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317Exit Wounds2014
All Against AllRevolver2004
All Ends WellUnseen2011
All I HaveExit Wounds2014
Back To The NestStare At Nothing2024
Blood RustThe Haunted1998
Blood Rust (Rehearsal)Warning Shots2009
BloodlettingOne Kill Wonder2003
Brute ForceStrength In Numbers2017
Bullet HoleThe Haunted1998
Burner (Bonus Track)The Haunted1998
Burnt To A ShellRevolver2004
Bury Your DeadMade Me Do It2000
Bury Your DeadWarning Shots2009
CatamorphStare At Nothing2024
ChasmThe Haunted1998
ChasmWarning Shots2009
Choke HoldThe Haunted1998
Choke Hold (live)Warning Shots2009
CreedWarning Shots2009
Cutting TeethExit Wounds2014
D.O.A.One Kill Wonder2003
D.O.A.Warning Shots2009
Dark IntentionsMade Me Do It2000
Dark IntentionsWarning Shots2009
Demon EyesOne Kill Wonder2003
Downward SpiralOne Kill Wonder2003
EclipseWarning Shots2009
EverlastingOne Kill Wonder2003
EverlastingWarning Shots2009
Eye Of The StormExit Wounds2014
Eye Of The StormExit Wounds2014
Fall Of The Seven VeilsStare At Nothing2024
Fill The Darkness With BlackStrength In Numbers2017
ForensickThe Haunted1998
ForensickWarning Shots2009
Garden Of EvilStare At Nothing2024
Ghost In The MachineExit Wounds2014
GodpuppetOne Kill Wonder2003
Hate SongThe Haunted1998
Hate SongWarning Shots2009
Hollow GroundMade Me Do It2000
Hollow GroundWarning Shots2009
Human DebrisMade Me Do It2000
Imperial Death MarchVersus2008
In VeinThe Haunted1998
In VeinWarning Shots2009
InfiltratorExit Wounds2014
IntroStare At Nothing2024
Iron MaskVersus2008
Kill The LightExit Wounds2014
LeechMade Me Do It2000
Leech (live)Warning Shots2009
Liquid BurnsRevolver2004
Little CageVersus2008
MalevolentStare At Nothing2024
Means To An EndStrength In Numbers2017
MonumentsStrength In Numbers2017
Moronic ColossusVersus2008
My EnemyExit Wounds2014
My SalvationExit Wounds2014
My ShadowRevolver2004
Never BetterUnseen2011
No CompromiseRevolver2004
No GhostUnseen2011
Nothing RightRevolver2004
Now You KnowThe Haunted1998
Now You Know (Rehearsal)Warning Shots2009
Ocean ParkUnseen2011
One Kill WonderOne Kill Wonder2003
One Kill WonderWarning Shots2009
PotsherdsStare At Nothing2024
Preachers Of DeathStrength In Numbers2017
Privation Of Faith Inc. (Intro)One Kill Wonder2003
PsychonautExit Wounds2014
RevelationMade Me Do It2000
RevelationWarning Shots2009
RitualWarning Shots2009
Rivers RunVersus2008
Shadow WorldOne Kill Wonder2003
Shadow WorldWarning Shots2009
ShatteredThe Haunted1998
Shattered (Demo)Warning Shots2009
ShitheadOne Kill Wonder2003
ShitheadWarning Shots2009
SilencerMade Me Do It2000
Smut King (Bonus Track)Revolver2004
Soul FractureThe Haunted1998
SparkStrength In Numbers2017
Stare At NothingStare At Nothing2024
Strength In NumbersStrength In Numbers2017
Sweet ReliefRevolver2004
TemptationExit Wounds2014
The CityUnseen2011
The CynicThe Dead Eye2006
The DrowningThe Dead Eye2006
The FailureThe Dead Eye2006
The FallStrength In Numbers2017
The FalloutThe Dead Eye2006
The FloodThe Dead Eye2006
The Guilt TripThe Dead Eye2006
The MedicationThe Dead Eye2006
The MedusaThe Dead Eye2006
The PremonitionThe Dead Eye2006
The ProsecutionThe Dead Eye2006
The ReflectionThe Dead Eye2006
The ShifterThe Dead Eye2006
The SkullUnseen2011
The StainThe Dead Eye2006
The World BurnsMade Me Do It2000
This Is The EndStrength In Numbers2017
This WarExit Wounds2014
Three TimesThe Haunted1998
Three Times (live)Warning Shots2009
Tighten The NooseStrength In Numbers2017
Trend KillerExit Wounds2014
TrespassMade Me Do It2000
TrespassWarning Shots2009
UndeadThe Haunted1998
UndeadWarning Shots2009
Undead (Demo)Warning Shots2009
Undead (Rehearsal)Warning Shots2009
Under The SurfaceMade Me Do It2000
Under The SurfaceWarning Shots2009
Urban PredatorOne Kill Wonder2003
Victim IcedMade Me Do It2000
Waratah BlossomStare At Nothing2024
Well Of SoulsOne Kill Wonder2003
Well Of SoulsWarning Shots2009
Who Will DecideRevolver2004

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