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1975Transatlantic R.P.M.2010
A Shade Of BlueBeneath The Surface1996
Above The NightSurreal2012
Absent In Spring (+ Roberta Gentile)Tomorrow's New Dream2019
After The Beat Is Gone (+ James Berkeley)Tomorrow's New Dream2019
After The Fall100 Degree And Rising1995
Ain't It TimeSurreal2012
All For You (+ Maysa)Tomorrow's New Dream2019
All I Ever Wanted (+ Maysa)In Search Of Better Days2016
All of My LifeTransatlantic R.P.M.2010
All That You Want Me To BeBeneath The Surface1996
Always ThereBees And Things And Flowers2006
Always There (feat. Jocelyn Brown)Inside Life1991
Amplify My Soul (Part 1)Amplified Soul2014
Amplify My Soul (Part 2)Amplified Soul2014
Another WayAmplified Soul2014
As Long As It's YouEleven2005
Autumn SongAdventures In Black Sunshine2004
Baby It's All RightEleven2005
Barmumba100 Degree And Rising1995
Beneath The SurfaceBeneath The Surface1996
Better DaysPositivity1993
Better Days (+ Vula Malinga)In Search Of Better Days2016
Beyond The CloudsAdventures In Black Sunshine2004
Black RainNo Time Like The Future1999
Blue (I'm Still Here With You)Who Needs Love2002
Bridges Of Fire (+ Tomoyasu Hotei)In Search Of Better Days2016
Bring You DownLife, Stranger Than Fiction2001
Byrd PlaysWho Needs Love2002
Cada Dia (Day By Day)Who Needs Love2002
Can You Feel MeInside Life1991
Can't Get Enough (feat. Mario Biondi)Transatlantic R.P.M.2010
Can't Get You Out Of My HeadWho Needs Love2002
Capricorn SunSurreal2012
Castles In The AirLife, Stranger Than Fiction2001
Centre Of The SunNo Time Like The Future1999
ChangeTribes, Vibes And Scribes1992
Chase The Clouds AwayJazz Funk1981
Close My EyesAdventures In Black Sunshine2004
Closer To The FeelingTribes, Vibes And Scribes1992
ColibriTribes, Vibes And Scribes1992
Come Away With MeEleven2005
CraveBees And Things And Flowers2006
Crystal Walls (+ Katie Leone)In Search Of Better Days2016
Cut It LooseLife, Stranger Than Fiction2001
Dark Side Of The CogBeneath The Surface1996
Day Or NightAmplified Soul2014
Deep WatersPositivity1993
Deep WatersBees And Things And Flowers2006
Deeper StillAmplified Soul2014
Did We Really Ever TryWho Needs Love2002
Do RightPositivity1993
Don't Be A FoolWho Needs Love2002
Don't Break Me DownSurreal2012
Don't Turn My Love AwayAdventures In Black Sunshine2004
Don't Wanna KnowSurreal2012
Don't You Worry 'Bout A ThingTribes, Vibes And Scribes1992
Echoes Of Utopia (+ Stuart Zender)In Search Of Better Days2016
Everybody Loves The SunshineBees And Things And Flowers2006
Everyday100 Degree And Rising1995
EverydayBees And Things And Flowers2006
Everyday Grind (+ Maysa)In Search Of Better Days2016
Everything That We Are (feat. Luckyiam)Transatlantic R.P.M.2010
Everything Your Heart DesiresAdventures In Black Sunshine2004
Expresso MadureiraTransatlantic R.P.M.2010
FearlessNo Time Like The Future1999
Feel The PressureTales From The Beach2008
Fences And BarriersAdventures In Black Sunshine2004
FlyWho Needs Love2002
For The Love Of You (+ Phil Perry + Maysa)Tomorrow's New Dream2019
Fountain Of LifeBeneath The Surface1996
Freedom To LoveTales From The Beach2008
Get Into My GrooveNo Time Like The Future1999
Givin' It UpPositivity1993
Good Love100 Degree And Rising1995
Goodbye To YesterdaySurreal2012
Got To KnowLife, Stranger Than Fiction2001
Gotta (feat. Ursula Rucker)Transatlantic R.P.M.2010
GypsyInside Life1991
Hands Up If You Wanna Be LovedAmplified Soul2014
Happy PeopleTales From The Beach2008
Hats (Make Me Wanna Holler)Amplified Soul2014
Haze Of Summer (+ Joy Rose)Tomorrow's New Dream2019
Hold Onto MeBeneath The Surface1996
I Can See The FutureNo Time Like The Future1999
I Come Alive (Rimshots and Basses)Tales From The Beach2008
I Couldn't Love You MoreAmplified Soul2014
I Hear Your Name100 Degree And Rising1995
I Love What You Do For MeTribes, Vibes And Scribes1992
I Remember A TimeTales From The Beach2008
I See the Light (+ Avery-Sunshine)In Search Of Better Days2016
I See The SunAmplified Soul2014
I'll Get ByEleven2005
I?ve Been WaitingTales From The Beach2008
If You Want My LoveWho Needs Love2002
IncognitoJazz Funk1981
Inside LifeInside Life1991
InterferenceJazz Funk1981
It Ain't Easy (feat. Jocelyn Brown)No Time Like The Future1999
It May Rain SometimeTales From The Beach2008
It's Just One Of Those ThingsEleven2005
Jacob's Ladder100 Degree And Rising1995
Just Say Nothing (+ Vanessa Haynes)In Search Of Better Days2016
Keep The Fires BurningPositivity1993
L'arc en ciel de milesTribes, Vibes And Scribes1992
Labour Of LoveBeneath The Surface1996
Let The Mystery BeEleven2005
Let?s Fall In Love Again (feat. Christian Urich - Tortured Soul)Transatlantic R.P.M.2010
Life Ain't Nothing But A Good ThingTransatlantic R.P.M.2010
Line In The Sand (fea.t Leon Ware)Transatlantic R.P.M.2010
Listen To The MusicAdventures In Black Sunshine2004
Living Against The RiverBeneath The Surface1996
Love Be The Messenger (+ Vanessa Haynes)In Search Of Better Days2016
Love Born In Flames (+ Imaani + Stuart Zender)In Search Of Better Days2016
Love Is The ColourInside Life1991
Love's Revival (+ Tony Momrelle)In Search Of Better Days2016
Love, Joy, UnderstandingTales From The Beach2008
Lowdown (feat. Mario Biondi + Chaka Khan)Transatlantic R.P.M.2010
Magnetic OceanTribes, Vibes And Scribes1992
Make Room For LoveTransatlantic R.P.M.2010
MarrakechNo Time Like The Future1999
MetropolisInside Life1991
Millenium100 Degree And Rising1995
Mindin' My BusinessAdventures In Black Sunshine2004
MisunderstoodBeneath The Surface1996
More Of MyselfNo Time Like The Future1999
Morning SunWho Needs Love2002
Move It Up (+ Vanessa Haynes)In Search Of Better Days2016
Mr. JonesAdventures In Black Sunshine2004
N.O.T.Tales From The Beach2008
Need To KnowTribes, Vibes And Scribes1992
Never Known A Love Like ThisAmplified Soul2014
Never Look BackTales From The Beach2008
Nights Over Egypt (feat. Maysa + Jocelyn Brown)No Time Like The Future1999
No Show (+ Mario Biondi)Tomorrow's New Dream2019
Now That I've Found You (+ Imaani)Tomorrow's New Dream2019
On The Road, Pt. 1Life, Stranger Than Fiction2001
On The Road, Pt. 2Life, Stranger Than Fiction2001
One Hundred And Rising100 Degree And Rising1995
One Step To A MiracleInside Life1991
Only A Matter Of Time (+ Cherri V)Tomorrow's New Dream2019
Out Of The StormBeneath The Surface1996
Parisienne GirlJazz Funk1981
People At The TopWho Needs Love2002
Pieces Of A DreamPositivity1993
Promise You The MoonInside Life1991
Put A Little Lovin' In Your HeartTransatlantic R.P.M.2010
PyramidsTribes, Vibes And Scribes1992
Racing Through The Bends (+ Maysa)In Search Of Better Days2016
RaiseBees And Things And Flowers2006
RaptureAmplified Soul2014
Reach OutLife, Stranger Than Fiction2001
Release YourselfInside Life1991
Restless As We AreSurreal2012
River In My DreamsTribes, Vibes And Scribes1992
Rivers On The SunSurreal2012
Rivers Runnin' BlackLife, Stranger Than Fiction2001
Roots (Back To A Way Of Life)100 Degree And Rising1995
Saturday SirensTomorrow's New Dream2019
Say What's On Your MindTomorrow's New Dream2019
Selfishly (+ Maysa)In Search Of Better Days2016
She Wears BlackBeneath The Surface1996
Shine (+ James Berkeley)Tomorrow's New Dream2019
Shine OnJazz Funk1981
Show Me LoveEleven2005
Silence Of My MindTales From The Beach2008
Silver ShadowAmplified Soul2014
Sketches In The DarkInside Life1991
Skin On My SkinLife, Stranger Than Fiction2001
Slow Down (Get A Grip)Life, Stranger Than Fiction2001
SmileInside Life1991
Smiling FacesPositivity1993
SohoInside Life1991
Solar FireBeneath The Surface1996
Something Bout JulyAmplified Soul2014
Spellbound And Speechless100 Degree And Rising1995
Stay MineLife, Stranger Than Fiction2001
Step AsideTales From The Beach2008
Still A Friend Of MinePositivity1993
Still A Friend Of MineBees And Things And Flowers2006
Still A Friend Of Mine (A Cappella)Positivity1993
Still The One (+ Vanessa Haynes)Tomorrow's New Dream2019
Stone Cold HeartWho Needs Love2002
Stop Running AwayAmplified Soul2014
Summer In The CityBees And Things And Flowers2006
Summer's EndedJazz Funk1981
SunburnJazz Funk1981
SunchildBeneath The Surface1996
Tales From The BeachTales From The Beach2008
Talkin' LoudPositivity1993
Tell Me What To DoTransatlantic R.P.M.2010
That's The Way Of The WorldBees And Things And Flowers2006
The 25th ChapterAdventures In Black Sunshine2004
The Hands Of TimeAmplified Soul2014
The Less You KnowSurreal2012
The Principles Of LoveAdventures In Black Sunshine2004
The Smile Of A ChildJazz Funk1981
The Song (fea.t Chaka Khan)Transatlantic R.P.M.2010
The Stars From HereSurreal2012
The Way You LoveSurreal2012
The Weather Report (+ Take 6)Tomorrow's New Dream2019
The Winter Of My SpringsTransatlantic R.P.M.2010
The World Is MineAdventures In Black Sunshine2004
There Will Come A DayLife, Stranger Than Fiction2001
Thinking 'Bout TomorrowPositivity1993
This Must Be LoveSurreal2012
This Thing Called LoveAdventures In Black Sunshine2004
Thoughtful FantasiesSurreal2012
Time Has Come100 Degree And Rising1995
Tin ManBees And Things And Flowers2006
To Be With YouSurreal2012
Too Far Gone100 Degree And Rising1995
Tribal VibesTribes, Vibes And Scribes1992
True To MyselfAdventures In Black Sunshine2004
Wake Me (+ James Berkeley)Tomorrow's New Dream2019
Wake Up The CityJazz Funk1981
Walking On WheelsJazz Funk1981
We Got MusicEleven2005
When The Sun Comes DownTales From The Beach2008
When Tomorrow Brings You DownEleven2005
When Words Are Just WordsTales From The Beach2008
Where Did We Go Wrong100 Degree And Rising1995
Where Do We Go From HerePositivity1993
Where Love ShinesWho Needs Love2002
Why Don't You BelieveJazz Funk1981
Wild And PeacefulNo Time Like The Future1999
Will I Ever LearnEleven2005
Wind SorceressAmplified Soul2014
Without YouBeneath The Surface1996
You Are GoldenBees And Things And Flowers2006
Your Sun My SkyTransatlantic R.P.M.2010

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