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A Child's PrayerHot Chocolate1975
A Child's Prayer20 Hottest Hits1979
A Child's PrayerTheir Greatest Hits1993
A Love Like YoursCicero Park1974
A Warm SmileHot Chocolate1975
Amazing Skin SongHot Chocolate1975
Are You Getting EnoughClass1980
Are You Getting Enough HappinessThe Very Best Of Hot Chocolate1987
Are You Getting Enough Happiness20011989
Are You Getting Enough HappinessTheir Greatest Hits1993
Are You Getting Enough Of What Makes You HappyMystery1982
Beautiful Lady (Bonus Track)Man To Man1976
Brand New ChristmasClass1980
Brother LouieCicero Park1974
Brother LouieXIV Greatest Hits1976
Brother LouieEvery 1's A Winner1978
Brother Louie20 Hottest Hits1979
Brother LouieThe Very Best Of Hot Chocolate1987
Brother LouieTheir Greatest Hits1993
Call The PoliceHot Chocolate1975
ChancesThe Very Best Of Hot Chocolate1987
Changing WorldCicero Park1974
Cheri BabeXIV Greatest Hits1976
Cheri Babe20 Hottest Hits1979
Child's PrayerXIV Greatest Hits1976
Children Of Space MenClass1980
Cicero ParkCicero Park1974
Congas ManGoing Through The Motions1979
Could Have Been Born In The Ghetto (Theme From 'love Head')Cicero Park1974
Cry Little GirlStrictly Dance1993
Cry Little Girl (DJ Culture Club Mix)Strictly Dance1993
Dance (Get Down To It)Going Through The Motions1979
Disco QueenCicero Park1974
Disco QueenXIV Greatest Hits1976
Disco Queen20 Hottest Hits1979
Disco QueenThe Very Best Of Hot Chocolate1987
Disco QueenTheir Greatest Hits1993
Dollar SignHot Chocolate1975
Don't Stop It NowMan To Man1976
Don't Stop It NowXIV Greatest Hits1976
Don't Stop It Now20 Hottest Hits1979
Don't Stop It NowTheir Greatest Hits1993
Dreaming Of YouGoing Through The Motions1979
Drive All NightStrictly Dance1993
EmmaCicero Park1974
EmmaXIV Greatest Hits1976
EmmaEvery 1's A Winner1978
Emma20 Hottest Hits1979
EmmaThe Very Best Of Hot Chocolate1987
EmmaTheir Greatest Hits1993
Emotion ExplosionMystery1982
Every 1's A WinnerEvery 1's A Winner1978
Every 1's A Winner20 Hottest Hits1979
Every 1's A WinnerThe Very Best Of Hot Chocolate1987
Every 1's A WinnerTheir Greatest Hits1993
Every 1's A Winner (Sexy Remix)20011989
Eyes Of A Growing Child (Bonus Track)Man To Man1976
Friend Of MineLove Shot1983
Funky Rock'n' RollCicero Park1974
Girl CrazyEvery 1's A Winner1978
Girl CrazyMystery1982
Girl CrazyThe Very Best Of Hot Chocolate1987
Girl CrazyTheir Greatest Hits1993
Going Through The MotionsGoing Through The Motions1979
Going Through The Motions20 Hottest Hits1979
Gotta Give Up Your LoveClass1980
Green ShirtClass1980
HappyStrictly Dance1993
HarryMan To Man1976
Heartache No. 9The Very Best Of Hot Chocolate1987
Heaven Is In The Back Seat Of My CadillacMan To Man1976
Heaven Is In The Back Seat Of My CadillacXIV Greatest Hits1976
Heaven Is In The Back Seat Of My Cadillac20 Hottest Hits1979
Heaven Is In The Back Seat Of My CadillacThe Very Best Of Hot Chocolate1987
Heaven Is In The Backseat Of My Cadillac20011989
Hello AmericaHot Chocolate1975
Hold On Through The NightStrictly Dance1993
I Believe (In Love)XIV Greatest Hits1976
I Believe (In Love)20 Hottest Hits1979
I Believe (In Love)Their Greatest Hits1993
I Gave You My HeartThe Very Best Of Hot Chocolate1987
I Gave You My Heart (Didn't I)Love Shot1983
I Gave You My Heart (Didn't I)20011989
I Gave You My Heart (Didn't I)Their Greatest Hits1993
I Just Love What You're DoingGoing Through The Motions1979
I'll Put You Together AgaiThe Very Best Of Hot Chocolate1987
I'll Put You Together AgainEvery 1's A Winner1978
I'll Put You Together Again20 Hottest Hits1979
I'll Put You Together AgainTheir Greatest Hits1993
I'm SorryLove Shot1983
In The Name Of LoveStrictly Dance1993
It Started With A KissEvery 1's A Winner1978
It Started With A KissMystery1982
It Started With A KissThe Very Best Of Hot Chocolate1987
It Started With A Kiss20011989
It Started With A KissTheir Greatest Hits1993
JeannieLove Shot1983
Kiss To Mean GoodbyeStrictly Dance1993
Lay Me DownHot Chocolate1975
Let's Try AgainLove Shot1983
Living On A Shoe StringMan To Man1976
Losing YouClass1980
Love Is A Good ThingLove Shot1983
Love Is LifeXIV Greatest Hits1976
Love Is LifeEvery 1's A Winner1978
Love Is Life20 Hottest Hits1979
Love Is LifeTheir Greatest Hits1993
Love Me To SleepClass1980
Love's Coming On StrongHot Chocolate1975
Makin' MusicCicero Park1974
Man To ManMan To Man1976
Man To ManXIV Greatest Hits1976
Man To Man20 Hottest Hits1979
MegamixStrictly Dance1993
Mindless BoogieGoing Through The Motions1979
Mindless Boogie20 Hottest Hits1979
Night RideGoing Through The Motions1979
No Doubt About ItEvery 1's A Winner1978
No Doubt About ItThe Very Best Of Hot Chocolate1987
No Doubt About ItTheir Greatest Hits1993
No Doubt About It (Tequila Mix)20011989
No TearsMystery1982
One Night's Not EnoughMystery1982
Put Your Love In MeEvery 1's A Winner1978
Put Your Love In Me20 Hottest Hits1979
Put Your Love In MeTheir Greatest Hits1993
RumoursXIV Greatest Hits1976
Rumours20 Hottest Hits1979
Secret HideawayLove Shot1983
Seventeen Years Of AgeMan To Man1976
Sex AppealMan To Man1976
Sexy Carribean GirlLove Shot1983
Shame On YouStrictly Dance1993
So You Win AgainEvery 1's A Winner1978
So You Win Again20 Hottest Hits1979
So You Win AgainThe Very Best Of Hot Chocolate1987
So You Win Again20011989
So You Win AgainTheir Greatest Hits1993
Sugar DaddyMan To Man1976
Tears On The TelephoneLove Shot1983
Tears On The TelephoneThe Very Best Of Hot Chocolate1987
The StreetHot Chocolate1975
Time Will TellStrictly Dance1993
Today I Never Thought Of You At AllStrictly Dance1993
Touch The NightLove Shot1983
Walking On The MoonClass1980
What Kinda Boy (You're Lookin' For Girl)Their Greatest Hits1993
What Kinda Boy You Lookin' For (Girl)The Very Best Of Hot Chocolate1987
You Could've Been A LadyMan To Man1976
You Could've Been A LadyXIV Greatest Hits1976
You Could've Been A Lady20 Hottest Hits1979
You Could've Been A LadyThe Very Best Of Hot Chocolate1987
You Could've Been A LadyTheir Greatest Hits1993
You Got LoveStrictly Dance1993
You Sexy ThingHot Chocolate1975
You Sexy ThingXIV Greatest Hits1976
You Sexy ThingEvery 1's A Winner1978
You Sexy Thing20 Hottest Hits1979
You Sexy ThingThe Very Best Of Hot Chocolate1987
You Sexy ThingTheir Greatest Hits1993
You Sexy Thing (Extended Replay Mix)20011989
You'll Always Be A FriendXIV Greatest Hits1976
You'll Always Be A Friend20 Hottest Hits1979
You'll Never Be So WrongMystery1982
You're A Natural HighCicero Park1974

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