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A LifeBeyond2000
Act Natural (live)Trios Live2014
AdagioWalking Shadows2013
AfterPassage Of Time2001
After Minneapolis (Face Toward Mo[u]rning)Where Are We2023
AlabamaWhere Are We2023
Alabama (Intro)Where Are We2023
Alone In The MorningMoodSwing1994
Always August (live)Nearness2016
As This Moment Slips AwayThe Bad Plus Joshua Redman2015
Back EastBlack East2007
BaltimoreWhere Are We2023
Beauty Has It HardThe Bad Plus Joshua Redman2015
BeforePassage Of Time2001
Belonging (Lopsided Lullaby)Beyond2000
Blowing ChangesMomentum2005
Blues For CharlieStill Dreaming2018
Blues For Pat (live)Wish1993
Blues On SundayJoshua Redman1993
Blues On Sunday (live)Captured Live!1994
Body And SoulJoshua Redman1993
Boogielas TicElastic2002
BronzePassage Of Time2001
By The Time I Get To PhoenixWhere Are We2023
Can A Good Thing Last ForeverElastic2002
Can't DanceFreedom In The Groove1996
Cat BattlesFreedom In The Groove1996
Chicago BluesWhere Are We2023
Circle Of LifeCome What May2019
Come What MayCome What May2019
Comme Il FautStill Dreaming2018
Count Me Out (live)Spirit Of The Moment - Live At The Village Vanguard1995
County SeatThe Bad Plus Joshua Redman2015
Courage (Asymmetric Aria)Beyond2000
Dare I AskFreedom In The Groove1996
DGAFCome What May2019
Dialogue (live)Spirit Of The Moment - Live At The Village Vanguard1995
Dirty BlondeThe Bad Plus Joshua Redman2015
Disco EarsLonggone2022
Do You Know What It Means To Miss New OrleansWhere Are We2023
Doll Is MineWalking Shadows2013
Double JeopardyMomentum2005
East Of The Sun (And West Of The Sun)Black East2007
Easy LivingWalking Shadows2013
EchoesJoshua Redman1993
Eleanor RigbyTimeless Tales (For Changing Times)1998
Enemies WithinPassage Of Time2001
Faith Through ErrorThe Bad Plus Joshua Redman2015
Final HourWalking Shadows2013
Floppy DissRoundAgain2020
Free Speech - DeclarationPassage Of Time2001
Free Speech - DiscussionPassage Of Time2001
Friend Or FoeThe Bad Plus Joshua Redman2015
GJBlack East2007
Greasy GMomentum2005
Groove X (By Any Means Necessary)Joshua Redman1993
Haze And AspirationsStill Dreaming2018
Headin' HomeMoodSwing1994
Herbs And Roots (live)Spirit Of The Moment - Live At The Village Vanguard1995
Hide And SeekFreedom In The Groove1996
Home FriesFreedom In The Groove1996
How Come U Don't Call Me AnymoreTimeless Tales (For Changing Times)1998
How Deep Is The OceanTimeless Tales (For Changing Times)1998
How We DoCome What May2019
Hutchhiker's GuideCompass2009
I Got You (I Feel Good)Joshua Redman1993
I Had A KingTimeless Tales (For Changing Times)1998
I'll Go MineCome What May2019
I'm An Old CowhandBlack East2007
Identity ThiefCompass2009
In Walked Bud (live)Nearness2016
IndiaBlack East2007
Indian SongBlack East2007
IndonesiaBlack East2007
Infant EyesWalking Shadows2013
Interlude 1Timeless Tales (For Changing Times)1998
Interlude 2Timeless Tales (For Changing Times)1998
Interlude 3Timeless Tales (For Changing Times)1998
Interlude 4Timeless Tales (For Changing Times)1998
Interlude 5Timeless Tales (For Changing Times)1998
Interlude 6Timeless Tales (For Changing Times)1998
Interlude 7Timeless Tales (For Changing Times)1998
InvocationFreedom In The Groove1996
It Might As Well Be SpringTimeless Tales (For Changing Times)1998
It's Not The SameStill Dreaming2018
Jazz CrimesElastic2002
Jig-A-Jug (live)Spirit Of The Moment - Live At The Village Vanguard1995
Just A MomentMomentum2005
Just In Time (live)Spirit Of The Moment - Live At The Village Vanguard1995
Just Like YouCompass2009
Kite SongLonggone2022
Lack The Faith But Not The WineThe Bad Plus Joshua Redman2015
Last Glimpse Of GothamWalking Shadows2013
Last Rites Of Rock'n' RollBeyond2000
Leap Of FaithBeyond2000
Let It BeWalking Shadows2013
Let Me Down EasyWalking Shadows2013
Letting GoElastic2002
Little DittyCompass2009
Lonely WomanMomentum2005
Long GoneLonggone2022
Love For SaleTimeless Tales (For Changing Times)1998
Lush LifeWalking Shadows2013
Lyric (live)Spirit Of The Moment - Live At The Village Vanguard1995
Mack The Knife (live)Trios Live2014
Make Sure You're SureWish1993
ManhattanWhere Are We2023
Mantra #5Black East2007
Mantra #5 (live)Trios Live2014
Mehlsancholy Mode (live)Nearness2016
Moe HonkRoundAgain2020
Molten SoulElastic2002
Moose The MoocheWish1993
Mt. Zion (live)Spirit Of The Moment - Live At The Village Vanguard1995
My Heart In San Francisco (Holiday)Where Are We2023
My One And Only Love (live)Spirit Of The Moment - Live At The Village Vanguard1995
Never Let Me Go (live)Trios Live2014
Neverend (live)Spirit Of The Moment - Live At The Village Vanguard1995
New YearStill Dreaming2018
News From The FrontElastic2002
Old West (live)Nearness2016
On The Sunny Side Of The StreetJoshua Redman1993
One Shining SoulFreedom In The Groove1996
Ornithology (live)Nearness2016
Our MinuetPassage Of Time2001
PantomimeFreedom In The Groove1996
Past In The PresentMoodSwing1994
PlayingStill Dreaming2018
Put It In Your PocketMomentum2005
Remember (live)Spirit Of The Moment - Live At The Village Vanguard1995
Right Back Round AgainRoundAgain2020
Round ReubenCompass2009
Salt PeanutsJoshua Redman1993
Second Snow (live)Spirit Of The Moment - Live At The Village Vanguard1995
Ship To ShoreLonggone2022
Shut Your MouthMomentum2005
Silence Is The QuestionThe Bad Plus Joshua Redman2015
Silly Little Love SongRoundAgain2020
Slapstick (live)Spirit Of The Moment - Live At The Village Vanguard1995
Soul DanceWish1993
Soul Dance (live)Trios Live2014
St. Thomas (live)Spirit Of The Moment - Live At The Village Vanguard1995
Stagger BearCome What May2019
Star DustWalking Shadows2013
Stars Fell On AlabamaWhere Are We2023
Still Pushin' That RockElastic2002
Stoic RevolutionsBeyond2000
Stop This TrainWalking Shadows2013
Streams Of ConsciousnessFreedom In The Groove1996
Streets Of PhiladelphiaWhere Are We2023
SublimationJoshua Redman1993
SummertimeTimeless Tales (For Changing Times)1998
Suspended EmanationsBeyond2000
Sweet NastyMomentum2005
Sweet SorrowMoodSwing1994
Sweet Sorrow (live)Captured Live!1994
Tears In HeavenWish1993
That's New EnglandWhere Are We2023
The Birthday SongElastic2002
The CrungeMomentum2005
The Deserving ManyWish1993
The Deserving Many (live)Captured Live!1994
The Folks Who Live On The HillWalking Shadows2013
The Long Way HomeElastic2002
The MendingThe Bad Plus Joshua Redman2015
The Nearness Of You (live)Nearness2016
The Ocean (live)Trios Live2014
The Oneness Of Two (In Three)MoodSwing1994
The RestStill Dreaming2018
The Surrey With The Fringe On TopBlack East2007
The Times, They Are A-Changin'Timeless Tales (For Changing Times)1998
Through The ValleyCompass2009
TimePassage Of Time2001
TribalismJoshua Redman1993
Trinkle TinkleJoshua Redman1993
Trinkle, Tinkle (live)Trios Live2014
Twilight... And BeyondBeyond2000
Un Peu FouCompass2009
UnanimityStill Dreaming2018
VastCome What May2019
VisionsTimeless Tales (For Changing Times)1998
Wagon WheelsBlack East2007
Wait No Longer (live)Spirit Of The Moment - Live At The Village Vanguard1995
We Had A SisterWish1993
When The Sun Comes DownFreedom In The Groove1996
Where Are YouWhere Are We2023
WishJoshua Redman1993
Wish (live)Wish1993
YesterdaysTimeless Tales (For Changing Times)1998
Your Part To PlayRoundAgain2020
ZarafahBlack East2007

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