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Behind Those EyesBrand New Revolution2015
Big CityFearless2018
Blame It On Me (+ Mats Leven)I Am The Fire2014
Brand New RevolutionBrand New Revolution2015
BurnBrand New Revolution2015
ChronesthesiaQuantum Leap2021
Cold Sweat (live)Quantum Leap2021
Come Hell Or High WaterBrand New Revolution2015
Demon StompQuantum Leap2021
Don't Tread On MeFearless2018
Dreamkeeper (+ Tom S. England)I Am The Fire2014
End Of The Line (+ Mats Leven)I Am The Fire2014
Enigma Of LifeQuantum Leap2021
ExosphereQuantum Leap2021
Eyes Wide Open (+ Mats Leven)I Am The Fire2014
Fearless (live)Quantum Leap2021
FierceQuantum Leap2021
Force MajeureQuantum Leap2021
Force Majeure (live)Quantum Leap2021
Generation GBrand New Revolution2015
Gone To StayBrand New Revolution2015
I Am The Fire (+ Devour The Day)I Am The Fire2014
If It Ends TodayBrand New Revolution2015
Into The UnknownQuantum Leap2021
Judgement DayQuantum Leap2021
Just Can't Let Go (+ Jacob Bunton)I Am The Fire2014
Last Of My KindFearless2018
Letting GoFearless2018
Letting Go (live)Quantum Leap2021
Little Ain't EnoughFearless2018
Long Way Down (+ Alexia Rodriguez)I Am The Fire2014
Money For NothingFearless2018
Money For Nothing (live)Quantum Leap2021
Mr. MansonFearless2018
Mr. Manson (live)Quantum Leap2021
My Will Be Done (+ Mats Leven)I Am The Fire2014
Night DriverQuantum Leap2021
Not ForgottenQuantum Leap2021
Nothing To SayFearless2018
One More TryBrand New Revolution2015
Quantum LeapQuantum Leap2021
Redemption (+ Michael Starr)I Am The Fire2014
Summer Days (+ Jeff Scott Soto)I Am The Fire2014
Terrified (+ Billy Sheehan)I Am The Fire2014
The Demon InsideBrand New Revolution2015
The QuestBrand New Revolution2015
Thrill Of The ChaseFearless2018
Thrill Of The Chase (live)Quantum Leap2021
Vengeance (+ David Ellefson)I Am The Fire2014
We Are OneBrand New Revolution2015
What Lies BelowBrand New Revolution2015

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