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A Dialogue In B Flat MinorForegone2023
A New DawnSounds Of A Playground Fading2011
AliasA Sense Of Purpose2008
All For MeSounds Of A Playground Fading2011
All The PainI, The Mask2019
Another Day In QuicksandClayman2000
Artifacts Of The Black RainThe Jester Race1996
As The Future Repeats TodayClayman2000
Before I FallBattles2016
Behind SpaceLunar Strain1994
Behind Space ('99)Colony1999
Behind Space (live)The Tokyo Showdown - Live In Japan 20002001
Black And WhiteReroute To Remain2002
Bleeding OutForegone2023
Borders And ShadingSoundtrack To Your Escape2004
BottledSoundtrack To Your Escape2004
Brush The Dust AwayClayman2000
Bullet RideClayman2000
Bullet Ride (live)The Tokyo Showdown - Live In Japan 20002001
BurnI, The Mask2019
Call My NameI, The Mask2019
Chosen PessimistA Sense Of Purpose2008
Clad In ShadowsLunar Strain1994
Clayman (live)The Tokyo Showdown - Live In Japan 20002001
Cloud ConnectedReroute To Remain2002
Coerced CoexistenceColony1999
Colony (live)The Tokyo Showdown - Live In Japan 20002001
Come ClarityCome Clarity2006
CondemnedA Sense Of Purpose2008
Crawl Through KnivesCome Clarity2006
Dark SignsReroute To Remain2002
Darker TimesSounds Of A Playground Fading2011
Dawn Of A New DayReroute To Remain2002
Dead AloneSoundtrack To Your Escape2004
Dead EndCome Clarity2006
Dead EternityThe Jester Race1996
Dead EyesSiren Charms2014
Dead God In MeThe Jester Race1996
December FlowerThe Jester Race1996
Deep InsideI, The Mask2019
Delight And AngersA Sense Of Purpose2008
Deliver UsSounds Of A Playground Fading2011
Dial 595-EscapeSoundtrack To Your Escape2004
Dialogue With The StarsWhoracle1997
DisconnectedA Sense Of Purpose2008
Discover Me Like Emptiness (Bonus Track)Soundtrack To Your Escape2004
Dismiss The CynicsReroute To Remain2002
DreamscapeLunar Strain1994
Drenched In FearA Sense Of Purpose2008
DrifterReroute To Remain2002
EgonomicReroute To Remain2002
Embody The InvisibleColony1999
Embody The Invisible (live)The Tokyo Showdown - Live In Japan 20002001
End The TransmissionForegone2023
Enter TragedySounds Of A Playground Fading2011
Episode 666Whoracle1997
Episode 666 (live)The Tokyo Showdown - Live In Japan 20002001
Everlost (Part I)Lunar Strain1994
Everlost (Part II)Lunar Strain1994
Everything CountsWhoracle1997
Everything's GoneSiren Charms2014
Evil In A ClosetSoundtrack To Your Escape2004
F(r)iendSoundtrack To Your Escape2004
Fear Is The WeaknessSounds Of A Playground Fading2011
Filtered TruthSiren Charms2014
Follow MeI, The Mask2019
Food For The GodsWhoracle1997
Food For The Gods (live)The Tokyo Showdown - Live In Japan 20002001
Foregone Pt. 1Foregone2023
Foregone Pt. 2Foregone2023
Free FallReroute To Remain2002
GravelandThe Jester Race1996
Greatest GreedBattles2016
Gyroscope (live)The Tokyo Showdown - Live In Japan 20002001
HargalatenLunar Strain1994
Here Until ForeverBattles2016
HouseI, The Mask2019
I Am AboveI, The Mask2019
I'm The HighwayA Sense Of Purpose2008
I, The MaskI, The Mask2019
In FlamesLunar Strain1994
In My RoomBattles2016
In Plain ViewSiren Charms2014
In Search For ISoundtrack To Your Escape2004
In The DarkForegone2023
In This LifeI, The Mask2019
Insipid 2000Colony1999
Jester Script TransfiguredWhoracle1997
Jester's DoorSounds Of A Playground Fading2011
Jotun (live)The Tokyo Showdown - Live In Japan 20002001
LeechesCome Clarity2006
LiberationSounds Of A Playground Fading2011
Like SandBattles2016
Like You Better DeadSoundtrack To Your Escape2004
Lord HypnosThe Jester Race1996
Lunar StrainLunar Strain1994
March To The ShoreA Sense Of Purpose2008
Meet Your MakerForegone2023
MetaphorReroute To Remain2002
MinusReroute To Remain2002
Mirror's TruthA Sense Of Purpose2008
Monsters In The BallroomSiren Charms2014
MoonshieldThe Jester Race1996
Moonshield (live)The Tokyo Showdown - Live In Japan 20002001
Morphing Into PrimalWhoracle1997
Move Through MeA Sense Of Purpose2008
My Sweet ShadowSoundtrack To Your Escape2004
Only For The WeakClayman2000
Only For The Weak (live)The Tokyo Showdown - Live In Japan 20002001
Ordinary StoryColony1999
Ordinary Story (live)The Tokyo Showdown - Live In Japan 20002001
Our Infinite StruggleCome Clarity2006
Pacing Death's TrailCome Clarity2006
Pallar Anders VisaColony1999
ParalyzedSiren Charms2014
Pinball MapClayman2000
Pinball Map (live)The Tokyo Showdown - Live In Japan 20002001
Pure Light Of MindForegone2023
Reflect The StormCome Clarity2006
Reroute To RemainReroute To Remain2002
RopesSounds Of A Playground Fading2011
Rusted NailSiren Charms2014
Satellites And AstronautsClayman2000
Save MeBattles2016
Scorn (live)The Tokyo Showdown - Live In Japan 20002001
ScreamCome Clarity2006
Siren CharmsSiren Charms2014
Sleepless AgainA Sense Of Purpose2008
Sober And IrrelevantA Sense Of Purpose2008
Sounds Of A Playground FadingSounds Of A Playground Fading2011
Square NothingClayman2000
StarforsakenLunar Strain1994
State Of Slow DecayForegone2023
Stay With MeI, The Mask2019
Suburban MeClayman2000
Superhero Of The Computer RageSoundtrack To Your Escape2004
Swim (live)The Tokyo Showdown - Live In Japan 20002001
SystemReroute To Remain2002
Take This LifeCome Clarity2006
The AtticSounds Of A Playground Fading2011
The Beginning Of All ThingsForegone2023
The EndBattles2016
The Great DeceiverForegone2023
The HiveWhoracle1997
The Jester RaceThe Jester Race1996
The Jesters DanceThe Jester Race1996
The New WorldColony1999
The PuzzleSounds Of A Playground Fading2011
The Quiet PlaceSoundtrack To Your Escape2004
The TruthBattles2016
Through My EyesBattles2016
Through OblivionSiren Charms2014
Touch Of RedSoundtrack To Your Escape2004
TransparentReroute To Remain2002
TriggerReroute To Remain2002
Underneath My SkinBattles2016
Upon An Oaken ThroneLunar Strain1994
Us Against The WorldBattles2016
VacuumCome Clarity2006
Vanishing LightCome Clarity2006
Versus TerminusCome Clarity2006
VoicesI, The Mask2019
WayfaererThe Jester Race1996
We Will RememberI, The Mask2019
When The World ExplodesSiren Charms2014
Where The Dead Ships DwellSounds Of A Playground Fading2011
With Eyes Wide OpenSiren Charms2014
Worlds Within The MarginWhoracle1997
Your Bedtime Story Is Scaring EveryoneCome Clarity2006
Zombie Inc.Colony1999

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