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AchillesCasting The Stones2004
All Things RenewedMechanized Warfare2001
Banquo's Final RestThane To The Throne2000
Battered And BruisedCasting The Stones2004
BlackThe Fourth Judgement1997
BlacklistThe Deviant Chord2017
Bloody CrimeThane To The Throne2000
Born Of The FlameThe Deviant Chord2017
Bound As OneThe Hallowed2023
Bringing On The EndThe Scourge Of Light2011
BurnThe Scourge Of Light2011
Burning HeartThe Age Of Mastery1998
Burning HeartChain Of Command2004
Call Of The WildThe Fourth Judgement1997
Call To ArmsThe Scourge Of Light2011
Cardiac ArrestAmple Destruction1984
Chain Of CommandThe Age Of Mastery1998
Chain Of CommandChain Of Command2004
Choir Of TearsMechanized Warfare2001
ColdCasting The Stones2004
Cold Is The Blade (And The Heart That Wields It)Mechanized Warfare2001
Condemned To FightThe Scourge Of Light2011
CyclesThe Scourge Of Light2011
DareThe Deviant Chord2017
Dark DescentThe Hallowed2023
DespairThe Fourth Judgement1997
DisplacementThe Age Of Mastery1998
Divine InterventionThe Deviant Chord2017
Dream ThemeChain Of Command2004
Edge Of A KnifeThe Hallowed2023
Edge Of BlindnessDissident Alliance1994
Eve Of PenanceDissident Alliance1994
Face Of FearThane To The Throne2000
Fall Of DunsinaneThane To The Throne2000
False MessiahThe Age Of Mastery1998
Far Beyond All FearThe Deviant Chord2017
Fate's TriumphThane To The Throne2000
Feast Or FamineCasting The Stones2004
Fire Of Our SpiritThe Deviant Chord2017
Foggy DewThe Deviant Chord2017
Forsaken ChildDissident Alliance1994
Frozen In FearMechanized Warfare2001
Future ShockThe Fourth Judgement1997
Gavotte In DChain Of Command2004
Generally HostileAmple Destruction1984
GMV 407Dissident Alliance1994
Harder Than SteelAmple Destruction1984
Hell To PayThane To The Throne2000
Hidden In My EyesMechanized Warfare2001
In A Gadda Da VidaChain Of Command2004
Insanity's MindThane To The Throne2000
Iron EagleThe Age Of Mastery1998
Jeffrey - Behind The GateDissident Alliance1994
Judgement DayThe Fourth Judgement1997
King At A PriceThane To The Throne2000
Last Dying BreathDissident Alliance1994
Last RitesThe Hallowed2023
Legion ImmortalCasting The Stones2004
Let It OutThe Scourge Of Light2011
Licenced To KillAmple Destruction1984
Long Awaited KissThe Deviant Chord2017
Lustful And FreeThe Age Of Mastery1998
Never SurrenderChain Of Command2004
Onward We ToilThe Hallowed2023
OverlordThe Scourge Of Light2011
Power SurgeMechanized Warfare2001
PrecipiceCasting The Stones2004
PreludeChain Of Command2004
Prey!The Hallowed2023
Psycho Next DoorDissident Alliance1994
Ready To StrikeThe Fourth Judgement1997
RecompenseThe Fourth Judgement1997
Reign Of The TyrantsAmple Destruction1984
Renewed FlameThe Hallowed2023
Requiem For Lady MacbethThane To The Throne2000
Ride Through The StormChain Of Command2004
Salacious BehaviorThe Deviant Chord2017
Shadow ThiefThe Fourth Judgement1997
Shadow ThiefChain Of Command2004
She WaitsChain Of Command2004
Sonnet Of SorrowThe Fourth Judgement1997
Spectres Of The PastThane To The Throne2000
Spirit SuicideDissident Alliance1994
Starlight's FuryCasting The Stones2004
Stronger Than You KnowThe Hallowed2023
Sworn To SilenceThe Age Of Mastery1998
Sworn To SilenceChain Of Command2004
Symphony Of TerrorAmple Destruction1984
Take This Pain AwayThe Age Of Mastery1998
Take To The SkyMechanized Warfare2001
TempestCasting The Stones2004
Thane Of CawdorThane To The Throne2000
The Age Of MasteryThe Age Of Mastery1998
The Book Of KellsThe Scourge Of Light2011
The ChurchDissident Alliance1994
The ClownDissident Alliance1994
The CrucifixAmple Destruction1984
The Deviant ChordThe Deviant Chord2017
The Downward FallThane To The Throne2000
The HarkeningCasting The Stones2004
The Mission (1943)Casting The Stones2004
The MoorsThe Age Of Mastery1998
The PremonitionsThane To The Throne2000
The Prophecies (Fugue In D Minor)Thane To The Throne2000
The Scarlet LetterMechanized Warfare2001
The Setting Of The SunThe Scourge Of Light2011
The SilentMechanized Warfare2001
The WatchingAmple Destruction1984
Three Voices Of FateThane To The Throne2000
Ties That BindThe Hallowed2023
Tragedy Of MacbethThane To The Throne2000
Treachery's StainThane To The Throne2000
Twilight YearsThe Age Of Mastery1998
TyrannyThe Fourth Judgement1997
UnionThe Scourge Of Light2011
UnworthyMechanized Warfare2001
VigilantCasting The Stones2004
ViperThe Age Of Mastery1998
WarfareAmple Destruction1984
Weather The StormThe Hallowed2023
Whisped GodDissident Alliance1994

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