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10.000 Years (live)Alive!1975
100.000 YearsKiss1974
100.000 YearsDouble Platinum1978
2.000 ManDynasty1979
2.000 Man (live)Kiss Unplugged1996
A Million To OneLick It Up1983
A World Without HeroesMusic From 'The Elder'1981
A World Without HeroesKiss 402014
A World Without Heroes (live)Kiss Unplugged1996
All American Man (live)Alive II1977
All For The Love Of Rock And RollMonster2012
All Hell's Breakin' LooseLick It Up1983
All The Glory Sonic Boom2009
All The WayHotter Than Hell1974
Almost HumanLove Gun1977
And On The 8th DayLick It Up1983
Any Way You Slice ItAsylum1985
Any Way You Want It (live)Alive II1977
Anything For My BabyDressed To Kill1975
Baby DriverRock And Roll Over1976
Back To The Stone AgeMonster2012
Bang Bang YouCrazy Nights1987
BethDouble Platinum1978
BethSmashes, Thrashes And Hits1988
BethYou Wanted The Best, You Got The Best!!1996
BethGreatest Kiss1996
BethThe Very Best Of Kiss2002
BethKiss 402014
Beth (live)Alive II1977
Beth (live)Kiss Unplugged1996
Beth (live)Alive IV2003
BetrayedHot In The Shade1989
Black DiamondKiss1974
Black DiamondDouble Platinum1978
Black DiamondGreatest Kiss1996
Black Diamond (live)Alive!1975
Black Diamond (live)Alive IV2003
Black Diamond (Re-Recorded) (Bonus Track)Sonic Boom2009
BoomerangHot In The Shade1989
Burn Bitch BurnAnimalize1984
C'mon And Love MeDressed To Kill1975
C'mon And Love MeDouble Platinum1978
C'mon And Love MeThe Very Best Of Kiss2002
C'mon And Love MeKiss 402014
C'mon And Love Me (live)Alive!1975
Cadillac DreamsHot In The Shade1989
Calling Dr. LoveRock And Roll Over1976
Calling Dr. LoveDouble Platinum1978
Calling Dr. LoveYou Wanted The Best, You Got The Best!!1996
Calling Dr. LoveGreatest Kiss1996
Calling Dr. LoveThe Very Best Of Kiss2002
Calling Dr. Love (live)Alive II1977
Calling Dr. Love (live)Alive IV2003
Calling Dr. Love (Re-Recorded) (Bonus Track)Sonic Boom2009
Calling Dr. Love (Remix)Smashes, Thrashes And Hits1988
Carr Jam 1981Revenge1992
Childhood's EndCarnival Of Souls - The Final Sessions1997
Christine SixteenLove Gun1977
Christine SixteenGreatest Kiss1996
Christine SixteenThe Very Best Of Kiss2002
Christine SixteenKiss 402014
Christine Sixteen (live)Alive II1977
Christine Sixteen (Re-Recorded) (Bonus Track)Sonic Boom2009
Cold GinKiss1974
Cold GinDouble Platinum1978
Cold GinGreatest Kiss1996
Cold Gin (live)Alive!1975
Cold Gin (live)Kiss 402014
Comin' HomeHotter Than Hell1974
Comin' Home (live)Kiss Unplugged1996
Crazy Crazy NightsCrazy Nights1987
Crazy Crazy Nights (live)Kiss 402014
Creatures Of The NightCreatures Of The Night1982
Creatures Of The Night (live)Alive III1993
Dance All Over Your FaceLick It Up1983
DangerCreatures Of The Night1982
Danger Us Sonic Boom2009
Dark LightMusic From 'The Elder'1981
Detroit Rock CityDestroyer1976
Detroit Rock CityDouble Platinum1978
Detroit Rock CityGreatest Kiss1996
Detroit Rock CityThe Very Best Of Kiss2002
Detroit Rock City (live)Alive II1977
Detroit Rock City (live)Alive III1993
Detroit Rock City (live)Alive IV2003
Detroit Rock City (live)Kiss 402014
Detroit Rock City (Re-Recorded) (Bonus Track)Sonic Boom2009
Detroit Rock City (Remix)Smashes, Thrashes And Hits1988
DeuceDouble Platinum1978
DeuceGreatest Kiss1996
DeuceThe Very Best Of Kiss2002
Deuce (live)Alive!1975
Deuce (live)Alive III1993
Deuce (live)Alive IV2003
Deuce (live)Kiss 402014
Deuce (Re-Recorded) (Bonus Track)Sonic Boom2009
Deuce (Remix)Smashes, Thrashes And Hits1988
Dirty Livin'Dynasty1979
Do You Love MeDestroyer1976
Do You Love MeDouble Platinum1978
Do You Love MeGreatest Kiss1996
Do You Love Me (live)Kiss Unplugged1996
Do You Love Me (live)Alive IV2003
Do You Love Me (live)Kiss 402014
Do You Love Me (Re-Recorded) (Bonus Track)Sonic Boom2009
Domino (live)Alive III1993
Domino (live)Kiss Unplugged1996
Down On Your KneesKiss 402014
Dreamin'Psycho Circus1998
Easy As It SeemsUnmasked1980
Eat Your Heart OutMonster2012
Every Time I Look At YouRevenge1992
Every Time I Look At You (live)Kiss Unplugged1996
ExciterLick It Up1983
FanfareMusic From 'The Elder'1981
FirehouseDouble Platinum1978
FirehouseYou Wanted The Best, You Got The Best!!1996
Firehouse (live)Alive!1975
Firehouse (live)Kiss 402014
Fits Like A GloveLick It Up1983
Flaming YouthDestroyer1976
ForeverHot In The Shade1989
ForeverThe Very Best Of Kiss2002
ForeverKiss 402014
Forever (live)Alive III1993
Forever (live)Alive IV2003
Forever (Re-Recorded) (Bonus Track)Sonic Boom2009
Get All You Can TakeAnimalize1984
GetawayDressed To Kill1975
Gimme MoreLick It Up1983
God Gave Rock 'n' Roll To You IIKiss 402014
God Gave Rock'n' Roll To You IIRevenge1992
God Gave Rock'n' Roll To You IIGreatest Kiss1996
God Gave Rock'n' Roll To You IIThe Very Best Of Kiss2002
God Gave Rock'n' Roll To You II (live)Alive III1993
God Of ThunderDestroyer1976
God Of ThunderDouble Platinum1978
God Of ThunderGreatest Kiss1996
God Of Thunder (Demo Version)Kiss 402014
God Of Thunder (live)Alive II1977
God Of Thunder (live)Alive IV2003
Goin' BlindHotter Than Hell1974
Goin' BlindGreatest Kiss1996
Goin' Blind (live)Kiss Unplugged1996
Goin' Blind (live)Alive IV2003
Good Girl Gone BadCrazy Nights1987
Got Love For SaleLove Gun1977
Got To ChooseHotter Than Hell1974
Got To ChooseThe Very Best Of Kiss2002
Got To Choose (live)Alive!1975
Got To Choose (live)Kiss Unplugged1996
Great ExpectationsDestroyer1976
Great Expectations (live)Alive IV2003
Hard Luck WomanRock And Roll Over1976
Hard Luck WomanDouble Platinum1978
Hard Luck WomanGreatest Kiss1996
Hard Luck WomanThe Very Best Of Kiss2002
Hard Luck WomanKiss 402014
Hard Luck Woman (live)Alive II1977
Hard TimesDynasty1979
HateCarnival Of Souls - The Final Sessions1997
Heart Of ChromeRevenge1992
Heaven's On FireAnimalize1984
Heaven's On FireSmashes, Thrashes And Hits1988
Heaven's On FireKiss 402014
Heaven's On Fire (live)Alive III1993
Heaven's On Fire (Re-Recorded) (Bonus Track)Sonic Boom2009
Hell Or HallelujahMonster2012
Hell Or HallelujahKiss 402014
Hell Or High WaterCrazy Nights1987
Hide Your HeartHot In The Shade1989
Hold Me, Touch Me (Think Of Me When We're Apart) (Paul Stanley)Kiss 402014
HooliganLove Gun1977
Hot And Cold Sonic Boom2009
Hotter Than HellHotter Than Hell1974
Hotter Than HellDouble Platinum1978
Hotter Than HellThe Very Best Of Kiss2002
Hotter Than Hell (live)Alive!1975
Hotter Than Hell (Re-Recorded) (Bonus Track)Sonic Boom2009
IMusic From 'The Elder'1981
I ConfessCarnival Of Souls - The Final Sessions1997
I Finally Found My WayPsycho Circus1998
I Just WannaRevenge1992
I Just Wanna (live)Alive III1993
I Love It LoudCreatures Of The Night1982
I Love It LoudThe Very Best Of Kiss2002
I Love It LoudKiss 402014
I Love It Loud (live)Alive III1993
I Love It Loud (Re-Recorded) (Bonus Track)Sonic Boom2009
I Love It Loud (Remix)Smashes, Thrashes And Hits1988
I Pledge Allegiance To The State Of Rock And RollPsycho Circus1998
I Still Love YouCreatures Of The Night1982
I Still Love You (live)Alive III1993
I Still Love You (live)Kiss Unplugged1996
I Stole Your LoveLove Gun1977
I Stole Your LoveYou Wanted The Best, You Got The Best!!1996
I Stole Your LoveThe Very Best Of Kiss2002
I Stole Your Love (live)Alive II1977
I Walk AloneCarnival Of Souls - The Final Sessions1997
I Want YouRock And Roll Over1976
I Want YouDouble Platinum1978
I Want YouThe Very Best Of Kiss2002
I Want You (live)Alive II1977
I Was Made For Lovin' YouDynasty1979
I Was Made For Lovin' YouSmashes, Thrashes And Hits1988
I Was Made For Lovin' YouGreatest Kiss1996
I Was Made For Lovin' YouThe Very Best Of Kiss2002
I Was Made For Lovin' You (live)Alive III1993
I Was Made For Lovin' You (live)Alive IV2003
I Was Made For Lovin' You (Re-Recorded) (Bonus Track)Sonic Boom2009
I Was Made For Lovin' You (Single Mix)Kiss 402014
I Will Be ThereCarnival Of Souls - The Final Sessions1997
I'll Fight Hell To Hold YouCrazy Nights1987
I'm AliveAsylum1985
I'm An Animal Sonic Boom2009
I've Had Enough (Into The Fire)Animalize1984
In My HeadCarnival Of Souls - The Final Sessions1997
In The MirrorCarnival Of Souls - The Final Sessions1997
In Your Face (Bonus Track)Psycho Circus1998
Into The VoidPsycho Circus1998
Is That YouUnmasked1980
It Never Goes AwayCarnival Of Souls - The Final Sessions1997
Journey Of 1.000 YearsPsycho Circus1998
JungleCarnival Of Souls - The Final Sessions1997
Jungle (Radio Edit)Kiss 402014
Just A BoyMusic From 'The Elder'1981
Keep Me Comin'Creatures Of The Night1982
KillerCreatures Of The Night1982
King Of HeartsHot In The Shade1989
King Of The MountainAsylum1985
King Of The Night Time WorldDestroyer1976
King Of The Night Time World (live)Alive II1977
King Of The Night Time World (live)Alive IV2003
Kiss Tells AllYou Wanted The Best, You Got The Best!!1996
Kissin' TimeKiss1974
Ladies In WaitingDressed To Kill1975
Ladies RoomRock And Roll Over1976
Ladies Room (live)Alive II1977
Larger Than Life (live)Alive II1977
Last ChanceMonster2012
Let Me GoHotter Than Hell1974
Let Me GoDouble Platinum1978
Let Me Go (live)Alive!1975
Let Me Go (live)Alive IV2003
Let Me Go, Rock 'n RollKiss 402014
Let Me KnowKiss1974
Let Me KnowYou Wanted The Best, You Got The Best!!1996
Let's Put The X In SexSmashes, Thrashes And Hits1988
Let's Put The X In SexKiss 402014
Lick It UpLick It Up1983
Lick It UpSmashes, Thrashes And Hits1988
Lick It UpThe Very Best Of Kiss2002
Lick It UpKiss 402014
Lick It Up (live)Alive III1993
Lick It Up (live)Alive IV2003
Lick It Up (Re-Recorded) (Bonus Track)Sonic Boom2009
Little CaesarHot In The Shade1989
Lonely Is The HunterAnimalize1984
Long Way DownMonster2012
Love 'Em And Leave 'EmRock And Roll Over1976
Love GunLove Gun1977
Love GunDouble Platinum1978
Love GunGreatest Kiss1996
Love GunThe Very Best Of Kiss2002
Love Gun (live)Alive II1977
Love Gun (live)Alive IV2003
Love Gun (Re-Recorded) (Bonus Track)Sonic Boom2009
Love Gun (Remix)Smashes, Thrashes And Hits1988
Love Her All I CanDressed To Kill1975
Love Theme From KissKiss1974
Love's A Deadly WeaponAsylum1985
Love's A Slap In The FaceHot In The Shade1989
Magic TouchDynasty1979
MainlineHotter Than Hell1974
Makin' LoveRock And Roll Over1976
Makin' LoveDouble Platinum1978
Makin' Love (live)Alive II1977
Master And SlaveCarnival Of Souls - The Final Sessions1997
Modern Day Delilah Sonic Boom2009
Modern Day DelilahKiss 402014
Mr. BlackwellMusic From 'The Elder'1981
Mr. SpeedRock And Roll Over1976
Murder In High HeelsAnimalize1984
My WayCrazy Nights1987
Naked CityUnmasked1980
Never Enough Sonic Boom2009
New York GrooveThe Very Best Of Kiss2002
New York Groove (Ace Frehley)Kiss 402014
No, No, NoCrazy Nights1987
Not For The InnocentLick It Up1983
Nothin' To LoseKiss1974
Nothin' To LoseKiss 402014
Nothin' To Lose (live)Alive!1975
Nothin' To Lose (live)Kiss Unplugged1996
Nothing Can Keep Me From YouKiss 402014
OdysseyMusic From 'The Elder'1981
Only YouMusic From 'The Elder'1981
Outta This WorldMonster2012
ParasiteHotter Than Hell1974
ParasiteYou Wanted The Best, You Got The Best!!1996
Parasite (live)Alive!1975
Plaster CasterLove Gun1977
Plaster CasterGreatest Kiss1996
Plaster Caster (live)Kiss Unplugged1996
Prisoner Of LoveHot In The Shade1989
Psycho CircusPsycho Circus1998
Psycho Circus (Album Version Without Intro)Kiss 402014
Psycho Circus (live)Alive IV2003
Radar For LoveAsylum1985
Radioactive (Gene Simmons)Kiss 402014
RainCarnival Of Souls - The Final Sessions1997
Raise Your GlassesPsycho Circus1998
Read My BodyHot In The Shade1989
Reason To LiveCrazy Nights1987
Reason To LiveKiss 402014
Reputation (Demo)Kiss 402014
Rise To ItHot In The Shade1989
Rock And Roll All NiteDressed To Kill1975
Rock And Roll All NiteDouble Platinum1978
Rock And Roll All NiteYou Wanted The Best, You Got The Best!!1996
Rock And Roll All NiteGreatest Kiss1996
Rock And Roll All Nite (live)Alive!1975
Rock And Roll All Nite (live)Alive III1993
Rock And Roll All Nite (live)Kiss Unplugged1996
Rock And Roll All Nite (live)The Very Best Of Kiss2002
Rock And Roll All Nite (live)Alive IV2003
Rock And Roll All Nite (live)Kiss 402014
Rock And Roll All Nite (Re-Recorded) (Bonus Track)Sonic Boom2009
Rock And Roll All Nite (Remix)Smashes, Thrashes And Hits1988
Rock And Roll HellCreatures Of The Night1982
Rock BottomDressed To Kill1975
Rock BottomYou Wanted The Best, You Got The Best!!1996
Rock Bottom (live)Alive!1975
Rock Bottom (live)Kiss Unplugged1996
Rock Bottom IntroDouble Platinum1978
Rock HardSmashes, Thrashes And Hits1988
Rock'n' RollHotter Than Hell1974
Rock'n' RollDouble Platinum1978
Rock'n' Roll (live)Alive!1975
Rock'n' Roll (live)Alive IV2003
Rocket Ride (live)Alive II1977
Rockin' In The USA (live)Alive II1977
Room ServiceDressed To Kill1975
Room ServiceYou Wanted The Best, You Got The Best!!1996
Room Service (live)Kiss 402014
Russian Roulette Sonic Boom2009
Saint And SinnerCreatures Of The Night1982
Save Your LoveDynasty1979
Say Yeah Sonic Boom2009
Secretly CruelAsylum1985
Seduction Of The InnocentCarnival Of Souls - The Final Sessions1997
See You In Your DreamsRock And Roll Over1976
See You Tonight (live)Kiss Unplugged1996
ShandiKiss 402014
Shandi (live)Alive IV2003
SheDressed To Kill1975
SheDouble Platinum1978
SheGreatest Kiss1996
She (live)Alive!1975
She's So EuropeanUnmasked1980
Shock MeLove Gun1977
Shock MeGreatest Kiss1996
Shock Me (live)Alive II1977
Shout It Out LoudDestroyer1976
Shout It Out LoudYou Wanted The Best, You Got The Best!!1996
Shout It Out LoudThe Very Best Of Kiss2002
Shout It Out Loud (live)Alive II1977
Shout It Out Loud (live)Alive IV2003
Shout It Out Loud (live)Kiss 402014
Shout It Out Loud (Re-Recorded) (Bonus Track)Sonic Boom2009
Shout It Out Loud (Remix)Smashes, Thrashes And Hits1988
Shout MercyMonster2012
Silver SpoonHot In The Shade1989
Somewhere Between Heaven And HellHot In The Shade1989
Stand Sonic Boom2009
Star Spangled Banner (live)Alive III1993
Strange WaysHotter Than Hell1974
StrutterGreatest Kiss1996
StrutterThe Very Best Of Kiss2002
Strutter '78Kiss 402014
Strutter ('78)Double Platinum1978
Strutter (live)Alive!1975
Strutter (live)Alive IV2003
Strutter (Remix)Smashes, Thrashes And Hits1988
Sure Know SomethingDynasty1979
Sure Know SomethingGreatest Kiss1996
Sure Know Something (live)Kiss Unplugged1996
Sure Know Something (live)Alive IV2003
Sweet PainDestroyer1976
Take It OffRevenge1992
Take MeRock And Roll Over1976
Take MeYou Wanted The Best, You Got The Best!!1996
Take Me Down BelowMonster2012
Talk To MeUnmasked1980
Tears Are FallingAsylum1985
Tears Are FallingSmashes, Thrashes And Hits1988
Tears Are FallingKiss 402014
The Devil Is MeMonster2012
The OathMusic From 'The Elder'1981
The Street Giveth And The Street Taketh AwayHot In The Shade1989
Then She Kissed MeLove Gun1977
Thief In The NightCrazy Nights1987
Thou Shalt NotRevenge1992
Thrills In The NightAnimalize1984
Tomorrow And TonightLove Gun1977
Tomorrow And Tonight (live)Alive II1977
Torpedo GirlUnmasked1980
Tough LoveRevenge1992
Trial By FireAsylum1985
Turn On The NightCrazy Nights1987
Two Sides Of The CoinUnmasked1980
Two TimerDressed To Kill1975
Two TimerYou Wanted The Best, You Got The Best!!1996
Uh All NightAsylum1985
Under The GunAnimalize1984
Under The RoseMusic From 'The Elder'1981
Unholy (live)Alive III1993
Unholy (live)Kiss 402014
Wall Of SoundMonster2012
War MachineCreatures Of The Night1982
Watchin' YouHotter Than Hell1974
Watchin' You (live)Alive!1975
Watchin' You (live)Alive III1993
We Are OnePsycho Circus1998
What Makes The World Go 'roundUnmasked1980
When Lightning Strikes Sonic Boom2009
When Your Walls Come DownCrazy Nights1987
While The City SleepsAnimalize1984
Who Wants To Be LonelyAsylum1985
WithinPsycho Circus1998
X-Ray EyesDynasty1979
Yes I Know (Nobody's Perfect) Sonic Boom2009
You Love Me To Hate YouHot In The Shade1989
You Matter To Me (Peter Criss)Kiss 402014
You Wanted The BestPsycho Circus1998
You're All That I WantUnmasked1980
Young And WastedLick It Up1983

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