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A Thousand Cuts (Symphonic Version)Symphonic2013
Abyss Of EvilStarfire2000
Abyss Of EvilThe Gathering2007
After The DyingThe Duke2006
Are You ReadyThe Duke2006
Are You Ready (live)Live In America!2007
Bad AttitudeHeavy Rock Radio II - Executing The Classics2020
Behind The ClownOut To Every Nation2004
Behind The Clown (Symphonic Version)Symphonic2013
BelieverOver The Horizon Radar2022
BelowSpirit Black2009
Big (Bonus Track)Out To Every Nation2004
Big (Bonus Track)The Gathering2007
Black Morning (Symphonic Version)Symphonic2013
Black PhoenixOver The Horizon Radar2022
BlackbirdsLife On Death Road2017
BlacksongThe Duke2006
Blacksong (live)Live In America!2007
Blacksong (live)Live On Death Road2019
Bless The ChildWorldchanger2001
Break It UpStarfire2000
Bridges Will BurnWorldchanger2001
Bridges Will BurnThe Gathering2007
Bring Heavy Rock To The Land (live)Live On Death Road2019
BurnUnlocking The Past2007
Burn Your FlameSpirit Black2009
Burn Your Flame (Symphonic Version)Symphonic2013
Burning ChainsThe Duke2006
Cancer DemonTraveller2013
Carry The BlackTraveller2013
ChristineThe Gathering2007
City InbetweenSpirit Black2009
Cold SweatUnlocking The Past2007
Cold Sweat (live)Live In America!2007
Dead LondonOver The Horizon Radar2022
Devil You Can DriveLife On Death Road2017
Devilbird (live)Live In America!2007
Die YoungHeavy Rock Radio2016
Don't Stop Believin'Heavy Rock Radio2016
DreamwalkerLife On Death Road2017
Drum Solo (live)Live In America!2007
Duke Of LoveThe Duke2006
Duke Of Love (live)Live In America!2007
Edge Of The BladeStarfire2000
End Comes EasyStarfire2000
End Of TimeThe Duke2006
Faith Bloody Faith (Extended Album Version)Over The Horizon Radar2022
Feel Like Making LoveUnlocking The Past2007
Fire To The SunLife On Death Road2017
Fool For Your LovingUnlocking The Past2007
Forever YoursStarfire2000
Gate Of TearsStarfire2000
Gate Of TearsThe Gathering2007
Glow In The DarkWorldchanger2001
Godless And Wicked (live)Live In America!2007
Gonna Find The SunThe Gathering2007
Gonna Find The Sun (live)Live In America!2007
Guitar Solo (live)Live In America!2007
Hammered To The Cross (The Business)Life On Death Road2017
HellfireLonely Are The Brave2008
Hotel CaliforniaHeavy Rock Radio2016
HourglassThe Gathering2007
House Of CardsWorldchanger2001
House Of CardsThe Gathering2007
I Came To Rock (Symphonic Version)Symphonic2013
I Do Believe In YouHeavy Rock Radio II - Executing The Classics2020
I Know There's Something Going OnHeavy Rock Radio2016
I Walk AloneSpirit Black2009
I Walked AwayLife On Death Road2017
In The DirtOver The Horizon Radar2022
Insoluble Maze (Dreams In The Blindness)Life On Death Road2017
Just The SameStarfire2000
Kill The KingUnlocking The Past2007
Killer QueenHeavy Rock Radio2016
Legend ManTraveller2013
Life On Death RoadLife On Death Road2017
Life On Death Road (live)Live On Death Road2019
Like Stone In Water (Bonus Track)Lonely Are The Brave2008
Like Stone In Water (Symphonic Version)Symphonic2013
Live To WinHeavy Rock Radio2016
Living With WolvesOut To Every Nation2004
Lonely Are The BraveLonely Are The Brave2008
Lonely Are The Brave (live)Live On Death Road2019
Lonely Is The Word - Letters From EarthUnlocking The Past2007
Lonely Is The Word - Letters From Earth (live)Live In America!2007
Lonely NightsHeavy Rock Radio II - Executing The Classics2020
LoveHeavy Rock Radio II - Executing The Classics2020
Love Is The RemedyLife On Death Road2017
Make Your Engine ScreamTraveller2013
Man Of The 80'sLife On Death Road2017
Man Of The DarkLonely Are The Brave2008
Man Of The Dark (Symphonic Version)Symphonic2013
Midnight MadnessThe Duke2006
My Own WayThe Gathering2007
My Road (live)Live On Death Road2019
My Road (Symphonic Version)Symphonic2013
My Rock And RollOver The Horizon Radar2022
MysteryHeavy Rock Radio II - Executing The Classics2020
Naked CityUnlocking The Past2007
Needles And PinsHeavy Rock Radio II - Executing The Classics2020
New York MinuteHeavy Rock Radio II - Executing The Classics2020
Night CityLonely Are The Brave2008
NightlifeHeavy Rock Radio II - Executing The Classics2020
Ode To The Black NightshadeOver The Horizon Radar2022
On And OnUnlocking The Past2007
One Day We Will Put Out The SunOut To Every Nation2004
One Day We Will Put Out The SunThe Gathering2007
One Man WarOver The Horizon Radar2022
Out To Every NationOut To Every Nation2004
Out To Every Nation (live)Live In America!2007
Out To Every Nation (live)Live In America!2007
Out To Every Nation (live)Live On Death Road2019
Over The Horizon RadarOver The Horizon Radar2022
Perfect StrangersUnlocking The Past2007
Perfect Strangers (live)Live In America!2007
PromisesLonely Are The Brave2008
Quinn The Eskimo (The Mighty Quinn)Heavy Rock Radio II - Executing The Classics2020
Rainbow In The DarkHeavy Rock Radio2016
Rainbow In The Dark (live)Live On Death Road2019
Rev OnTraveller2013
Rev On The Red LineHeavy Rock Radio2016
Ride Like The Wind (live)Live On Death Road2019
Road Of The CrossSpirit Black2009
Rock And Roll AngelSpirit Black2009
Rock And Roll Angel (live)Live On Death Road2019
Rock And Roll Children (Symphonic Version)Symphonic2013
Rock SpiritOut To Every Nation2004
Running Up That HillHeavy Rock Radio2016
Sacrificial FeelingsLive In America!2007
Shadow PeopleLonely Are The Brave2008
Shot In The Dark (live)Live On Death Road2019
Something RealOut To Every Nation2004
Something RealThe Gathering2007
Soul Of The WindLonely Are The Brave2008
Soulburn (live)Live In America!2007
Special EditionOver The Horizon Radar2022
Spirit BlackSpirit Black2009
StarfireThe Duke2006
StormbringerHeavy Rock Radio2016
Stormbringer (Bonus Track)Lonely Are The Brave2008
StormcrowThe Duke2006
Stormcrow (live)Live On Death Road2019
Straight Through The Heart (live)Live In America!2007
Sunset StationWorldchanger2001
Sunset StationThe Gathering2007
Sunset Station (live)Live On Death Road2019
The Day The Earth Caught FireStarfire2000
The Day The Earth Caught FireUnlocking The Past2007
The Final FrontierHeavy Rock Radio2016
The Inner RoadLonely Are The Brave2008
The Last RevolutionSpirit Black2009
The Man Who Was KingTraveller2013
The Mob Rules (live)Live On Death Road2019
The Mob Rules (Symphonic Version)Symphonic2013
The OptimistLife On Death Road2017
The Rhythm Of The HeatHeavy Rock Radio II - Executing The Classics2020
The Slippery Slope (Hangman's Rope)Life On Death Road2017
The Sun Goes DownSpirit Black2009
The Whitesnake Medley: Come On - Sweet Talker - Crying In The Rain - Here I Go Again - Give Me All Your Love (live)Live In America!2007
The World I See (Symphonic Version)Symphonic2013
Through Day And NightOut To Every Nation2004
Time To Be King (Symphonic Version)Symphonic2013
Traveller (live)Live On Death Road2019
Tungur KnivurWorldchanger2001
Tungur KnivurThe Gathering2007
Vision EyesOut To Every Nation2004
Vision Eyes (Symphonic Version)Symphonic2013
Walking On Water (live)Live On Death Road2019
War Of The WorldLonely Are The Brave2008
War Of The World (Symphonic Version)Symphonic2013
We Brought The Angels DownThe Duke2006
We Brought The Angels Down (live)Live In America!2007
When Angel Wings Were WhiteOut To Every Nation2004
Where The Winds BlowThe Gathering2007
Window MakerTraveller2013
Winds Of HomeOver The Horizon Radar2022
WinningHeavy Rock Radio II - Executing The Classics2020
World Gone MadSpirit Black2009
World Gone Mad (live)Live On Death Road2019
WorldchangerThe Gathering2007
You're The VoiceHeavy Rock Radio2016
Young ForeverOut To Every Nation2004
Young ForeverThe Gathering2007

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