Machine1985
I Want EyesStanding In The Light1983
If You Were MineGuaranteed1991
It's Not The Same For UsWorld Machine1985
It's OverRunning In The Family1987
It's OverLevel Best1989
It's OverThe Very Best Of Level 421998
Just For YouRetroglide2006
Kansas City MilkmanTrue Colours1984
Kansas City Milkman (live)A Physical Presence1985
KouyateTrue Colours1984
Lasso The MoonGuaranteed1991
Last ChanceThe Pursuit Of Accidents1982
Leaving Me NowWorld Machine1985
Leaving Me NowLevel Best1989
Leaving Me NowThe Very Best Of Level 421998
Lessons In LoveRunning In The Family1987
Lessons In LoveLevel Best1989
Lessons In LoveThe Very Best Of Level 421998
Love GamesLevel 421981
Love GamesLevel Best1989
Love GamesThe Very Best Of Level 421998
Love In A Peaceful WorldForever Now1994
Love Meeting LoveThe Early Tapes - July-Aug 19801982
Lying StillWorld Machine1985
ManStaring At The Sun1988
Micro KidThe Very Best Of Level 421998
Micro-KidStanding In The Light1983
Micro-KidLevel Best1989
Model FriendForever Now1994
Mr. PinkThe Early Tapes - July-Aug 19801982
Mr. Pink (live)A Physical Presence1985
My Father's ShoesGuaranteed1991
My HeroTrue Colours1984
One In A MillionForever Now1994
Out Of Sight, Out Of MindStanding In The Light1983
Over ThereStaring At The Sun1988
PeopleStanding In The Light1983
RomanceForever Now1994
Running In The FamilyRunning In The Family1987
Running in the FamilyLevel Best1989
Running In The FamilyThe Very Best Of Level 421998
SandstormThe Early Tapes - July-Aug 19801982
Set Me UpGuaranteed1991
Seven DaysTrue Colours1984
Seven YearsGuaranteed1991
ShapeshifterThe Pursuit Of Accidents1982
She Can't Help HerselfGuaranteed1991
SilenceStaring At The Sun1988
Sleep TalkingRetroglide2006
Something About YouWorld Machine1985
Something About YouLevel Best1989
Something About YouThe Very Best Of Level 421998
Standing In The LightStanding In The Light1983
StarchildLevel 421981
StarchildLevel Best1989
Staring At The SunStaring At The Sun1988
Sunbed SongForever Now1994
Take A LookStaring At The Sun1988
Take A LookLevel Best1989
Take A LookThe Very Best Of Level 421998
Take Care Of YourselfLevel Best1989
Talking In Your SleepForever Now1994
The ApeGuaranteed1991
The Chant Has BegunTrue Colours1984
The Chant Has BegunLevel Best1989
The Chant Has BegunThe Very Best Of Level 421998
The Chant Has Begun (live)A Physical Presence1985
The Chinese WayThe Pursuit Of Accidents1982
The Chinese WayLevel Best1989
The Chinese WayThe Very Best Of Level 421998
The Chinese Way (live)A Physical Presence1985
The Machine StopsStanding In The Light1983
The Pursuit Of AccidentsThe Pursuit Of Accidents1982
The SleepwalkersRunning In The Family1987
The Sun Goes DownThe Very Best Of Level 421998
The Sun Goes Down (live)A Physical Presence1985
The Sun Goes Down (Living It Up)Standing In The Light1983
The Sun Goes Down (Living It Up)Level Best1989
The Sun Goes Down (Living It Up)The Very Best Of Level 421998
The Way Back HomeRetroglide2006
Theme To MargaretThe Early Tapes - July-Aug 19801982
Tired Of WaitingForever Now1994
To Be With You AgainRunning In The Family1987
To Be With You AgainLevel Best1989
To Be With You AgainThe Very Best Of Level 421998
TracieStaring At The Sun1988
TracieLevel Best1989
TracieThe Very Best Of Level 421998
True BelieversTrue Colours1984
Turn It OnLevel 421981
Turn It On (live)A Physical Presence1985
Two Hearts CollideStaring At The Sun1988
Two SolitudesRunning In The Family1987
Weave Your SpellThe Pursuit Of Accidents1982
Why Are You LeavingLevel 421981
Wings Of LoveThe Early Tapes - July-Aug 19801982
With A Little LoveGuaranteed1991
WomanThe Early Tapes - July-Aug 19801982
World MachineWorld Machine1985
You Can't Blame LouisThe Pursuit Of Accidents1982

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