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They Will Return2002
12 Gauge12 Gauge2010
Arise (Bonus Track)For The Revolution2008
Better Not To Tell12 Gauge2010
Bird Of Ill OmenSwampsong2003
Bitter Metallic SideThe Black Waltz2006
Black Marten's TraceSeventh Swamphony2013
Black RoijaSwamplord2000
Bullets Are Blind12 Gauge2010
Burbot's RevengeSwampsong2003
Cloned InsanitySwampsong2003
CowardFor The Revolution2008
Dance Of The WaterSwamplord2000
Dead Man's ShadowFor The Revolution2008
DeadfallSeventh Swamphony2013
DefeatThe Black Waltz2006
Doubtful About It AllSwampsong2003
Evil In YouSwamplord2000
For The RevolutionFor The Revolution2008
Godeye12 Gauge2010
Heritance Of BerijaSwamplord2000
Heroes To UsSwampsong2003
HolloSeventh Swamphony2013
Hollow HeartThey Will Return2002
Holy Symphony Of WarFor The Revolution2008
Hook The Monster12 Gauge2010
Human FatesThey Will Return2002
Kill The IdealistThey Will Return2002
Like A SlaveFor The Revolution2008
Man Of The KingThe Black Waltz2006
Man With MysterySwampsong2003
MindrustThe Black Waltz2006
Moon Of My NightsSwampsong2003
My NationThey Will Return2002
One From The StandsThe Black Waltz2006
One Of Fail12 Gauge2010
OutremerFor The Revolution2008
PikemasterSeventh Swamphony2013
Principle HeroThey Will Return2002
Ready For SalvationFor The Revolution2008
Rust Never Sleeps12 Gauge2010
Sacramentum12 Gauge2010
Seventh SwamphonySeventh Swamphony2013
Skin O' My TeethThey Will Return2002
Suodeth (Bonus Track)Swampsong2003
Svieri DorogaThe Black Waltz2006
SwamphellThey Will Return2002
Swampwar12 Gauge2010
The Black WaltzThe Black Waltz2006
The Blind LeaderThey Will Return2002
The Blind Leader (Bonus Track)Swamplord2000
The Groan Of WindThe Black Waltz2006
The Third, The MagicalSwampsong2003
The TrapperSeventh Swamphony2013
They Will ReturnThey Will Return2002
This Mortal Coil (Bonus Track)The Black Waltz2006
Time Takes Us AllThe Black Waltz2006
To The GallowsThe Black Waltz2006
Towards The SkyFor The Revolution2008
Using The WordSwamplord2000
Vezi Doroga (Bonus Track)Swamplord2000
Windlake TaleSeventh Swamphony2013
Wings Of BlackeningFor The Revolution2008
With Terminal IntensityThe Black Waltz2006
Withering AwaySwamplord2000
Wolves On The ThroneSeventh Swamphony2013

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