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1-2-3-4 Gimme Some MoreLa Bionda (2008)2008
A Moment Of SunshineI Wanna Be Your Lover1980
A Moment Of SunshineLa Bionda (2008)2008
ActionI Wanna Be Your Lover1980
ActionLa Bionda (2008)2008
Baby Make LoveBandido1978
Baby Make LoveLa Bionda (2008)2008
BandidoLa Bionda (2008)2008
Black And WhiteBandido1978
Black And WhiteLa Bionda (2008)2008
Cyclone RockI Wanna Be Your Lover1980
Deserts Of MarsBandido1978
Deserts Of MarsLa Bionda (2008)2008
Disco RollerHigh Energy1979
Don't Cry NowI Wanna Be Your Lover1980
Don't Cry NowLa Bionda (2008)2008
Hey WomanLa Bionda1978
Hey WomenLa Bionda (2008)2008
High EnergyHigh Energy1979
High EnergyLa Bionda (2008)2008
I Got Your NumberHigh Energy1979
I Got Your NumberLa Bionda (2008)2008
I Wanna Be Your LoverI Wanna Be Your Lover1980
I Wanna Be Your LoverLa Bionda (2008)2008
Johnie Don't Go AwayI Wanna Be Your Lover1980
Johnie Don't Go AwayLa Bionda (2008)2008
Listen To My HeartHigh Energy1979
Listen To My HeartLa Bionda (2008)2008
Moonlight PalaisBandido1978
Moonlight PalaisLa Bionda (2008)2008
Never Gonna Let You GoBandido1978
Night FlightI Wanna Be Your Lover1980
Night FlightLa Bionda (2008)2008
One For You, One For MeLa Bionda1978
One For You, One For MeLa Bionda (2008)2008
One Thing's For SureI Wanna Be Your Lover1980
SandstormLa Bionda1978
SandstormLa Bionda (2008)2008
Save Your EnergyHigh Energy1979
Song For Smokey And The BanditLa Bionda1978
There For MeLa Bionda1978
There For MeLa Bionda (2008)2008
Tune It UpHigh Energy1979
Tune It UpLa Bionda (2008)2008
Welcome HomeBandido1978
Welcome HomeLa Bionda (2008)2008
Will She Or Won't SheBandido1978
Will She Or Won't SheLa Bionda (2008)2008
You're So FineI Wanna Be Your Lover1980
You're So FineLa Bionda (2008)2008

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