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AlexandraSong For Our Daughter2020
All My RageA Creature I Don't Know2011
Alpha ShallowsI Speak Because I Can2010
Always This WaySuper Femina2017
Blackberry StoneI Speak Because I Can2010
Blow By BlowSong For Our Daughter2020
BreatheOnce I Was An Eagle2013
Crawled Out Of The Sea (Interlude)Alas I Cannot Swim2008
Cross Your FingersAlas I Cannot Swim2008
Darkness DescendsI Speak Because I Can2010
Devil's Resting PlaceOnce I Was An Eagle2013
Devil's SpokeI Speak Because I Can2010
DivineShort Movie2015
Don't Ask Me WhyA Creature I Don't Know2011
Don't Let Me Bring You DownShort Movie2015
Don't Pass Me BySuper Femina2017
EasyShort Movie2015
FailureAlas I Cannot Swim2008
False HopeShort Movie2015
For YouSong For Our Daughter2020
FortuneSong For Our Daughter2020
GhostsAlas I Cannot Swim2008
Goodbye England (Covered In Snow)I Speak Because I Can2010
Gurdjieff's DaughterShort Movie2015
Held DownSong For Our Daughter2020
Hope In The AirI Speak Because I Can2010
Hope We Meet AgainSong For Our Daughter2020
How Can IShort Movie2015
HowlShort Movie2015
I Feel Your LoveShort Movie2015
I Speak Because I CanI Speak Because I Can2010
I Was An EagleOnce I Was An Eagle2013
I Was Just A CardA Creature I Don't Know2011
InterludeOnce I Was An Eagle2013
Little BirdOnce I Was An Eagle2013
Little Love CasterOnce I Was An Eagle2013
Love Be BraveOnce I Was An Eagle2013
Made By MaidI Speak Because I Can2010
Master HunterOnce I Was An Eagle2013
My FriendsA Creature I Don't Know2011
My Manic And IAlas I Cannot Swim2008
Next TimeSuper Femina2017
Night After NightA Creature I Don't Know2011
Night TerrorAlas I Cannot Swim2008
Nothing, Not NearlySuper Femina2017
NouelSuper Femina2017
Old StoneAlas I Cannot Swim2008
OnceOnce I Was An Eagle2013
Only The StrongSong For Our Daughter2020
Pray For MeOnce I Was An Eagle2013
Rambling ManI Speak Because I Can2010
Rest In The BedA Creature I Don't Know2011
SalinasA Creature I Don't Know2011
Saved These WordsOnce I Was An Eagle2013
ShineAlas I Cannot Swim2008
Short MovieShort Movie2015
Song For Our DaughterSong For Our Daughter2020
SoothingSuper Femina2017
SophiaA Creature I Don't Know2011
StrangeShort Movie2015
Strange GirlSong For Our Daughter2020
Take The Night OffOnce I Was An Eagle2013
Tap At My WindowAlas I Cannot Swim2008
The BeastA Creature I Don't Know2011
The Captain And The HourglassAlas I Cannot Swim2008
The End Of The AffairSong For Our Daughter2020
The MuseA Creature I Don't Know2011
The ValleySuper Femina2017
UndineOnce I Was An Eagle2013
Walk AloneShort Movie2015
WarriorShort Movie2015
What He WroteI Speak Because I Can2010
When Were You Happy (And How Long Has That Been)Once I Was An Eagle2013
Where Can I GoOnce I Was An Eagle2013
Wild FireSuper Femina2017
Wild OnceSuper Femina2017
Worship MeShort Movie2015
You KnowOnce I Was An Eagle2013
You're No GodAlas I Cannot Swim2008
Your Only Doll (Dora)Alas I Cannot Swim2008

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