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A Handful Of PainBetter Than Raw1998
A Little TimeKeeper Of The Seven Keys Part 11987
A Million To OneThe Time Of The Oath1996
A Tale That Wasn't RightKeeper Of The Seven Keys Part 11987
A Tale That Wasn't RightUnarmed: Best Of 25th Anniversary2010
A Tale That Wasn't Right (live)United Alive2019
All Over The NationsThe Dark Ride2000
Another Shot Of LifeStraight Out Of Hell2013
Anything My Mama Don't LikeThe Time Of The Oath1996
Are You Metal7 Sinners2010
Are You Metal (live)United Alive2019
As Long As I FallGambling With The Devil2007
AssholeStraight Out Of Hell2013
Back Against The WallRabbit Don't Come Easy2003
Back On The StreetsPink Bubbles Go Ape1991
Battle's WonMy God-Given Right2015
Before The WarThe Time Of The Oath1996
Best TimeHelloween2021
Beyond The PortalThe Dark Ride2000
Born On Judgment DayKeeper Of The Seven Keys - The Legacy2005
Burning SunStraight Out Of Hell2013
Burning Sun (Hammond Version)Straight Out Of Hell2013
Can Do ItGambling With The Devil2007
Church Breaks DownStraight Out Of Hell2013
ClawsMy God-Given Right2015
Come AliveKeeper Of The Seven Keys - The Legacy2005
Crack The Riddle (Intro)Gambling With The Devil2007
Crazy CatChameleon1993
Creatures In HeavenMy God-Given Right2015
Deliberately Limited Preliminary Prelude Period In ZBetter Than Raw1998
Do You Feel GoodRabbit Don't Come Easy2003
Do You Know What You're Fighting ForKeeper Of The Seven Keys - The Legacy2005
Don't Spit On My MindBetter Than Raw1998
Don't Stop Being CrazyRabbit Don't Come Easy2003
Down In The DumpsHelloween2021
Dr. SteinKeeper Of The Seven Keys Part 21988
Dr. SteinUnarmed: Best Of 25th Anniversary2010
Dr. Stein (live)Live In The U.K.1989
Dr. Stein (live)United Alive2019
DreamboundGambling With The Devil2007
Eagle Fly FreeKeeper Of The Seven Keys Part 21988
Eagle Fly FreeUnarmed: Best Of 25th Anniversary2010
Escalation 666The Dark Ride2000
Fallen To PiecesGambling With The Devil2007
Fallen To PiecesUnarmed: Best Of 25th Anniversary2010
Falling HigherBetter Than Raw1998
Far Away (Bonus Track)Rabbit Don't Come Easy2003
Far From The StarsStraight Out Of Hell2013
Far In The Future7 Sinners2010
Fear Of The FallenHelloween2021
Final FortuneGambling With The Devil2007
First TimeChameleon1993
Follow The SignKeeper Of The Seven Keys Part 11987
Forever And OneUnarmed: Best Of 25th Anniversary2010
Forever And One (live)United Alive2019
Forever And One (Neverland)The Time Of The Oath1996
Future WorldKeeper Of The Seven Keys Part 11987
Future WorldUnarmed: Best Of 25th Anniversary2010
Future World (live)Live In The U.K.1989
Future World (live)United Alive2019
Get It UpKeeper Of The Seven Keys - The Legacy2005
Goin' HomePink Bubbles Go Ape1991
Golden TimesHelloween2021
GorgarWalls Of Jericho1985
GuardiansWalls Of Jericho1985
HalloweenKeeper Of The Seven Keys Part 11987
Halloween (live)United Alive2019
Heaven Tells No LiesGambling With The Devil2007
Heavy Metal (Is The Law)Walls Of Jericho1985
Heavy Metal HamstersPink Bubbles Go Ape1991
Hell Was Made In HeavenRabbit Don't Come Easy2003
HeroesMy God-Given Right2015
Hey LordBetter Than Raw1998
Hold Me In Your ArmsStraight Out Of Hell2013
How Many TearsWalls Of Jericho1985
How Many Tears (live)Live In The U.K.1989
How Many Tears (live)United Alive2019
I BelieveChameleon1993
I CanBetter Than Raw1998
I Can (live)United Alive2019
I Don't Wanna Cry No MoreChameleon1993
I Live For Your PainThe Dark Ride2000
I Want OutKeeper Of The Seven Keys Part 21988
I Want OutUnarmed: Best Of 25th Anniversary2010
I Want Out (live)United Alive2019
I Want Out - Encores (live)Live In The U.K.1989
I Wish I Were ThereMy God-Given Right2015
I'm AliveKeeper Of The Seven Keys Part 11987
I'm Alive (live)United Alive2019
I'm Doin' Fine, Crazy ManPink Bubbles Go Ape1991
I.M.E.Gambling With The Devil2007
If A Mountain Could Talk7 Sinners2010
If God Loves Rock 'n' RollMy God-Given Right2015
If I Could FlyThe Dark Ride2000
If I Could FlyUnarmed: Best Of 25th Anniversary2010
If I Could Fly (live)United Alive2019
If I KnewThe Time Of The Oath1996
ImmortalThe Dark Ride2000
In The Middle Of A HeartbeatMaster Of The Rings1994
In The NightChameleon1993
InitiationKeeper Of The Seven Keys Part 11987
Intro: 'Happy Halloween' - 'A Little Time' (live)Live In The U.K.1989
InvitationKeeper Of The Seven Keys Part 21988
Invitation - Eagle Fly Free (live)United Alive2019
Irritation (Weik Editude 112 In C)Master Of The Rings1994
Just A Little SignRabbit Don't Come Easy2003
Kai's Medley (Starlight - Ride The Sky - Judas - Heavy Metal Is The Law) (live)United Alive2019
Keeper Of The Seven KeysKeeper Of The Seven Keys Part 21988
Keeper Of The Seven Keys (live)United Alive2019
Kids Of The CenturyPink Bubbles Go Ape1991
Kids Of The Century (live)United Alive2019
Kill ItGambling With The Devil2007
Kings Will Be KingsThe Time Of The Oath1996
Laudate DominumBetter Than Raw1998
LiarRabbit Don't Come Easy2003
Light The Universe (Featuring Candice Night)Keeper Of The Seven Keys - The Legacy2005
Like Everybody ElseMy God-Given Right2015
Listen To The FliesRabbit Don't Come Easy2003
Live NowStraight Out Of Hell2013
Living Ain't No Crime - A Little Time (live)United Alive2019
Living On The EdgeMy God-Given Right2015
Long Live The King7 Sinners2010
Lost In AmericaMy God-Given Right2015
Make Fire Catch The FlyStraight Out Of Hell2013
MankindPink Bubbles Go Ape1991
March Of TimeKeeper Of The Seven Keys Part 21988
March Of Time (live)United Alive2019
Mass PollutionHelloween2021
Metal InvadersWalls Of Jericho1985
Midnight SunBetter Than Raw1998
Mirror MirrorThe Dark Ride2000
Mission MotherlandThe Time Of The Oath1996
Mr. Ego (Take Me Down)Master Of The Rings1994
Mr. TortureThe Dark Ride2000
Mrs. GodKeeper Of The Seven Keys - The Legacy2005
My God-Given RightMy God-Given Right2015
My Life For One More DayKeeper Of The Seven Keys - The Legacy2005
My Sacrifice7 Sinners2010
NabataeaStraight Out Of Hell2013
Never Be A StarRabbit Don't Come Easy2003
Not Yet Today7 Sinners2010
Nothing To SayRabbit Don't Come Easy2003
Number OnePink Bubbles Go Ape1991
Occasion AvenueKeeper Of The Seven Keys - The Legacy2005
Open Your LifeRabbit Don't Come Easy2003
Out For The GloryHelloween2021
Paint A New WorldGambling With The Devil2007
Perfect GentlemanMaster Of The Rings1994
Perfect GentlemanUnarmed: Best Of 25th Anniversary2010
Perfect Gentleman (live)United Alive2019
Phantoms Of DeathWalls Of Jericho1985
Pink Bubbles Go ApePink Bubbles Go Ape1991
Pleasure DroneKeeper Of The Seven Keys - The Legacy2005
PowerThe Time Of The Oath1996
Power (live)United Alive2019
Pumpkins United (live)United Alive2019
PushBetter Than Raw1998
Raise The Noise7 Sinners2010
ReptileWalls Of Jericho1985
RevelationBetter Than Raw1998
RevolutionKeeper Of The Seven Keys - The Legacy2005
Revolution NowChameleon1993
Ride The SkyWalls Of Jericho1985
Rise And FallKeeper Of The Seven Keys Part 21988
Rise And Fall (live)Live In The U.K.1989
Rise And Fall (live)United Alive2019
Rise Without ChainsHelloween2021
Robot KingHelloween2021
Russian RouleMy God-Given Right2015
SalvationThe Dark Ride2000
Save My HideHelloween2021
Save UsKeeper Of The Seven Keys Part 21988
Secret AlibiMaster Of The Rings1994
Silent RainKeeper Of The Seven Keys - The Legacy2005
Sole SurvivorMaster Of The Rings1994
Sole Survivor (live)United Alive2019
Someone's CryingPink Bubbles Go Ape1991
Stay CrazyMy God-Given Right2015
Steel TormentorThe Time Of The Oath1996
Step Out Of HellChameleon1993
Still We GoMaster Of The Rings1994
Straight Out Of HellStraight Out Of Hell2013
Sun 4 The WorldRabbit Don't Come Easy2003
Take Me HomeMaster Of The Rings1994
The Bells Of The 7 HellsGambling With The Devil2007
The ChancePink Bubbles Go Ape1991
The Dark RideThe Dark Ride2000
The Departed (Sun Is Going Down)The Dark Ride2000
The Game Is OnMaster Of The Rings1994
The Invisible ManKeeper Of The Seven Keys - The Legacy2005
The Keeper's TrilogyUnarmed: Best Of 25th Anniversary2010
The King For A 1000 YearsKeeper Of The Seven Keys - The Legacy2005
The Sage, The Fool, The Sinner7 Sinners2010
The SaintsGambling With The Devil2007
The Shade In The ShadowKeeper Of The Seven Keys - The Legacy2005
The Smile Of The Sun7 Sinners2010
The Swing Of A Fallen WorldMy God-Given Right2015
The Time Of The OathThe Time Of The Oath1996
The TuneRabbit Don't Come Easy2003
TimeBetter Than Raw1998
Twilight Of The GodsKeeper Of The Seven Keys Part 11987
Waiting For The ThunderStraight Out Of Hell2013
Waiting For The Thunder (live)United Alive2019
Wake Up The MountainThe Time Of The Oath1996
Walls Of JerichoWalls Of Jericho1985
Wanna Be GodStraight Out Of Hell2013
We BurnThe Time Of The Oath1996
We Damn The NightThe Dark Ride2000
We Got The RightKeeper Of The Seven Keys Part 21988
We Got the Right (live)Live In The U.K.1989
When The SinnerChameleon1993
Where The Rain GrowsMaster Of The Rings1994
Where The Rain GrowsUnarmed: Best Of 25th Anniversary2010
Where The Sinners Go7 Sinners2010
Who Is Mr. Madman7 Sinners2010
WhyMaster Of The Rings1994
Why (live)United Alive2019
Wicked GameMy God-Given Right2015
World Of Fantasy7 Sinners2010
World Of WarStraight Out Of Hell2013
YearsStraight Out Of Hell2013
You Always Walk AloneKeeper Of The Seven Keys Part 21988
You Stupid Mankind7 Sinners2010
You, Still Of WarMy God-Given Right2015
Your TurnPink Bubbles Go Ape1991

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