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A Bid FarewellThe End Of Heartache2004
A Light In A Darkened WorldKillswitch Engage (2009)2009
A Tribute To The FallenDisarm The Descent2013
All We HaveDisarm The Descent2013
Alone I StandIncarnate2016
AlwaysDisarm The Descent2013
Always (live)Beyond The Flames2016
And Embers RiseThe End Of Heartache2004
As Sure As The Sun Will RiseAtonement2019
As Sure As The Sun Will Rise (live)Live At The Palladium2022
Beyond The FlamesDisarm The Descent2013
Bite The Hand That FeedsAtonement2019
Bite The Hand That Feeds (live)Live At The Palladium2022
Break The SilenceAs Daylight Dies2006
Breathe LifeThe End Of Heartache2004
Cut Me LooseIncarnate2016
Daylight DiesAs Daylight Dies2006
DeclarationThe End Of Heartache2004
Desperate TimesAs Daylight Dies2006
Embrace The Journey... UnpraisedIncarnate2016
Eye Of The StormAs Daylight Dies2006
Fixation On The DarknessAlive Or Just Breathing2002
For YouAs Daylight Dies2006
Hate By DesignIncarnate2016
Hope Is...The End Of Heartache2004
I Am Broken TooAtonement2019
I Am Broken Too (live)Live At The Palladium2022
I Can't Be The Only OneAtonement2019
I Can't Be The Only One (live)Live At The Palladium2022
I Would Do AnythingKillswitch Engage (2009)2009
In Due TimeDisarm The Descent2013
In Due Time (live)Beyond The Flames2016
In The UnblindKillswitch Engage2000
In The Unblind (live)Live At The Palladium2022
InhaleThe End Of Heartache2004
IrreversalKillswitch Engage2000
Irreversal (live)Live At The Palladium2022
It Falls On MeIncarnate2016
Just Barely BreathingAlive Or Just Breathing2002
Just Barely Breathing (live)Live At The Palladium2022
Just Let GoIncarnate2016
Know Your EnemyAtonement2019
Know Your Enemy (live)Live At The Palladium2022
Life To LifelessAlive Or Just Breathing2002
Life To Lifeless (live)Beyond The Flames2016
LostKillswitch Engage (2009)2009
My CurseAs Daylight Dies2006
My Curse (live)Beyond The Flames2016
My Last SerenadeAlive Or Just Breathing2002
Never AgainKillswitch Engage (2009)2009
No End In SightDisarm The Descent2013
No End In Sight (live)Beyond The Flames2016
Numb Sickened EyesKillswitch Engage2000
Numb Sickened Eyes (live)Live At The Palladium2022
Numbered DaysAlive Or Just Breathing2002
One Last SunsetKillswitch Engage2000
PreludeKillswitch Engage2000
Prelude (live)Live At The Palladium2022
Quiet DistressIncarnate2016
Ravenous (live)Live At The Palladium2022
ReckoningKillswitch Engage (2009)2009
Reject YourselfAs Daylight Dies2006
Rise InsideAlive Or Just Breathing2002
Rose Of SharynThe End Of Heartache2004
Rusted EmbraceKillswitch Engage2000
Rusted Embrace (live)Live At The Palladium2022
Save MeKillswitch Engage (2009)2009
Self RevolutionAlive Or Just Breathing2002
SoilbornKillswitch Engage2000
Soilborn (live)Live At The Palladium2022
Starting OverKillswitch Engage (2009)2009
Still Beats Your NameAs Daylight Dies2006
Strength Of The MindIncarnate2016
Take ControlAtonement2019
Take Control (live)Live At The Palladium2022
Take Me AwayKillswitch Engage (2009)2009
Take This OathThe End Of Heartache2004
Temple From The WithinKillswitch Engage2000
Temple From The WithinAlive Or Just Breathing2002
Temple From The Within (live)Live At The Palladium2022
The Arms Of SorrowAs Daylight Dies2006
The CallDisarm The Descent2013
The Crownless King (+ Chuck Billy)Atonement2019
The Crownless King (live)Live At The Palladium2022
The Element Of OneAlive Or Just Breathing2002
The End Of HeartacheThe End Of Heartache2004
The End Of Heartache (live)Beyond The Flames2016
The ForgottenKillswitch Engage (2009)2009
The Great DeceitIncarnate2016
The Hell In MeDisarm The Descent2013
The New AwakeningDisarm The Descent2013
The ReturnKillswitch Engage (2009)2009
The Signal Fire (+ Howard Jones)Atonement2019
The Signal Fire (live)Live At The Palladium2022
This Is AbsolutionAs Daylight Dies2006
This Is GoodbyeKillswitch Engage (2009)2009
Time Will Not RemainDisarm The Descent2013
To The Sons Of ManAlive Or Just Breathing2002
Turning PointDisarm The Descent2013
UnbrokenAs Daylight Dies2006
Unleashed (live)Live At The Palladium2022
Until The DayIncarnate2016
Us Against The WorldAtonement2019
Us Against The World (live)Live At The Palladium2022
Vide InfraKillswitch Engage2000
Vide InfraAlive Or Just Breathing2002
Vide Infra (live)Live At The Palladium2022
Wasted SacrificeThe End Of Heartache2004
We Carry OnIncarnate2016
When Darkness FallsThe End Of Heartache2004
Without A NameAlive Or Just Breathing2002
World AblazeThe End Of Heartache2004
You Don't Bleed For MeDisarm The Descent2013

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