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666 - The Enemy WithinInfected2011
A Legend Reborn (Version 2003)One Crimson Night2003
Always Will BeRenegade2000
Always Will BeSteel Meets Steel - Ten Years Of Glory2007
And Yet I SmileDominion2019
Angel Of MercyCrimson Thunder2002
Angel Of MercyMasterpieces2008
Any Means NecessaryNo Sacrifice, No Victory2009
Any Means Necessary (live)Live! Against The World2020
At The End Of The RainbowLegacy Of Kings1998
At The End Of The Rainbow (1998 Version)Steel Meets Steel - Ten Years Of Glory2007
At The End Of The Rainbow (live)One Crimson Night2003
Back To BackLegacy Of Kings1998
Back To BackMasterpieces2008
Bass Solo: Magnus Rosen (live)One Crimson Night2003
Between Two WorldsNo Sacrifice, No Victory2009
Blood BoundChapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken2005
Blood BoundSteel Meets Steel - Ten Years Of Glory2007
Blood Bound (live)Live! Against The World2020
Born To RuleChapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken2005
Breaking The LawMasterpieces2008
Bring ItBuilt To Last2016
Bring The Hammer DownNo Sacrifice, No Victory2009
BrotherhoodHammer Of Dawn2022
Built To LastBuilt To Last2016
Carved In StoneThreshold2006
Chain Of CommandDominion2019
Child Of The DamnedGlory To The Brave1997
Child Of The DamnedMasterpieces2008
Crazy NightsMasterpieces2008
Crimson ThunderCrimson Thunder2002
Crimson ThunderSteel Meets Steel - Ten Years Of Glory2007
Crimson Thunder (live)One Crimson Night2003
Dark Wings, Dark WordsThreshold2006
Dark Wings, Dark WordsSteel Meets Steel - Ten Years Of Glory2007
Dead By DawnDominion2019
Destined For GloryRenegade2000
Dethrone And DefyBuilt To Last2016
Detroit Rock CityMasterpieces2008
Dia De Los MuertosInfected2011
Dominion (live)Live! Against The World2020
DreamlandLegacy Of Kings1998
Dreams Come TrueCrimson Thunder2002
Eternal DarkMasterpieces2008
Evil Incarnate(R)Evolution2014
Ex Inferis(R)Evolution2014
Flight Of The WarriorMasterpieces2008
Fury Of The WildChapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken2005
Fury Of The WildSteel Meets Steel - Ten Years Of Glory2007
Glory To The BraveGlory To The Brave1997
Glory To The BraveSteel Meets Steel - Ten Years Of Glory2007
Glory To The Brave (live)One Crimson Night2003
Guitar Solo: Stefan Elmgren (live)One Crimson Night2003
Hallowed Be My NameNo Sacrifice, No Victory2009
Hallowed Be My Name (live)Live! Against The World2020
Hammer HighBuilt To Last2016
Hammer High (live)Live! Against The World2020
Hammer Of DawnHammer Of Dawn2022
Hammer Of JusticeChapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken2005
HammerfallGlory To The Brave1997
Hammerfall (live)One Crimson Night2003
Hammerfall v1.07Steel Meets Steel - Ten Years Of Glory2007
Head Over HeelsMasterpieces2008
Hearts On FireCrimson Thunder2002
Hearts On FireSteel Meets Steel - Ten Years Of Glory2007
Hearts On Fire (live)One Crimson Night2003
Hearts On Fire (live)Live! Against The World2020
Hector's Hymn(R)Evolution2014
Hector's Hymn (live)Live! Against The World2020
Heeding The CallLegacy Of Kings1998
Heeding The Call (1998 Version)Steel Meets Steel - Ten Years Of Glory2007
Heeding The Call (live)One Crimson Night2003
Heeding The Call (live)Live! Against The World2020
Hero's ReturnCrimson Thunder2002
Hero's ReturnSteel Meets Steel - Ten Years Of Glory2007
Hero's Return (live)One Crimson Night2003
Howlin' With The 'PacThreshold2006
I BelieveGlory To The Brave1997
I RefuseInfected2011
I Want OutMasterpieces2008
ImperialChapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken2005
In MemoriamCrimson Thunder2002
Keep The Flame BurningRenegade2000
Keep The Flame BurningSteel Meets Steel - Ten Years Of Glory2007
Keep The Flame Burning (live)Live! Against The World2020
Knights Of The 21st CenturyChapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken2005
Last Man StandingSteel Meets Steel - Ten Years Of Glory2007
Last Man Standing (live)Live! Against The World2020
Legacy Of KingsLegacy Of Kings1998
Legacy Of Kings (2003 Version)Steel Meets Steel - Ten Years Of Glory2007
Legacy Of Kings (live)One Crimson Night2003
Legend RebornRenegade2000
LegionNo Sacrifice, No Victory2009
Let The Hammer FallLegacy Of Kings1998
Let The Hammer Fall (2003 Version)Steel Meets Steel - Ten Years Of Glory2007
Let The Hammer Fall (live)One Crimson Night2003
Let The Hammer Fall (live)Live! Against The World2020
Let's Get It OnInfected2011
Life Is NowNo Sacrifice, No Victory2009
Live Free Or DieHammer Of Dawn2022
Live Life Loud(R)Evolution2014
Living In VictoryRenegade2000
Lore Of The ArcaneCrimson Thunder2002
Lore Of The Arcane (live)One Crimson Night2003
Man On The Silver MountainMasterpieces2008
My SharonaNo Sacrifice, No Victory2009
När Vindarna Viskar Mitt NamnMasterpieces2008
Natural HighThreshold2006
Natural HighSteel Meets Steel - Ten Years Of Glory2007
Natural High (live)Live! Against The World2020
Never Forgive, Never ForgetDominion2019
Never Forgive, Never Forget (live)Live! Against The World2020
Never, EverChapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken2005
Never, EverSteel Meets Steel - Ten Years Of Glory2007
New BreedBuilt To Last2016
No MercyHammer Of Dawn2022
No Sacrifice, No VictoryNo Sacrifice, No Victory2009
No Son Of OdinHammer Of Dawn2022
Not TodayHammer Of Dawn2022
On The Edge Of HonourCrimson Thunder2002
One Against The WorldDominion2019
One Against The World (live)Live! Against The World2020
One More TimeInfected2011
One Of A KindNo Sacrifice, No Victory2009
Patient ZeroInfected2011
Punish And EnslaveNo Sacrifice, No Victory2009
Raise The HammerRenegade2000
Rebel InsideThreshold2006
Redemption (live)Live! Against The World2020
Reign Of The HammerThreshold2006
Remember YesterdayLegacy Of Kings1998
RenegadeSteel Meets Steel - Ten Years Of Glory2007
Renegade (live)One Crimson Night2003
Renegade Medley (live)Live! Against The World2020
Restless SoulSteel Meets Steel - Ten Years Of Glory2007
ReveriesHammer Of Dawn2022
Riders Of The StormCrimson Thunder2002
Riders Of The StormSteel Meets Steel - Ten Years Of Glory2007
Riders Of The Storm (live)One Crimson Night2003
Rising ForceCrimson Thunder2002
Rising ForceMasterpieces2008
Run With The DevilMasterpieces2008
Scars Of A GenerationDominion2019
Second To NoneBuilt To Last2016
Second To OneDominion2019
Second To One (live) (+ Noora Louhimo)Live! Against The World2020
SecretsChapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken2005
SecretsSteel Meets Steel - Ten Years Of Glory2007
Send Me A SignInfected2011
Shadow EmpireThreshold2006
Something For The AgesNo Sacrifice, No Victory2009
State Of The W.I.L.D.Hammer Of Dawn2022
Steel Meets SteelGlory To The Brave1997
Steel Meets SteelSteel Meets Steel - Ten Years Of Glory2007
Steel Meets Steel (live)One Crimson Night2003
Stone ColdGlory To The Brave1997
Stone ColdSteel Meets Steel - Ten Years Of Glory2007
Stone Cold (live)One Crimson Night2003
StormbreakerBuilt To Last2016
Stronger Than AllLegacy Of Kings1998
Stronger Then All (Version 2003)One Crimson Night2003
Sweden RockDominion2019
Sweden Rock (live)Live! Against The World2020
Tainted Metal(R)Evolution2014
Take The BlackChapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken2005
Templars Of SteelRenegade2000
Templars Of SteelSteel Meets Steel - Ten Years Of Glory2007
Templars Of Steel (live)One Crimson Night2003
The AbyssSteel Meets Steel - Ten Years Of Glory2007
The ChampionRenegade2000
The Dragon Lies BleedingGlory To The Brave1997
The Dragon Lies BleedingSteel Meets Steel - Ten Years Of Glory2007
The Dragon Lies Bleeding (live)Live! Against The World2020
The Dragon Lies Bleeding (Version 2003)One Crimson Night2003
The Fallen OneLegacy Of Kings1998
The Fire Burns ForeverThreshold2006
The Fire Burns ForeverSteel Meets Steel - Ten Years Of Glory2007
The Metal AgeGlory To The Brave1997
The Metal AgeSteel Meets Steel - Ten Years Of Glory2007
The OutlawInfected2011
The Sacred VowBuilt To Last2016
The Star Of HomeBuilt To Last2016
The Templar FlameChapter V: Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken2005
The Unforgiving BladeCrimson Thunder2002
The Unforgiving Blade (live)One Crimson Night2003
The Way Of The WarriorRenegade2000
The Way Of The Warrior (live)One Crimson Night2003
The Way Of The Warrior (live)Live! Against The World2020
ThresholdSteel Meets Steel - Ten Years Of Glory2007
Too Old To Die YoungHammer Of Dawn2022
TrailblazersCrimson Thunder2002
Twighlight PrincessBuilt To Last2016
UnchainedGlory To The Brave1997
Venerate MeHammer Of Dawn2022
Warriors Of FaithLegacy Of Kings1998
We Won't Back Down(R)Evolution2014
We're Gonna Make ItMasterpieces2008
Winter Is Coming(R)Evolution2014
Youth Gone WildMasterpieces2008

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