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AgonyImpermanent Resonance2013
AloneElements Of Persuasion2005
Am I RightBeautiful Shade Of Grey2022
AmnesiaImpermanent Resonance2013
Back On The GroundImpermanent Resonance2013
Coming HomeStatic Impulse2010
Conscience CallingBeautiful Shade Of Grey2022
CrucifyElements Of Persuasion2005
Destined To BurnImpermanent Resonance2013
Devil In DragBeautiful Shade Of Grey2022
Devil In Drag (Electric Version)Beautiful Shade Of Grey2022
DrainedElements Of Persuasion2005
EuphoricStatic Impulse2010
FreaksElements Of Persuasion2005
Give And TakeBeautiful Shade Of Grey2022
Hit Me Like A BrickBeautiful Shade Of Grey2022
Holding OnImpermanent Resonance2013
I Got YouImpermanent Resonance2013
I Need YouStatic Impulse2010
I TriedStatic Impulse2010
I Will Not BreakImpermanent Resonance2013
In Too DeepElements Of Persuasion2005
InvisibleElements Of Persuasion2005
Jekyll Or HydeStatic Impulse2010
Just Watch MeStatic Impulse2010
Letting GoImpermanent Resonance2013
LostElements Of Persuasion2005
Lost In The FireImpermanent Resonance2013
MisleadStatic Impulse2010
ObliviousElements Of Persuasion2005
One More TimeStatic Impulse2010
Over The EdgeStatic Impulse2010
PretenderElements Of Persuasion2005
Ramble OnBeautiful Shade Of Grey2022
Say You're Still MineImpermanent Resonance2013
Slight Of HandImpermanent Resonance2013
Slightly Out Of ReachElements Of Persuasion2005
SmashedElements Of Persuasion2005
Sunset RuinBeautiful Shade Of Grey2022
SuperNova GirlBeautiful Shade Of Grey2022
SuperstarStatic Impulse2010
This Is WarStatic Impulse2010
UndecidedElements Of Persuasion2005
UndertowImpermanent Resonance2013
What I MissedBeautiful Shade Of Grey2022
Who You Think I AmStatic Impulse2010
WildflowerBeautiful Shade Of Grey2022

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