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5 A.M.The Year Of The Leopard2006
6:30 Is Just Way Too EarlyMoving Up Country2002
A Forestful Of RoguesThe Great White Sea Eagle2023
A Hollow Skeleton Lifts A Heavy WingThe Great White Sea Eagle2023
A Man With My SkillsRoaring The Gospel2007
A Short BluesI Was A Cat In A Book2012
A Sweetness In YouThe Great White Sea Eagle2023
An Upturned CrabThe Great White Sea Eagle2023
Are You Coming Home TonightRoaring The Gospel2007
B's JigWhen The Haar Rolls In2008
Banjo #1Just Beyond The River2004
Banjo #2Just Beyond The River2004
Blue Bleezin' Blind DrunkRoaring The Gospel2007
Blue MadonnasRoaring The Gospel2007
Border SongI Was A Cat In A Book2012
Camels Swapped For WivesFolk Songs2009
CatchI Was A Cat In A Book2012
Cheating The GameMoving Up Country2002
Coast On ByFolk Songs2009
Curtain CraftFolk Songs2009
Don't Let Me DownThe Year Of The Leopard2006
EdwardJust Beyond The River2004
Fell An OxFolk Songs2009
HermitageJust Beyond The River2004
HeronJust Beyond The River2004
Hold Out For LoveThe Great White Sea Eagle2023
HotelJust Beyond The River2004
I AwokeThe Year Of The Leopard2006
I Can Take All ThisI Was A Cat In A Book2012
I Know My LoveMoving Up Country2002
I Spy DogsMoving Up Country2002
In Your HandsMoving Up Country2002
Just As ScaredI Was A Cat In A Book2012
Kath With RhodesI Was A Cat In A Book2012
Keeping Up With The Grandchildren, YeahThe Great White Sea Eagle2023
La MagnificaRoaring The Gospel2007
MaryThe Great White Sea Eagle2023
Midnight FeastWhen The Haar Rolls In2008
Moving Up Country, Roaring The GospelMoving Up Country2002
Moving Up Country, Roaring The GospelRoaring The Gospel2007
No One Had It BetterFolk Songs2009
No Way She ExistsFolk Songs2009
Nothing Rings TrueFolk Songs2009
Orgiva SongThe Year Of The Leopard2006
Pieter Paulo Van Ver HeydenThe Great White Sea Eagle2023
Queen Of SpainWhen The Haar Rolls In2008
RimsFolk Songs2009
Sam And Jeanie McGregorThe Great White Sea Eagle2023
Saw Circular ProwessFolk Songs2009
Seven StreamsRoaring The Gospel2007
ShipwreckersJust Beyond The River2004
Sleep Is The JewelRoaring The Gospel2007
Someplace SimpleRoaring The Gospel2007
Sometimes The Act Of Giving LoveI Was A Cat In A Book2012
Song To The SirenRoaring The Gospel2007
Spanish AntsI Was A Cat In A Book2012
St. PatrickMoving Up Country2002
Steady As She GoesThe Year Of The Leopard2006
Summer SongThe Year Of The Leopard2006
Summer's Not The Same Without YouWhen The Haar Rolls In2008
Surf SongJust Beyond The River2004
Sweet JesusMoving Up Country2002
TemptationWhen The Haar Rolls In2008
Tender To The BluesMoving Up Country2002
The Brussels RamblerThe Year Of The Leopard2006
The Capture Of The HorseWhen The Haar Rolls In2008
The Fire And The FlamesI Was A Cat In A Book2012
The Great White Sea EagleThe Great White Sea Eagle2023
The HarmonyThe Great White Sea Eagle2023
The Heavy Lyric PoliceThe Great White Sea Eagle2023
The Hills And The HeathRoaring The Gospel2007
The Lang TounRoaring The Gospel2007
The Patience SongMoving Up Country2002
The Snow It Melts The SoonestJust Beyond The River2004
The Year Of The LeopardThe Year Of The Leopard2006
This Line SaysI Was A Cat In A Book2012
This Time TomorrowJust Beyond The River2004
Tortoise Regrets HareWhen The Haar Rolls In2008
TwoI Was A Cat In A Book2012
Two Frocks At A WeddingFolk Songs2009
Us Late TravellersThe Year Of The Leopard2006
We Flew BlindJust Beyond The River2004
When The Haar Rolls InWhen The Haar Rolls In2008
Woozy With CiderThe Year Of The Leopard2006
Would You Have Me Born With Wooden EyesWhen The Haar Rolls In2008

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