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3-9-4Hate Your Friends1987
6ixCar Button Cloth1996
7 PowersLick1989
AbandonedVarshons 22019
Alison's Starting To HappenIt's A Shame About Ray1992
Amazing GraceHate Your Friends1987
Baby's HomeThe Lemonheads2006
Become The EnemyThe Lemonheads2006
Being AroundCome On Feel The Lemonheads1993
Being AroundThe Best Of The Lemonheads1998
BeltHate Your Friends1987
Big Gay HeartCome On Feel The Lemonheads1993
Big Gay HeartThe Best Of The Lemonheads1998
Bit PartIt's A Shame About Ray1992
Black GownThe Lemonheads2006
Brass ButtonsLovey1990
Break MeCar Button Cloth1996
Buried AliveHate Your Friends1987
Burying GroundCreator1988
C'mon DaddyCar Button Cloth1996
Can't ForgetVarshons 22019
Cazzo Di FerroLick1989
Ceiling Fan In My SpoonIt's A Shame About Ray1992
Circle Of OneLick1989
Clang Bang ClangCreator1988
Come Back D.A.Lick1989
Come DownstairsLovey1990
Come To The WindowCreator1988
ConfettiIt's A Shame About Ray1992
ConfettiThe Best Of The Lemonheads1998
Dandelion SeedsVarshons2009
Dawn Can't DecideCome On Feel The Lemonheads1993
DecemberThe Lemonheads2006
Die Right NowCreator1988
Dirty RobotVarshons2009
Don't Tell YourselfHate Your Friends1987
Don't WannaHate Your Friends1987
Down About ItCome On Feel The Lemonheads1993
Down About It (Acoustic)The Best Of The Lemonheads1998
EverHate Your Friends1987
Favorite TCome On Feel The Lemonheads1993
Fed UpHate Your Friends1987
Frank MillsIt's A Shame About Ray1992
Glad I Don't KnowHate Your Friends1987
Glad I Don't KnowLick1989
Gotta StopHate Your Friends1987
Half The TimeLovey1990
Hannah And GabiIt's A Shame About Ray1992
Hate Your FriendsHate Your Friends1987
Hey, That's No Way To Say GoodbyeVarshons2009
HospitalCar Button Cloth1996
HospitalThe Best Of The Lemonheads1998
I Am A RabbitLick1989
I Just Can't Take It AnymoreVarshons2009
I Like ToHate Your Friends1987
I'll Do It Anyway (feat. Belinda Carlisle)Come On Feel The Lemonheads1993
If I Could Talk I'd Tell YouCar Button Cloth1996
If I Could Talk I'd Tell YouThe Best Of The Lemonheads1998
In PassingThe Lemonheads2006
Interview With The Lemonheads (Bonus Track)Creator1988
Into Your ArmsCome On Feel The Lemonheads1993
Into Your ArmsThe Best Of The Lemonheads1998
Into Your Arms (Acoustic)The Best Of The Lemonheads1998
It's A Shame About RayIt's A Shame About Ray1992
It's A Shame About RayThe Best Of The Lemonheads1998
It's About TimeCome On Feel The Lemonheads1993
It's About TimeThe Best Of The Lemonheads1998
It's All TrueCar Button Cloth1996
It's All TrueThe Best Of The Lemonheads1998
KitchenIt's A Shame About Ray1992
Knoxville GirlCar Button Cloth1996
Layin' Up With LindaVarshons2009
Left For DeadLovey1990
Let's Just LaughThe Lemonheads2006
Li'l SeedLovey1990
Live WithoutCreator1988
Losing Your MindCar Button Cloth1996
Luka (live) (Bonus Track)Creator1988
Mad (Bonus Track)Lick1989
MagnetVarshons 22019
Mallo CupLick1989
Mallo Cup (live) (Bonus Track)Creator1988
Mrs. RobinsonIt's A Shame About Ray1992
Mrs. RobinsonThe Best Of The Lemonheads1998
My Drug BuddyIt's A Shame About Ray1992
My Drug BuddyThe Best Of The Lemonheads1998
New MexicoVarshons2009
No BackboneThe Lemonheads2006
Nothing TrueHate Your Friends1987
Now And ThenVarshons 22019
Old Man BlankVarshons 22019
One More TimeCar Button Cloth1996
Paid To SmileCome On Feel The Lemonheads1993
PittsburghThe Lemonheads2006
Plaster CasterCreator1988
PoughkeepsieThe Lemonheads2006
RabbitHate Your Friends1987
Rat VelvetHate Your Friends1987
Rest AssuredCome On Feel The Lemonheads1993
Rick James Acoustic StyleThe Best Of The Lemonheads1998
Rick James StyleCome On Feel The Lemonheads1993
Ride With MeLovey1990
Ride With Me (Acoustic)The Best Of The Lemonheads1998
Rockin StrollIt's A Shame About Ray1992
Round HereVarshons 22019
RudderlessIt's A Shame About Ray1992
RudderlessThe Best Of The Lemonheads1998
Rudy With A FlashlightThe Best Of The Lemonheads1998
Rule Of ThreeThe Lemonheads2006
Sad GirlHate Your Friends1987
Sad GirlLick1989
Second ChanceHate Your Friends1987
Secular RockulidgeCar Button Cloth1996
Settled Down Like RainVarshons 22019
SneakyvilleHate Your Friends1987
So I Fucked UpHate Your Friends1987
Something's MissingCar Button Cloth1996
Speed Of The Sound Of LonelinessVarshons 22019
Steve's BoyThe Lemonheads2006
Straight To YouVarshons 22019
Strange (Bonus Track)Lick1989
StyleCome On Feel The Lemonheads1993
Take Her DownCreator1988
Take It EasyVarshons 22019
TaqnVarshons 22019
TenderfootCar Button Cloth1996
The Great Big NoCome On Feel The Lemonheads1993
The Great Big NoThe Best Of The Lemonheads1998
The Green FuzVarshons2009
The Jello FundCome On Feel The Lemonheads1993
The Outdoor TypeCar Button Cloth1996
The Outdoor TypeThe Best Of The Lemonheads1998
The Turnpike DownIt's A Shame About Ray1992
ThingsVarshons 22019
Two Weeks In Another TownCreator1988
UhhhHate Your Friends1987
UnfamiliarVarshons 22019
Waiting Around To DieVarshons2009
Year Of The CatLovey1990
You Can Take It With YouCome On Feel The Lemonheads1993
Your Home Is Where You're HappyCreator1988

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