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1000 AnswersLex Hives2012
A Get Together To Tear It ApartVeni Vidi Vicious2000
A Little More For Little YouTyrannosaurus Hives2004
A Stroll Through Hive Manor CorridorsThe Black And White Album2007
A.K.A. I-D-I-O-TBarely Legal1997
A.K.A. I-D-I-O-TYour New Favourite Band2001
Abra CadaverTyrannosaurus Hives2004
AntidoteTyrannosaurus Hives2004
Automatic SchmuckBarely Legal1997
Automatic SchmuckYour New Favourite Band2001
B Is For BrutusTyrannosaurus Hives2004
Bigger Hole To FillThe Black And White Album2007
Black JackBarely Legal1997
Bogus OperandiThe Death Of Randy Fitzsimmons2023
Closed For The SeasonBarely Legal1997
Come OnLex Hives2012
Countdown To ShutdownThe Death Of Randy Fitzsimmons2023
Crash Into The WeekendThe Death Of Randy Fitzsimmons2023
Dead Quote OlympicsTyrannosaurus Hives2004
Diabolic SchemeTyrannosaurus Hives2004
Die, All RightVeni Vidi Vicious2000
Die, All RightYour New Favourite Band2001
Find Another GirlVeni Vidi Vicious2000
Giddy UpThe Black And White Album2007
Go Right AheadLex Hives2012
Hail Hail Spit N' DroolBarely Legal1997
Hail Hail Spit N'DroolYour New Favourite Band2001
Hate To Say I Told You SoVeni Vidi Vicious2000
Hate To Say I Told You SoYour New Favourite Band2001
Here We Go AgainBarely Legal1997
Here We Go AgainYour New Favourite Band2001
Hey Little WorldThe Black And White Album2007
Hives Are Law, You Are CrimeYour New Favourite Band2001
I Want MoreLex Hives2012
I'm A Wicked OneBarely Legal1997
If I Had A CentLex Hives2012
Inspection Wise 1999Veni Vidi Vicious2000
King Of AsskissingBarely Legal1997
Knock KnockVeni Vidi Vicious2000
Love In PlasterTyrannosaurus Hives2004
Mad ManYour New Favourite Band2001
Main OffenderVeni Vidi Vicious2000
Main OffenderYour New Favourite Band2001
Midnight ShifterLex Hives2012
Missing LinkTyrannosaurus Hives2004
My Time Is ComingLex Hives2012
No Pun IntendedTyrannosaurus Hives2004
Oh Lord When HowBarely Legal1997
OutsmartedVeni Vidi Vicious2000
OutsmartedYour New Favourite Band2001
Patrolling DaysLex Hives2012
Puppet On A StringThe Black And White Album2007
Return The FavourThe Black And White Album2007
Rigor Mortis RadioThe Death Of Randy Fitzsimmons2023
See Through HeadTyrannosaurus Hives2004
Smoke And MirrorsThe Death Of Randy Fitzsimmons2023
Square One Here I ComeThe Black And White Album2007
StatecontrolVeni Vidi Vicious2000
Step Out Of The WayThe Death Of Randy Fitzsimmons2023
Stick UpThe Death Of Randy Fitzsimmons2023
Supply And DemandVeni Vidi Vicious2000
Supply And DemandYour New Favourite Band2001
T.H.E.H.I.V.E.S.The Black And White Album2007
Take Back The ToysLex Hives2012
The BombThe Death Of Randy Fitzsimmons2023
The Hives - Declare Guerre NucleaireVeni Vidi Vicious2000
The Hives - Introduce The Metric System In TimeVeni Vidi Vicious2000
The StompBarely Legal1997
The Way The Story GoesThe Death Of Randy Fitzsimmons2023
Theme From...Barely Legal1997
These Spectacles Reveal The NostalgicsLex Hives2012
Tick Tick BoomThe Black And White Album2007
Trapdoor SolutionThe Death Of Randy Fitzsimmons2023
Try It AgainThe Black And White Album2007
Two Kinds Of TroubleThe Death Of Randy Fitzsimmons2023
Two-Timing Touch And Broken BonesTyrannosaurus Hives2004
Untutored YouthYour New Favourite Band2001
Uptempo Venomous PoisonBarely Legal1997
Wait A MinuteLex Hives2012
Walk Idiot WalkTyrannosaurus Hives2004
Well All RightThe Black And White Album2007
Well, Well, WellBarely Legal1997
What Did I Ever Do To YouThe Death Of Randy Fitzsimmons2023
What's That Spell...Go To HellBarely Legal1997
Without The MoneyLex Hives2012
Won't Be LongThe Black And White Album2007
You Dress Up For ArmageddonThe Black And White Album2007
You Got It All... WrongThe Black And White Album2007

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