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All Hope DestroyedUpon Desoalte Sands2018
Behold JudasI, Monarch2005
Beyond RedemptionKing Of All Kings2002
Born By FireKing Of All Kings2002
Bringer Of StormsFury And Flames2008
By His Own DecreeConquering The Throne1999
CatacombsConquering The Throne1999
Chants In DeclarationKing Of All Kings2002
CoronachFury And Flames2008
Dark Age Of RuinUpon Desoalte Sands2018
Darkness By OathConquering The Throne1999
DeathveilPhoenix Amongst The Ashes2011
DethronedConquering The Throne1999
Dogma CondemnedConquering The Throne1999
Faceless OneI, Monarch2005
For Whom We Have LostUpon Desoalte Sands2018
Fury WithinFury And Flames2008
HateswornPhoenix Amongst The Ashes2011
Haunting AboundPhoenix Amongst The Ashes2011
Hell EnvenomFury And Flames2008
I, MonarchI, Monarch2005
In Spirit (The Power Of Mana)King Of All Kings2002
Inside (Bonus Track)Fury And Flames2008
It Is Our WillI, Monarch2005
King Of All KingsKing Of All Kings2002
Lake AblazePhoenix Amongst The Ashes2011
Nailed To ObscurityConquering The Throne1999
Nothingness Of BeingUpon Desoalte Sands2018
Our BeckoningKing Of All Kings2002
Para BellumFury And Flames2008
Path To The Eternal GodsI, Monarch2005
Phoenix Amongst The AshesPhoenix Amongst The Ashes2011
Portal Of MyriadUpon Desoalte Sands2018
Powers That BeKing Of All Kings2002
Praise Of The AlmightyConquering The Throne1999
Proclamation Of The DamnedFury And Flames2008
RebirthPhoenix Amongst The Ashes2011
Rising Legions Of BlackKing Of All Kings2002
Sacrilege Of HateConquering The Throne1999
Saturated In DejectionConquering The Throne1999
Servants Of The GodsKing Of All Kings2002
Sons Of DarknessI, Monarch2005
Spiritual HolocaustConquering The Throne1999
The Art Of RedemptionPhoenix Amongst The Ashes2011
The Creed Of Chaotic DivinityConquering The Throne1999
The Eternal RulerPhoenix Amongst The Ashes2011
The Fire Of ResurrectionPhoenix Amongst The Ashes2011
The Funerary MarchFury And Flames2008
The Obscure TerrorKing Of All Kings2002
The Plague Of HumanityI, Monarch2005
The Victorious ReignI, Monarch2005
The Violent FuryUpon Desoalte Sands2018
Thorns Of AcaciaPhoenix Amongst The Ashes2011
Thus SalvationFury And Flames2008
To Know Our EnemiesI, Monarch2005
Tombeau (Le tombeau de la fureur et des flames)Fury And Flames2008
Two DemonsI, Monarch2005
Upon Desolate SandsUpon Desoalte Sands2018
Vengeance StrikethUpon Desoalte Sands2018
What Lies BeyondUpon Desoalte Sands2018
Whom Gods May DestroyFury And Flames2008

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