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Cyber World (live)Live At Saitama Super Arena2011
Diamonds And Rust (live)Live At Saitama Super Arena2011
Drop Out (live)Live At Saitama Super Arena2011
Fire And IceHalford IV - Made Of Metal2010
Fire And Ice (live)Live At Saitama Super Arena2011
Get Into The SpiritHalford III - Winter Songs2009
Golgotha (live)Live At Saitama Super Arena2011
Green Manalishi (With The Two-Pronged Crown) (live)Live At Saitama Super Arena2011
Handing Out BulletsCrucible2002
HeartlessHalford IV - Made Of Metal2010
Hearts Of DarknessCrucible2002
Hell RazorHalford IV - Made Of Metal2010
I Don't Care If It's Christmas NightHalford III - Winter Songs2009
I Know We Stand A ChanceHalford IV - Made Of Metal2010
Jawbreaker (live)Live At Saitama Super Arena2011
Like There's No TomorrowHalford IV - Made Of Metal2010
Like There?s No Tomorrow (live)Live At Saitama Super Arena2011
Locked And LoadedResurrection2000
Locked And Loaded (live)Live At Saitama Super Arena2011
Made In HellResurrection2000
Made In Hell (live)Live At Saitama Super Arena2011
Made Of MetalHalford IV - Made Of Metal2010
Made Of Metal (live)Live At Saitama Super Arena2011
MatadorHalford IV - Made Of Metal2010
Nailed To The Gun (live)Live At Saitama Super Arena2011
Night FallResurrection2000
Oh Come All Ye FaithfulHalford III - Winter Songs2009
Oh EmanuelHalford III - Winter Songs2009
Oh Holy NightHalford III - Winter Songs2009
One WillCrucible2002
Park ManorCrucible2002
Resurrection (live)Live At Saitama Super Arena2011
Silent ScreamsResurrection2000
Slow DownResurrection2000
Speed Of SoundHalford IV - Made Of Metal2010
The MowerHalford IV - Made Of Metal2010
The One You Love To HateResurrection2000
Thunder and LightningHalford IV - Made Of Metal2010
Thunder And Lightning (live)Live At Saitama Super Arena2011
Till The Day I DieHalford IV - Made Of Metal2010
Trail Of TearsResurrection2000
Trail Of TearsCrucible2002
Twenty Five YearsHalford IV - Made Of Metal2010
UndisputedHalford IV - Made Of Metal2010
Undisputed (live)Live At Saitama Super Arena2011
We Own The NightHalford IV - Made Of Metal2010
We Three KingsHalford III - Winter Songs2009
Weaving SorrowCrucible2002
What Child Is ThisHalford III - Winter Songs2009
When Christmas Comes For EveryoneHalford III - Winter Songs2009
Winter SongHalford III - Winter Songs2009
Wrath Of GodCrucible2002

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