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21 YearsHeart To Believe2005
Against The WallHeart To Believe2005
Ain't My Business (live)Fuck-Ups... Live!2003
And I?ll Walk AwayTime To Ignite2007
And Now We StoppedSix2015
Another Song The DJ?s HateDead Serious2009
As Long As I Got ChordsDead Serious2009
Away From HereLights Out London2011
Back To '82Heart To Believe2005
Better Off AloneTime To Ignite2007
Big ShotTime To Ignite2007
BreathingTime To Ignite2007
By The WayPorts And Chords2013
Crazy EyesDead Serious2009
Dancing In The SunSix2015
Destination InsideHeart To Believe2005
Diary (live)Fuck-Ups... Live!2003
Down, Down, DownLights Out London2011
DrogenfrauDead Serious2009
Drop The BombTime To Ignite2007
Drop The Bomb (live)Fuck-Ups... Live!2003
Dying For A Six-StringPorts And Chords2013
Faked Identity (live)Fuck-Ups... Live!2003
Final BreakdownHeart To Believe2005
Get Up Get DownPorts And Chords2013
Give It A TryHeart To Believe2005
Gone Gone Gone (live)Fuck-Ups... Live!2003
Grip It TighterSix2015
Hate IncHeart To Believe2005
How's The Weather Back HomeLights Out London2011
I BelievePorts And Chords2013
I Gotta Get AwaySix2015
I Want To Gain Control Over My Penis (live)Fuck-Ups... Live!2003
I Will Always Go On Missing YouHeart To Believe2005
Independent (live)Fuck-Ups... Live!2003
Intro (live)Fuck-Ups... Live!2003
Is It OnLights Out London2011
It's Definitely Gonna Be Great, HopefullyLights Out London2011
It's TrickyLights Out London2011
KanteTime To Ignite2007
Kings And QueensSix2015
Last GoodbyeDead Serious2009
Learn To DrownDead Serious2009
LeftrightwrongTime To Ignite2007
Like ItDead Serious2009
Lyrically HappyHeart To Believe2005
Me On MondayHeart To Believe2005
Meant To BeSix2015
Mute SomebodyLights Out London2011
Never Be The Same (The Sane)Dead Serious2009
Never Say DieSix2015
One Day (live)Fuck-Ups... Live!2003
Only Rock'n' Roll (live)Fuck-Ups... Live!2003
Out ThereSix2015
PersonalityTime To Ignite2007
Please Don'tHeart To Believe2005
Pretty MeDead Serious2009
Said You'd Be ThereHeart To Believe2005
Say HelloDead Serious2009
Say NoHeart To Believe2005
She SaidPorts And Chords2013
She's Gonna Get ItSix2015
Silence Is Killing MeTime To Ignite2007
Stuck In A DazeDead Serious2009
T.T: HurricaneLights Out London2011
Take Me BackTime To Ignite2007
Take My Hand And Keep RunningPorts And Chords2013
The EnemyLights Out London2011
The Flavor Of The NightTime To Ignite2007
The FuturePorts And Chords2013
The LivingDead Serious2009
The LotteryDead Serious2009
The Perfect Hate (live)Fuck-Ups... Live!2003
The Pirate SongPorts And Chords2013
The Weed-Song (live)Fuck-Ups... Live!2003
The Weight Of The Water (+ Christoph von Freydorf)Six2015
Things I Would Love To Have SaidPorts And Chords2013
Though Shalt Not Be SlowPorts And Chords2013
Through The WindowHeart To Believe2005
TonightPorts And Chords2013
Trusty FriendSix2015
Try Try TryTime To Ignite2007
Try Try Try (live)Fuck-Ups... Live!2003
Waiting For The WavesDead Serious2009
Watch Us Come UndoneLights Out London2011
We Say SoPorts And Chords2013
Where I Wanna BePorts And Chords2013
Where Is The HappinessLights Out London2011
Why Still BotherLights Out London2011
With Heads Held HighPorts And Chords2013
Yesterday NightHeart To Believe2005
You Don?t Bring Me DownTime To Ignite2007

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