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999Main Offender1992
AmnesiaCrosseyed Heart2015
Big EnoughTalk Is Cheap1988
Big EnoughVintage Vinos2010
Blues In The MorningCrosseyed Heart2015
BodytalksMain Offender1992
ConnectionVintage Vinos2010
Crosseyed HeartCrosseyed Heart2015
DemonMain Offender1992
EileenMain Offender1992
EileenVintage Vinos2010
Goodnight IreneCrosseyed Heart2015
HappyVintage Vinos2010
Hate It When You LeaveMain Offender1992
Hate It When You LeaveVintage Vinos2010
HeartstopperCrosseyed Heart2015
How I WishTalk Is Cheap1988
HurricaneVintage Vinos2010
I Could Have Stood You UpTalk Is Cheap1988
IllusionCrosseyed Heart2015
It Means A LotTalk Is Cheap1988
Just A GiftCrosseyed Heart2015
Locked AwayTalk Is Cheap1988
Locked AwayVintage Vinos2010
Love OverdueCrosseyed Heart2015
Lover's PleaCrosseyed Heart2015
Make No MistakeTalk Is Cheap1988
Make No MistakeVintage Vinos2010
Nothing On MeCrosseyed Heart2015
Robbed BlindCrosseyed Heart2015
RockawhileTalk Is Cheap1988
Runnin' Too DeepMain Offender1992
Something For NothingCrosseyed Heart2015
StruggleTalk Is Cheap1988
StruggleVintage Vinos2010
Substantial DamageCrosseyed Heart2015
SuspiciousCrosseyed Heart2015
Take It So HardTalk Is Cheap1988
Take It So HardVintage Vinos2010
Time Is On My SideVintage Vinos2010
Too RudeVintage Vinos2010
TroubleCrosseyed Heart2015
Whip It UpTalk Is Cheap1988
Wicked As It SeemsMain Offender1992
Wicked As It SeemsVintage Vinos2010
Will But You Won'tMain Offender1992
Words Of WonderMain Offender1992
Yap YapMain Offender1992
You Don't Move MeTalk Is Cheap1988
You Don't Move MeVintage Vinos2010

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