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0.054861111Unleashed Memories2001
1.19 (live)The 119 Show - Live In London2018
A Current ObsessionUnleashed Memories2001
A Current Obsession (live)The 119 Show - Live In London2018
Against YouDark Adrenaline2012
Angel's PunishmentComalies2002
Anima NeraBlack Anima2019
Anima Nera (live)Live From The Apocalypse2021
ApocalypseBlack Anima2019
Apocalypse (live)Live From The Apocalypse2021
Bad Things (live)Live From The Apocalypse2021
Black AnimaBlack Anima2019
Black Anima (live)Live From The Apocalypse2021
Black Dried Up Heart (Bonus Track)Black Anima2019
Black Dried Up Heart (live)Live From The Apocalypse2021
Black Feathers (Bonus Track)Black Anima2019
Black Feathers (live)Live From The Apocalypse2021
Bleed The PainDelirium2016
Blood, Tears, DustDelirium2016
Blood, Tears, Dust (live)The 119 Show - Live In London2018
Broken ThingsDelirium2016
CircleIn A Reverie1999
CloserManifesto Of Lacuna Coil2008
Closer (live)The 119 Show - Live In London2018
ColdIn A Reverie1999
Cold HeritageUnleashed Memories2001
Cold HeritageManifesto Of Lacuna Coil2008
Comalies (live)The 119 Show - Live In London2018
CybersleepBroken Crown Halo2014
Daylight DancerComalies2002
Daylight DancerManifesto Of Lacuna Coil2008
Die And RiseBroken Crown Halo2014
Distant SunUnleashed Memories2001
End Of TimeDark Adrenaline2012
End Of Time (live)The 119 Show - Live In London2018
Enjoy The SilenceKarmacode2006
Enjoy The SilenceManifesto Of Lacuna Coil2008
Enjoy The Silence (live)The 119 Show - Live In London2018
Falling (live)The 119 Show - Live In London2018
Falling AgainIn A Reverie1999
Falling AgainManifesto Of Lacuna Coil2008
FireDark Adrenaline2012
Fragments Of FaithKarmacode2006
Ghost In The MistDelirium2016
Give Me Something MoreDark Adrenaline2012
Heaven's A LieComalies2002
Heaven's A LieManifesto Of Lacuna Coil2008
Heaven's A Lie (live)The 119 Show - Live In London2018
Heir Of A Dying DayUnleashed Memories2001
Honeymoon SuiteIn A Reverie1999
Honeymoon SuiteManifesto Of Lacuna Coil2008
Hostage To The LightBroken Crown Halo2014
Hyperfast (live)The 119 Show - Live In London2018
I Burn In YouBroken Crown Halo2014
I Don't Believe In TomorrowDark Adrenaline2012
I Forgive (But I Won't Forget Your Name)Broken Crown Halo2014
I Forgive (But I Won't Forget Your Name) (live)The 119 Show - Live In London2018
I Like ItShallow Life2009
I Like It (live)The 119 Show - Live In London2018
I SurviveShallow Life2009
I Won’t Tell YouShallow Life2009
In The End I Feel AliveBroken Crown Halo2014
In Visible LightKarmacode2006
InfectionBroken Crown Halo2014
Intermezzo (live)The 119 Show - Live In London2018
IntoxicatedDark Adrenaline2012
Intro (live)The 119 Show - Live In London2018
I’m Not AfraidShallow Life2009
Kill The LightDark Adrenaline2012
Layers Of TimeBlack Anima2019
Layers Of Time (live)Live From The Apocalypse2021
Live To TellDelirium2016
Losing My ReligionDark Adrenaline2012
My DemonsDelirium2016
My SpiritDark Adrenaline2012
My WingsIn A Reverie1999
My WingsManifesto Of Lacuna Coil2008
My Wings (live)The 119 Show - Live In London2018
No Need To ExplainManifesto Of Lacuna Coil2008
Not EnoughShallow Life2009
Nothing Stands in Our WayBroken Crown Halo2014
Nothing Stands In Our Way (live)The 119 Show - Live In London2018
Now Or NeverBlack Anima2019
Now Or Never (live)Live From The Apocalypse2021
One Cold DayBroken Crown Halo2014
One Cold Day (live)The 119 Show - Live In London2018
Our TruthKarmacode2006
Our TruthManifesto Of Lacuna Coil2008
Our Truth (live)The 119 Show - Live In London2018
PurifyUnleashed Memories2001
RecklessBlack Anima2019
Reckless (live)Live From The Apocalypse2021
ReverieIn A Reverie1999
Save MeBlack Anima2019
Save Me (Apocalypse Version) (live)Live From The Apocalypse2021
Save Me (live)Live From The Apocalypse2021
Self DeceptionComalies2002
SenzafineUnleashed Memories2001
SenzafineManifesto Of Lacuna Coil2008
Senzafine (live)The 119 Show - Live In London2018
Shallow LifeShallow Life2009
Soul Into Hades (live)The 119 Show - Live In London2018
SpellboundShallow Life2009
Stately LoverIn A Reverie1999
SwampedManifesto Of Lacuna Coil2008
Swamped (live)The 119 Show - Live In London2018
Sword Of AngerBlack Anima2019
Sword Of Anger (live)Live From The Apocalypse2021
Take Me HomeDelirium2016
The Army InsideDark Adrenaline2012
The Army Inside (live)The 119 Show - Live In London2018
The End Is All I Can SeeBlack Anima2019
The End Is All I Can See (live)Live From The Apocalypse2021
The GameKarmacode2006
The Ghost Woman And The HunterComalies2002
The House Of ShameDelirium2016
The House Of Shame (live)The 119 Show - Live In London2018
The MazeShallow Life2009
The PainShallow Life2009
The Prophet SaidComalies2002
The SecretManifesto Of Lacuna Coil2008
Through The Flames (Bonus Track)Black Anima2019
Through The Flames (live)Live From The Apocalypse2021
Tight RopeComalies2002
Tight Rope (live)The 119 Show - Live In London2018
To Live Is To HideUnleashed Memories2001
To Live Is To HideManifesto Of Lacuna Coil2008
To Myself I TurnedIn A Reverie1999
To The EdgeKarmacode2006
Trip The DarknessDark Adrenaline2012
Ultima RatioDelirium2016
UnchainedShallow Life2009
Under The SurfaceBlack Anima2019
Under The Surface (live)Live From The Apocalypse2021
UnderdogShallow Life2009
UpsidedownDark Adrenaline2012
Veins Of GlassIn A Reverie1999
Veins Of Glass (live)The 119 Show - Live In London2018
VeneficiumBlack Anima2019
Veneficium (live)Live From The Apocalypse2021
VictimsBroken Crown Halo2014
Wave Of AnguishUnleashed Memories2001
What I SeeKarmacode2006
When A Dead Man WalksUnleashed Memories2001
When A Dead Man Walks (live)The 119 Show - Live In London2018
Wide AwakeShallow Life2009
Wide Awake (live)The 119 Show - Live In London2018
Within MeKarmacode2006
Within MeManifesto Of Lacuna Coil2008
Without FearKarmacode2006
You CreateKarmacode2006
You Love Me 'Cause I Hate YouDelirium2016
ZombiesBroken Crown Halo2014

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