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... And How To Drown In Your ArmsMemorandum1999
2 Sec. And A TearBurning: A Wish2001
A Cloak Woven Of StarsHow To Shroud Yourself With Night2022
A Dead ManSongs For The Last View2008
A Fairy's BreathLa naissance d?un reve1997
A Million MilesHope Is Here2016
A PearlSongs For The Last View2008
A SighAntiadore2013
A Sip Of MultiverseBleeding The Stars2019
A Sleeping ThroneBleeding The Stars2019
A Summer's EndBurning: A Wish2001
Adorer And SomebodyBurning: A Wish2001
AdorertwoFall, I Will Follow2002
After All Those InfinitiesBleeding The Stars2019
Again It's OverFilthy Notes For Frozen Hearts2006
All For NothingAntiadore2013
All Your RadianceMemorandum1999
Amber GirlAve End2004
Amorous... And The Wings Embraced Us1995
An Invisible BeginningHow To Shroud Yourself With Night2022
An Irresistible FaultFilthy Notes For Frozen Hearts2006
An Orchid For My Withering GardenLa naissance d?un reve1997
And God's OceanSongs For The Last View2008
And Her EnigmaFall, I Will Follow2002
AramisHope Is Here2016
Aramis (Eisbrecher Neuschnitt)Hope Is Here2016
AstronautumnAve End2004
Autumn Morning... And The Wings Embraced Us1995
Ave EndAve End2004
AwakeHope Is Here2016
BlackAve End2004
Black MoonHope Is Here2016
Black SwansMemorandum1999
Celestite WomanBleeding The Stars2019
Come, SolitudeAve End2004
Dead To MeAntiadore2013
Dear AmySongs For The Last View2008
Deny For NowAntiadore2013
DiotimaBurning: A Wish2001
Doomed And Unarmed (Bonus Track)Antiadore2013
Embracing Wings... And The Wings Embraced Us1995
Enchanted And In Silent BeautyLa naissance d?un reve1997
Eternal Sleep... And The Wings Embraced Us1995
EvadeAve End2004
Father Of FateBleeding The Stars2019
Filthy NotesFilthy Notes For Frozen Hearts2006
For Bad TimesFall, I Will Follow2002
For NeverFall, I Will Follow2002
Head Held HighAntiadore2013
Hope Is HereHope Is Here2016
I Did It For YouFall, I Will Follow2002
I Knew And Will Forever KnowBleeding The Stars2019
In A Lengthening ShadowHow To Shroud Yourself With Night2022
LastFall, I Will Follow2002
LastdanceBurning: A Wish2001
Like Screams In Empty HallsBleeding The Stars2019
LilienmeerLa naissance d?un reve1997
LiquidFall, I Will Follow2002
Lullaby For A Weeping GirlSongs For The Last View2008
MelantroductionBurning: A Wish2001
Morning... GreyBurning: A Wish2001
Mother Of DoomBleeding The Stars2019
My ChestAntiadore2013
My Halo GroundHope Is Here2016
My MescalineFilthy Notes For Frozen Hearts2006
My Release In PainAntiadore2013
My Velvet Little DarknessFilthy Notes For Frozen Hearts2006
NebulaHow To Shroud Yourself With Night2022
No Dear HeartsFilthy Notes For Frozen Hearts2006
No Mans LandHope Is Here2016
Not To StayFilthy Notes For Frozen Hearts2006
One Hope's EveningAve End2004
PageantHope Is Here2016
Perfume Of Withered Roses... And The Wings Embraced Us1995
PriamusLa naissance d?un reve1997
Re-SilenceBurning: A Wish2001
Remembrance SongAntiadore2013
Sacrificial LambSongs For The Last View2008
Sad Theme For A MarriageFilthy Notes For Frozen Hearts2006
Sarah LouAve End2004
Sear Me Pale SunFall, I Will Follow2002
Short GlanceFilthy Notes For Frozen Hearts2006
ShouldFilthy Notes For Frozen Hearts2006
Shroud Of NightHow To Shroud Yourself With Night2022
Snow... And The Wings Embraced Us1995
Solicitude, SilenceBurning: A Wish2001
Still In NeedAntiadore2013
Suicide SunSongs For The Last View2008
Sweet CarolineFilthy Notes For Frozen Hearts2006
TestifiedAve End2004
The Crown Of LeavingMemorandum1999
The Curtain Of White SilenceHow To Shroud Yourself With Night2022
The Embrace And The EclipseMemorandum1999
The Fate Of EqulibriumMemorandum1999
The Gesture Of The GistLa naissance d?un reve1997
The Kingdom SolicitudeBleeding The Stars2019
The Last ViewSongs For The Last View2008
The Nothing ShipFall, I Will Follow2002
The Path Of Broken HomesHope Is Here2016
The ReaperBleeding The Stars2019
The Shadow I Once KissedSongs For The Last View2008
The Vastness Of InfinityHow To Shroud Yourself With Night2022
The Worship Of Counting DownHope Is Here2016
TimbreHope Is Here2016
To Bleed Or Not To BeAve End2004
To Disappear In YouHow To Shroud Yourself With Night2022
To Love Her On KneesFilthy Notes For Frozen Hearts2006
Under YouFall, I Will Follow2002
UnseenHow To Shroud Yourself With Night2022
VeinsSongs For The Last View2008
Wake DownAve End2004
Wall Of GloomHow To Shroud Yourself With Night2022
We Shouldn't Be HereSongs For The Last View2008
What I'm NotAntiadore2013
WhileSongs For The Last View2008
WithoutBurning: A Wish2001
Words (Bonus Track)Antiadore2013
You, My NorthHope Is Here2016

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