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A Better TomorrowOutcast1997
Absolute MisanthropyHordes Of Chaos2009
Against The RestOutcast1997
Agents Of BrutalityComa Of Souls1990
Alive AgainOutcast1997
All Of The Same Blood (Unity)Violent Revolution2001
Amok RunHordes Of Chaos2009
Amok RunDying Alive2013
ApocalypticonGods Of Violence2017
Apocalypticon (live)London Apocalypticon - Live At The Roundhouse2020
Army Of StormsGods Of Violence2017
As The World BurnsTerrible Certainty1987
As We Watch The West (Bonus Track)Outcast1997
Awakening Of The Gods (Bonus Track)Pleasure To Kill1986
Awakening Of The Gods (live)London Apocalypticon - Live At The Roundhouse2020
Awakening Of The Gods (live) (Bonus Track)Terrible Certainty1987
Behind The MirrorTerrible Certainty1987
BetrayerExtreme Aggression1989
BetrayerDying Alive2013
Bitter Sweet RevengeViolent Revolution2001
Black SunriseOutcast1997
Blind FaithTerrible Certainty1987
Bomb ThreatCause For Conflict1995
Bone BreakerEndless Pain1985
Bringer Of TortureExtreme Aggression1989
CarrionPleasure To Kill1986
Catholic DespotCause For Conflict1995
Celestial DeliveranceCause For Conflict1995
Children Of A Lesser God (Bonus Track)Endorama1999
Choir Of The Damned (Intro)Pleasure To Kill1986
Chosen FewEndorama1999
Civilisation CollapsePhantom Antichrist2012
Civilization Collapse (Big Bang)Dying Alive2013
Coma Of SoulsComa Of Souls1990
Coma Of Souls (Intro Only)Dying Alive2013
Coma Of Souls (live) (Bonus Track)Enemy Of God2005
Command Of The BladePleasure To Kill1986
Corpses Of LibertyHordes Of Chaos2009
Crisis Of DisorderCause For Conflict1995
Cry WarEndless Pain1985
Death Becomes My LightGods Of Violence2017
Death Is Your SaviourPleasure To Kill1986
Death To The WorldPhantom Antichrist2012
Death To The WorldDying Alive2013
Demon PrinceHordes Of Chaos2009
Demon PrinceDying Alive2013
Depression UnrestRenewal1992
Destroy What Destroys YouHordes Of Chaos2009
DogmaticCause For Conflict1995
Don't TrustExtreme Aggression1989
Dying Race ApocalypseEnemy Of God2005
Dying VictimsEndless Pain1985
DystopiaEnemy Of God2005
Endless PainEndless Pain1985
Endless PainDying Alive2013
Endorama (feat. Tilo Wolff)Endorama1999
Enemy Of GodEnemy Of God2005
Enemy Of GodDying Alive2013
Enemy Of God (live)London Apocalypticon - Live At The Roundhouse2020
Enemy UnseenOutcast1997
EscalationHordes Of Chaos2009
Europe After The RainRenewal1992
Everlasting FlameEndorama1999
Extreme AggressionExtreme Aggression1989
Extreme AggressionDying Alive2013
Fallen BrotherGods Of Violence2017
Fallen Brother (live)London Apocalypticon - Live At The Roundhouse2020
Fatal EnergyExtreme Aggression1989
Flag Of HateEndless Pain1985
Flag Of Hate (Bonus Track)Pleasure To Kill1986
Flag Of Hate (live)London Apocalypticon - Live At The Roundhouse2020
Flag Of Hate - TormentorDying Alive2013
From Flood Into FirePhantom Antichrist2012
From Flood Into FireDying Alive2013
Future KingEndorama1999
Ghetto WarViolent Revolution2001
Gods Of ViolenceGods Of Violence2017
Gods Of Violence (live)London Apocalypticon - Live At The Roundhouse2020
Golden AgeEndorama1999
Hail To The HordesGods Of Violence2017
Hail To The Hordes (live)London Apocalypticon - Live At The Roundhouse2020
Hate Inside Your HeadCause For Conflict1995
Hidden DictatorComa Of Souls1990
Hordes Of ChaosDying Alive2013
Hordes Of Chaos (A Necrologue For The Elite)Hordes Of Chaos2009
Hordes Of Chaos (live)London Apocalypticon - Live At The Roundhouse2020
Impossible BrutalityEnemy Of God2005
Impossible To Cure (Bonus Track)Terrible Certainty1987
Intro - The PestilenceDying Alive2013
Intro 2:The PatriarchDying Alive2013
Intro: Mars MantraDying Alive2013
IsolationCause For Conflict1995
Karmic WheelRenewal1992
Lambs To The Slaughter (Bonus Track)Terrible Certainty1987
Leave This World BehindOutcast1997
Lion With Eagle WingsGods Of Violence2017
Living In FearEndless Pain1985
LostCause For Conflict1995
Love Us Or Hate UsExtreme Aggression1989
Mars MantraPhantom Antichrist2012
Mars Mantra (live)London Apocalypticon - Live At The Roundhouse2020
Material World ParanoiaComa Of Souls1990
Men Without GodCause For Conflict1995
Mental SlaveryComa Of Souls1990
Mind On FireViolent Revolution2001
Murder FantasiesEnemy Of God2005
No EscapeTerrible Certainty1987
No Reason To ExistExtreme Aggression1989
One Evil Comes (A Million Follow)Enemy Of God2005
One Of UsTerrible Certainty1987
Passage To BabylonEndorama1999
People Of The LieComa Of Souls1990
People Of The LieDying Alive2013
People Of The Lie (live)London Apocalypticon - Live At The Roundhouse2020
Phantom AntichristPhantom Antichrist2012
Phantom AntichristDying Alive2013
Phantom Antichrist (live)London Apocalypticon - Live At The Roundhouse2020
PhobiaDying Alive2013
Phobia (live)London Apocalypticon - Live At The Roundhouse2020
Pleasure To KillPleasure To Kill1986
Pleasure To KillDying Alive2013
Pleasure To Kill (live)London Apocalypticon - Live At The Roundhouse2020
PrevailCause For Conflict1995
Progressive ProletariansCause For Conflict1995
Radical ResistanceHordes Of Chaos2009
Reconquering The ThroneViolent Revolution2001
Replicas Of LifeViolent Revolution2001
Riot Of ViolencePleasure To Kill1986
Riot Of Violence (live) (Bonus Track)Terrible Certainty1987
Ripping CorpsePleasure To Kill1986
Ruin Of LifeOutcast1997
Satan Is RealGods Of Violence2017
Satan Is Real (live)London Apocalypticon - Live At The Roundhouse2020
Sculpture Of RegretCause For Conflict1995
Second AwakeningViolent Revolution2001
Servant In Heaven - King In HellViolent Revolution2001
Side By SideGods Of Violence2017
Slave MachineryViolent Revolution2001
Some Pain Will LastExtreme Aggression1989
Son Of EvilEndless Pain1985
Soul EraserEndorama1999
Storm Of The BeastEndless Pain1985
Storming With MenaceTerrible Certainty1987
Stream Of ConsciousnessExtreme Aggression1989
Stronger Than BeforeOutcast1997
Suicide TerroristEnemy Of God2005
System DecayViolent Revolution2001
Take Their Lives (Bonus Track)Pleasure To Kill1986
Terrible CertaintyTerrible Certainty1987
Terrible Certainty (live) (Bonus Track)Terrible Certainty1987
Terror ZoneComa Of Souls1990
The Ancient PlagueEnemy Of God2005
The Few, The Proud, The BrokenPhantom Antichrist2012
The Four Horsemen - Choir Of The Damned (live)London Apocalypticon - Live At The Roundhouse2020
The PatriarchViolent Revolution2001
The Patriarch (live)London Apocalypticon - Live At The Roundhouse2020
The PestilencePleasure To Kill1986
To The AfterbornHordes Of Chaos2009
TormentorEndless Pain1985
Total DeathEndless Pain1985
Totalitarian TerrorGods Of Violence2017
Toxic TraceTerrible Certainty1987
Toxic Trace (live) (Bonus Track)Enemy Of God2005
Twisted UrgesComa Of Souls1990
Under A Total Blackened SkyEnemy Of God2005
Under The GuillotinePleasure To Kill1986
United In HatePhantom Antichrist2012
United In HateDying Alive2013
Until Our Paths Cross AgainPhantom Antichrist2012
Victory Will ComePhantom Antichrist2012
Violent RevolutionViolent Revolution2001
Violent RevolutionDying Alive2013
Violent Revolution (live)London Apocalypticon - Live At The Roundhouse2020
Voices Of The DeadEnemy Of God2005
Voices Of The DeadDying Alive2013
War CurseDying Alive2013
WarcurseHordes Of Chaos2009
Whatever It May TakeOutcast1997
When Death Takes Its DominionEnemy Of God2005
When The Sun Burns RedComa Of Souls1990
When The Sun Burns RedDying Alive2013
Willing SpiritEndorama1999
Winter MartyriumRenewal1992
World AnarchyEnemy Of God2005
World BeyondComa Of Souls1990
World War NowGods Of Violence2017
Your Heaven, My HellPhantom Antichrist2012
Zero To NoneRenewal1992

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