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Back To ThrillBack To Thrill2011
Best Before DoomsdayBittersweet2013
Bis Der Vorhang FälltBittersweet2013
Bite The DustBittersweet2013
Black Skinny JeansKiss And Hell2016
BloodlustKiss And Hell2016
Bloody LovesongHorror Express2009
BlutsaugerBack To Thrill2011
Bride Of The MonsterHorror Express2009
Caught In A DreamBack To Thrill2011
Cold Black HeartRise2017
Dancing With The DevilBittersweet2013
Dead InsideRise2017
Deep Black UndergroundKiss And Hell2016
Die Geister, die ich riefBittersweet2013
Don't Get Me WrongBack To Thrill2011
Fading AwayBittersweet2013
Feuer und EisKiss And Hell2016
GoneKiss And Hell2016
HeadshotBack To Thrill2011
Horror ExpressHorror Express2009
In Blood We TrustBittersweet2013
In The EndBittersweet2013
IntroHorror Express2009
Kiss My AssRise2017
Kreepsville 666Bittersweet2013
Lights OutRise2017
Love Me Thrill MeRise2017
Lurking In The DarkKiss And Hell2016
Midnight Thrill-RideBack To Thrill2011
Monster Highschool PartyBack To Thrill2011
Moonlight MassacreHorror Express2009
My Cannibal ParadiseHorror Express2009
Nekrophilian LoveHorror Express2009
Never WantedBack To Thrill2011
NightmareKiss And Hell2016
Nighttime SkyBittersweet2013
Of Cats And DemonsKiss And Hell2016
Oh JohnnyRise2017
Open WatersRise2017
Prom SongBack To Thrill2011
Red Sweet RedKiss And Hell2016
Run RunBack To Thrill2011
Shake Your BonesBack To Thrill2011
Since You Are DeadHorror Express2009
Slave Of ChurchHorror Express2009
Space InvadersHorror Express2009
St. TropezKiss And Hell2016
Sticks And StonesKiss And Hell2016
Straight To HellKiss And Hell2016
Sweet LoveRise2017
Sweet NightmaresHorror Express2009
The Cheesy SongBittersweet2013
Trash TalkersBack To Thrill2011
Under Ghost Towns MoonHorror Express2009
Under Your BedHorror Express2009
Up With YouRise2017
We Come From VenusBittersweet2013
White LiesRise2017
Yeah Yeah YeahKiss And Hell2016
You Will RememberBack To Thrill2011

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