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All I WantOne To One1986
All I Want (live)The Peaceful Tour Live2001
Always Asking QuestionsThe Best Of Howard Jones1993
Another ChanceRevolution Of The Heart2005
Assault And BatteryDream Into Action1985
At The Speed Of LoveTransform2019
AutomatonDream Into Action1985
Back In Your LifePeople1998
Be The HeroDialogue2022
Beating Mr. NegTransform2019
Black And WhiteRevolution Of The Heart2005
BlueWorking In The Backroom1994
Bounce Right BackDream Into Action1985
Cathedral Of ChutaiWorking In The Backroom1994
Cathedral Of Chutai ExcerptWorking In The Backroom1994
Celebrate It TogetherDialogue2022
Celebrate Our LoveRevolution Of The Heart2005
China DanceHuman's Lib1984
City SongIn The Running1992
City SongThe Best Of Howard Jones1993
City Song (live)Live Acoustic America1996
Collective HeartbeatOrdinary Heroes2009
Collective Heartbeat (live)The Peaceful Tour Live2001
ConditioningHuman's Lib1984
Conditioning (live)The Peaceful Tour Live2001
Cookin' In The KitchenWorking In The Backroom1994
Cross That LineCross That Line1989
Don't Always Look At The RainHuman's Lib1984
Don't Always Look At The Rain (live)Live Acoustic America1996
Don't Get Me WrongWorking In The Backroom1994
Don't Want To Fight AnymoreOne To One1986
Dream Into ActionDream Into Action1985
Eagle Will Fly AgainTransform2019
Egypt Love TranceWorking In The Backroom1994
ElegyDream Into Action1985
EqualityHuman's Lib1984
Even If I Don't SayOrdinary Heroes2009
Everlasting LoveCross That Line1989
Everlasting LoveThe Best Of Howard Jones1993
Everlasting Love (live)Live Acoustic America1996
Everlasting Love (live)Perform.002000
ExodusIn The Running1992
Exodus - Come Together (live)Live Acoustic America1996
Fallin' AwayIn The Running1992
Fallin' Away (live)Live Acoustic America1996
Fight OnOrdinary Heroes2009
For You, See MeRevolution Of The Heart2005
Formed By The StarsDialogue2022
Fresh Air WaltzCross That Line1989
Give Me StrengthOne To One1986
Good Luck, Bad LuckOne To One1986
Guardians Of The BreathCross That Line1989
Gun Turned On The WorldIn The Running1992
Hero In Your EyesTransform2019
Hide And SeekHuman's Lib1984
Hide And SeekThe Best Of Howard Jones1993
Hide And Seek (live)Perform.002000
Hide And Seek (live)The Peaceful Tour Live2001
Human's LibHuman's Lib1984
Hunger For The FleshDream Into Action1985
Hunt The SelfHuman's Lib1984
Hunt The Self (live)The Peaceful Tour Live2001
I Believe In YouDialogue2022
I Must Go (live)Perform.002000
I've Said Too MuchRevolution Of The Heart2005
I.G.Y. (What A Beautiful World)The Best Of Howard Jones1993
If You LovePeople1998
Intro - Pearl In The Shell (live)Live Acoustic America1996
Is There A DifferenceDream Into Action1985
Just Look At You NowRevolution Of The Heart2005
Last SupperCross That Line1989
Left No EvidenceWorking In The Backroom1994
Let Me Be The First To KnowPeople1998
Let The People Have Their SayPeople1998
Let The People Have Their Say (live)Perform.002000
Let The People Have Their Say (live)The Peaceful Tour Live2001
Let The Spirit Carry MeWorking In The Backroom1994
Life In One DayDream Into Action1985
Life In One DayThe Best Of Howard Jones1993
Life In One Day (live)Live Acoustic America1996
Lift Me UpIn The Running1992
Lift Me UpThe Best Of Howard Jones1993
Lift Me Up (live)Live Acoustic America1996
Like To Get To Know You WellDream Into Action1985
Like To Get To Know You WellThe Best Of Howard Jones1993
Like To Get To Know You Well (live)Live Acoustic America1996
Like To Get To Know You Well (live)Perform.002000
Like To Get To Know You Well (live)The Peaceful Tour Live2001
Little Bit Of SnowOne To One1986
Look MamaDream Into Action1985
Look MamaThe Best Of Howard Jones1993
Love Is A Good Thing (live)Perform.002000
Love Never WastedOrdinary Heroes2009
My One True LoveDialogue2022
NaturalHuman's Lib1984
New SongHuman's Lib1984
New SongThe Best Of Howard Jones1993
New Song (live)Live Acoustic America1996
New Song (live)The Peaceful Tour Live2001
New Song 99 (live)Perform.002000
No One Is To BlameDream Into Action1985
No One Is To BlameThe Best Of Howard Jones1993
No One Is To Blame (live)Live Acoustic America1996
No One Is To Blame (live)Perform.002000
No One Is To Blame (Single Version)One To One1986
Not One Of The Lonely TonightPeople1998
Nothing To FearPeople1998
One Last TryIn The Running1992
One Last Try (live)Live Acoustic America1996
Ordinary HeroesOrdinary Heroes2009
Out Of Thin AirCross That Line1989
Out Of Thin Air (live)Live Acoustic America1996
Over And AboveWorking In The Backroom1994
Pearl In The ShellHuman's Lib1984
Pearl In The ShellThe Best Of Howard Jones1993
Pearl In The Shell (live)Perform.002000
PowerhouseCross That Line1989
RespectedRevolution Of The Heart2005
Revolution Of The HeartRevolution Of The Heart2005
Say It Like You Mean ItOrdinary Heroes2009
Show MeIn The Running1992
Sleep My AngelPeople1998
Someone You NeedOrdinary Heroes2009
Someone You Need (live)Perform.002000
Soon You'll GoOrdinary Heroes2009
SpecialtyDream Into Action1985
Stay With MeTransform2019
Step Into These ShoesOne To One1986
Stir It UpRevolution Of The Heart2005
Straight AheadOrdinary Heroes2009
Take Us HigherTransform2019
Tape To Tape Rag (live)Live Acoustic America1996
Tears To TellIn The Running1992
Tears To TellThe Best Of Howard Jones1993
The Balance Of Love (Give And Take)One To One1986
The One To Love YouTransform2019
The Presence Of OtherRevolution Of The Heart2005
The PrisonerCross That Line1989
The PrisonerThe Best Of Howard Jones1993
The Voices Are BackIn The Running1992
Things Can Only Get BetterDream Into Action1985
Things Can Only Get BetterThe Best Of Howard Jones1993
Things Can Only Get Better (live)Live Acoustic America1996
Things Can Only Get Better (live)Perform.002000
Things Can Only Get Better (live)The Peaceful Tour Live2001
Those Who Move CloudsCross That Line1989
Tin Man SongTransform2019
To Feel LoveDialogue2022
Tomorrow Is NowPeople1998
Tomorrow Is Now (live)Perform.002000
Two SoulsIn The Running1992
Two SoulsThe Best Of Howard Jones1993
Wanders To YouCross That Line1989
We Make The WeatherPeople1998
Wedding SongPeople1998
What Is LoveHuman's Lib1984
What Is LoveThe Best Of Howard Jones1993
What Is Love (live)Live Acoustic America1996
What Is Love (live)Perform.002000
What Is Love (live)The Peaceful Tour Live2001
Where Are We GoingOne To One1986
Who You Really Want To BeDialogue2022
Why Look For The KeyDream Into Action1985
Will You Still Be ThereOne To One1986
You Are Beautiful To MeWorking In The Backroom1994
You Are The PeacemakerDialogue2022
You Can Say It's All OverWorking In The Backroom1994
You knew Us So WellOrdinary Heroes2009
You Know I Love You... Don't YouOne To One1986
You Know I Love You... Don't YouThe Best Of Howard Jones1993
You Know I Love You... Don't You (live)Live Acoustic America1996
You Know I Love You... Don't You (live)Perform.002000
You Know I Love You... Don't You (live)The Peaceful Tour Live2001
You're The BuddahPeople1998

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