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A Glimpse Of HomeMonolith1979
All I WantedPower1986
All The WorldMasque1975
AndiDrastic Measures1983
Angels Have FallenMonolith1979
Animals On The RoofThe Absence Of Presence2020
Anything For YouAudio-Visions1980
Away From YouMonolith1979
Back DoorAudio-Visions1980
Bells Of Saint JamesIn The Spirit Of Things1988
Beware The Gnat (Hidden Track)Freaks Of Nature1995
Black Fathom 4Freaks Of Nature1995
BorderlineVinyl Confessions1982
Bringing It BackKansas1974
ByzantiumSomewhere To Elsewhere2000
CamouflageThe Prelude Implicit2016
Can I Tell YouKansas1974
Can I Tell YouMiracles Out Of Nowhere2015
Can't Cry AnymorePower1986
Carry On Wayward SonLeftoverture1976
Carry On Wayward SonThe Best Of Kansas1984
Carry On Wayward SonMiracles Out Of Nowhere2015
Carry On Wayward Son (live (edit))Leftoverture - Live And Beyond2017
Carry On Wayward Son (live)Point Of No Return - Live And Beyond2021
Carry On Wayward Son (live) (Bonus Track)Leftoverture1976
Chasing ShadowsVinyl Confessions1982
Cheyenne AnthemLeftoverture1976
Cheyenne AnthemAlways Never The Same1998
Cheyenne Anthem (live)Leftoverture - Live And Beyond2017
Cheyenne Anthem (live) (Bonus Track)Leftoverture1976
Child Of InnocenceMasque1975
Circus Of IllusionThe Absence Of Presence2020
Closet ChroniclesPoint Of Know Return1977
Closet Chronicles (Bonus Track)The Best Of Kansas1984
Closet Chronicles (live)Point Of No Return - Live And Beyond2021
Cold Grey MorningFreaks Of Nature1995
Cold Grey Morning (live)Point Of No Return - Live And Beyond2021
CrossfireVinyl Confessions1982
Crowded IsolationThe Prelude Implicit2016
Curtain Of IronAudio-Visions1980
Death Of Mother Nature SuiteKansas1974
Desperate TimesFreaks Of Nature1995
Diamonds And PearlsVinyl Confessions1982
Disappearing Skin Tight BluesSomewhere To Elsewhere2000
Distant VisionSomewhere To Elsewhere2000
Don't Open Your EyesAudio-Visions1980
Don't Take Your Love AwayDrastic Measures1983
Down The RoadSong For America1974
Down The RoadMiracles Out Of Nowhere2015
Dust In The WindPoint Of Know Return1977
Dust In The WindThe Best Of Kansas1984
Dust In The WindAlways Never The Same1998
Dust In The WindMiracles Out Of Nowhere2015
Dust In The Wind (live)Leftoverture - Live And Beyond2017
Dust In The Wind (live)Point Of No Return - Live And Beyond2021
Eleanor RigbyAlways Never The Same1998
End Of The AgeDrastic Measures1983
Everybody's My FriendDrastic Measures1983
Face ItVinyl Confessions1982
Fair ExchangeVinyl Confessions1982
Fight Fire With FireDrastic Measures1983
Fight Fire With FireThe Best Of Kansas1984
Finger Exercise (Dialogue)Miracles Out Of Nowhere2015
Freaks Of NatureFreaks Of Nature1995
Geodesic Dome (Hidden Track)Somewhere To Elsewhere2000
Get RichDrastic Measures1983
GhostsIn The Spirit Of Things1988
Going Through The MotionsDrastic Measures1983
Got To Rock OnAudio-Visions1980
Grand Fun AlleySomewhere To Elsewhere2000
Hold OnAudio-Visions1980
Hold OnThe Best Of Kansas1984
Hold OnAlways Never The Same1998
Hope Once AgainFreaks Of Nature1995
Hopelessly HumanPoint Of Know Return1977
Hopelessly Human (live)Point Of No Return - Live And Beyond2021
House On FireIn The Spirit Of Things1988
How My Soul Cries Out For YouMonolith1979
I Can FlyFreaks Of Nature1995
I Counted On LoveIn The Spirit Of Things1988
Icarus (Born On Wings Of Steel)Miracles Out Of Nowhere2015
Icarus (Borne On Wings Of Steel) (live)Leftoverture - Live And Beyond2017
Icarus - Borne On Wings Of SteelMasque1975
Icarus IISomewhere To Elsewhere2000
Icarus II (live)Leftoverture - Live And Beyond2017
In Your EyesAlways Never The Same1998
Incident On A BridgeDrastic Measures1983
Incomudro - Hymn To The AtmanSong For America1974
Inside Of MeIn The Spirit Of Things1988
Intro (Dialogue)Miracles Out Of Nowhere2015
It Takes A Woman's Love (To Make a Man)Masque1975
It's YouMasque1975
Jets OverheadThe Absence Of Presence2020
Journey From MariabronnKansas1974
Journey From MariabronnMiracles Out Of Nowhere2015
Journey From Mariabronn (live)Leftoverture - Live And Beyond2017
Kerry The SongwriterMiracles Out Of Nowhere2015
Lamplight SymphonySong For America1974
Lamplight Symphony (live)Leftoverture - Live And Beyond2017
Leftoverture (Dialogue)Miracles Out Of Nowhere2015
Lightning's HandPoint Of Know Return1977
Lightning's Hand (live)Point Of No Return - Live And Beyond2021
Lonely StreetSong For America1974
Lonely WindKansas1974
Lonely Wind (live)Point Of No Return - Live And Beyond2021
Look At The TimeSomewhere To Elsewhere2000
Magnum OpusLeftoverture1976
Magnum Opus (live)Leftoverture - Live And Beyond2017
MainstreamDrastic Measures1983
Masque (Dialogue)Miracles Out Of Nowhere2015
Memories Down The LineThe Absence Of Presence2020
Miracles Out Of NowhereLeftoverture1976
Miracles Out Of NowhereAlways Never The Same1998
Miracles Out Of NowhereMiracles Out Of Nowhere2015
Miracles Out Of Nowhere (live)Leftoverture - Live And Beyond2017
Miracles Out Of Nowhere (live)Point Of No Return - Live And Beyond2021
Musicatto (live)Point Of No Return - Live And Beyond2021
MyriadSomewhere To Elsewhere2000
Mysteries And MayhemMasque1975
NeedFreaks Of Nature1995
Need To KnowAlways Never The Same1998
NeverThe Absence Of Presence2020
No One TogetherAudio-Visions1980
No One TogetherThe Best Of Kansas1984
No Room For A StrangerAudio-Visions1980
Nobody's HomePoint Of Know Return1977
Nobody's HomeAlways Never The Same1998
Nobody's HomeMiracles Out Of Nowhere2015
Nobody's Home (live)Point Of No Return - Live And Beyond2021
Not Man BigSomewhere To Elsewhere2000
On The Other SideMonolith1979
Once In A LifetimeIn The Spirit Of Things1988
One Big SkyIn The Spirit Of Things1988
One Man, One HeartIn The Spirit Of Things1988
Opus InsertLeftoverture1976
Opus Insert (live)Leftoverture - Live And Beyond2017
ParadoxPoint Of Know Return1977
Paradox (live)Leftoverture - Live And Beyond2017
Paradox (live)Point Of No Return - Live And Beyond2021
Peaceful And WarmFreaks Of Nature1995
People Of The South WindMonolith1979
People Of The South Wind (live)Point Of No Return - Live And Beyond2021
Perfect LoverThe Best Of Kansas1984
Play OnVinyl Confessions1982
Play The Game TonightVinyl Confessions1982
Play The Game TonightThe Best Of Kansas1984
Point Of Know ReturnPoint Of Know Return1977
Point Of Know ReturnThe Best Of Kansas1984
Point Of Know ReturnMiracles Out Of Nowhere2015
Point Of Know Return (live)Leftoverture - Live And Beyond2017
Point Of Know Return (live)Point Of No Return - Live And Beyond2021
Portrait (He Knew)Point Of Know Return1977
Portrait (He Knew) (2002 Remix) (Bonus Track)Point Of Know Return1977
Portrait (He Knew) (live)Leftoverture - Live And Beyond2017
Portrait (He Knew) (live)Point Of No Return - Live And Beyond2021
PreambleAlways Never The Same1998
Prelude And IntroductionAlways Never The Same1998
Propulsion 1The Absence Of Presence2020
Questions Of My ChildhoodLeftoverture1976
Questions Of My Childhood (live)Leftoverture - Live And Beyond2017
RainmakerIn The Spirit Of Things1988
Reason To BeMonolith1979
RefugeeThe Prelude Implicit2016
Refugee (live)Point Of No Return - Live And Beyond2021
Rhythm In The SpiritThe Prelude Implicit2016
Rhythm In The Spirit (live)Leftoverture - Live And Beyond2017
Right AwayVinyl Confessions1982
Rock Concert (Dialogue)Miracles Out Of Nowhere2015
Secret ServicePower1986
Section 60The Prelude Implicit2016
Section 60 (live)Leftoverture - Live And Beyond2017
Silhouettes In DisguisePower1986
Song For AmericaSong For America1974
Song For AmericaThe Best Of Kansas1984
Song For AmericaAlways Never The Same1998
Song For AmericaMiracles Out Of Nowhere2015
Song For America (live)Point Of No Return - Live And Beyond2021
Sparks Of The TempestPoint Of Know Return1977
Sparks Of The Tempest (live)Point Of No Return - Live And Beyond2021
Sparks Of The Tempest (live) (Bonus Track)Point Of Know Return1977
Stand Beside MeIn The Spirit Of Things1988
Stay Out Of TroubleMonolith1979
SummerThe Prelude Implicit2016
Summer (live)Point Of No Return - Live And Beyond2021
T.O. WitcherIn The Spirit Of Things1988
Taking In The ViewPower1986
Taking In The View (live)Point Of No Return - Live And Beyond2021
The Absence Of PresenceThe Absence Of Presence2020
The Coming Dawn (Thanatopsis)Somewhere To Elsewhere2000
The Devil GameSong For America1974
The Devil Game (Bonus Track)The Best Of Kansas1984
The First Album (Dialogue)Miracles Out Of Nowhere2015
The Miracle (Dialogue)Miracles Out Of Nowhere2015
The PilgrimageKansas1974
The PilgrimageMiracles Out Of Nowhere2015
The PinnacleMasque1975
The PinnacleMiracles Out Of Nowhere2015
The Pinnacle (Bonus Track)The Best Of Kansas1984
The PreacherIn The Spirit Of Things1988
The Second Album (Dialogue)Miracles Out Of Nowhere2015
The Sky Is FallingAlways Never The Same1998
The Song The River SangThe Absence Of Presence2020
The SpiderPoint Of Know Return1977
The Spider (live)Point Of No Return - Live And Beyond2021
The Unsung HeroesThe Prelude Implicit2016
The Voyage Of Eight EighteenThe Prelude Implicit2016
The Voyage Of Eight Eighteen (live)Leftoverture - Live And Beyond2017
The WallLeftoverture1976
The WallThe Best Of Kansas1984
The WallAlways Never The Same1998
The WallMiracles Out Of Nowhere2015
The Wall (live)Leftoverture - Live And Beyond2017
The Wall (live)Point Of No Return - Live And Beyond2021
Three PretendersPower1986
Throwing MountainsThe Absence Of Presence2020
Time For A New Record (Dialogue)Miracles Out Of Nowhere2015
Tomb 19Power1986
Two Cents WorthMasque1975
Two Cents Worth (live)Point Of No Return - Live And Beyond2021
Under The KnifeFreaks Of Nature1995
Visibility ZeroThe Prelude Implicit2016
Wayward Son (Dialogue)Miracles Out Of Nowhere2015
We're Not Alone AnymorePower1986
What's On My MindLeftoverture1976
What's On My Mind (live)Leftoverture - Live And Beyond2017
When The World Was YoungSomewhere To Elsewhere2000
WindowsVinyl Confessions1982
With This HeartThe Prelude Implicit2016

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