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1.000 Hours39-Smooth1990
2.000 Light Years AwayGreatest Hits: God's Favorite Band2017
2000 Light Years AwayKerplunk!1992
2000 Light Years Away (BBC Live Session)BBC Sessions2021
21 Guns21st Century Breakdown2009
21 GunsGreatest Hits: God's Favorite Band2017
21 Guns (live)Awesome As Fuck2011
21st Century Breakdown (live)Awesome As Fuck2011
409 In Your Coffeemaker39-Smooth1990
8Th Avenue SerenadeTre2012
99 RevolutionsTre2012
All The TimeNimrod1997
American Eulogy21st Century Breakdown2009
American IdiotAmerican Idiot2004
American IdiotGreatest Hits: God's Favorite Band2017
American Idiot (live)Bullet In A Bible2005
American Idiot (live)Awesome As Fuck2011
Angel BlueUno2012
Are We The WaitingAmerican Idiot2004
Are We The Waiting (live)Bullet In A Bible2005
Armatage ShanksInsomniac1995
At The Library39-Smooth1990
Bab's Uvula WhoInsomniac1995
Baby EyesDos2012
Back In The USAGreatest Hits: God's Favorite Band2017
Bang BangRevolution Radio2016
Bang BangGreatest Hits: God's Favorite Band2017
Basket CaseDookie1994
Basket CaseInternational Superhits!2001
Basket CaseGreatest Hits: God's Favorite Band2017
Basket Case (BBC Live Session)BBC Sessions2021
Basket Case (live)Bullet In A Bible2005
Before The Lobotomy21st Century Breakdown2009
Blood, Sex And BoozeWarning2000
Boulevard Of Broken DreamsAmerican Idiot2004
Boulevard Of Broken DreamsGreatest Hits: God's Favorite Band2017
Boulevard Of Broken Dreams (live)Bullet In A Bible2005
Bouncing Off The WallRevolution Radio2016
Brain StewInsomniac1995
Brain StewInternational Superhits!2001
Brain StewGreatest Hits: God's Favorite Band2017
Brain Stew (live)Bullet In A Bible2005
Brain Stew - Jaded (BBC Live Session)BBC Sessions2021
Brutal LoveTre2012
Burnout (live)Awesome As Fuck2011
Carpe DiemUno2012
Castaway (BBC Live Session)BBC Sessions2021
Christian's Inferno21st Century Breakdown2009
Christie RoadKerplunk!1992
Church On SundayWarning2000
Church On Sunday (BBC Live Session)BBC Sessions2021
Cigarettes And Valentines (live)Awesome As Fuck2011
Coming CleanDookie1994
Deadbeat HolidayWarning2000
Dirty Rotten BastardsTre2012
Disappearing Boy39-Smooth1990
Dominated Love Slave (Tre Cool)Kerplunk!1992
Don't Leave Me39-Smooth1990
Drama Queen21st Century Breakdown2009
Drama QueenTre2012
Dry Ice39-Smooth1990
East Jesus Nowhere (live)Awesome As Fuck2011
Emenius Sleepus (Mike Dirnt, Green Day)Dookie1994
Extraordinary GirlAmerican Idiot2004
F*** TimeDos2012
Fashion VictimWarning2000
Father Of All...Father Of All Motherfuckers2020
Fell For YouUno2012
Fire, Ready, AimFather Of All Motherfuckers2020
Forever NowRevolution Radio2016
Geek Stink BreathInsomniac1995
Geek Stink BreathInternational Superhits!2001
Geek Stink Breath (BBC Live Session)BBC Sessions2021
Geek Stink Breath (live)Awesome As Fuck2011
Give Me NovacaineAmerican Idiot2004
Going To Pasalacqua39-Smooth1990
Going To Pasalacqua (live)Awesome As Fuck2011
Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)Nimrod1997
Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)International Superhits!2001
Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)Greatest Hits: God's Favorite Band2017
Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life) (live)Awesome As Fuck2011
GraffitiaFather Of All Motherfuckers2020
Green Day39-Smooth1990
Having A BlastDookie1994
Hitchin' A RideNimrod1997
Hitchin' A RideInternational Superhits!2001
Hitchin' A RideGreatest Hits: God's Favorite Band2017
Hitchin' A Ride (BBC Live Session)BBC Sessions2021
Hitchin' A Ride (live)Bullet In A Bible2005
Hold OnWarning2000
HolidayAmerican Idiot2004
HolidayGreatest Hits: God's Favorite Band2017
Holiday (live)Bullet In A Bible2005
Holiday (live)Awesome As Fuck2011
HomecomingAmerican Idiot2004
Horseshoes And Handgrenades21st Century Breakdown2009
I Want To Be Alone39-Smooth1990
I Was A Teenage TeenagerFather Of All Motherfuckers2020
I Was There39-Smooth1990
In The EndDookie1994
Intro - 21st Century Breakdown21st Century Breakdown2009
J.A.R. (Jason Andrew Relva)International Superhits!2001
J.A.R. (Jason Andrew Relva) (live)Awesome As Fuck2011
JadedInternational Superhits!2001
Jesus Of SuburbiaAmerican Idiot2004
Jesus Of Suburbia (live)Bullet In A Bible2005
Junkies On A HighFather Of All Motherfuckers2020
Kill The DJUno2012
King For A DayNimrod1997
King For A Day - Shout (live)Bullet In A Bible2005
Know Your Enemy21st Century Breakdown2009
Know Your EnemyGreatest Hits: God's Favorite Band2017
Know Your Enemy (live)Awesome As Fuck2011
Lady CobraDos2012
Last Night On Earth21st Century Breakdown2009
Last Of The American Girls21st Century Breakdown2009
Last Ride InNimrod1997
Lazy BonesDos2012
Let Yourself GoUno2012
LetterbombAmerican Idiot2004
Little Boy Named TrainTre2012
LongviewInternational Superhits!2001
LongviewGreatest Hits: God's Favorite Band2017
Longview (live)Bullet In A Bible2005
Loss Of ControlUno2012
Macy's Day ParadeWarning2000
Macy's Day ParadeInternational Superhits!2001
Makeout PartyDos2012
March Of The Dogs21st Century Breakdown2009
MariaInternational Superhits!2001
Meet Me On The RoofFather Of All Motherfuckers2020
MinorityInternational Superhits!2001
MinorityGreatest Hits: God's Favorite Band2017
Minority (BBC Live Session)BBC Sessions2021
Minority (live)Bullet In A Bible2005
Missing YouTre2012
Nice Guys Finish LastNimrod1997
Nice Guys Finish LastInternational Superhits!2001
Nice Guys Finish Last (BBC Live Session)BBC Sessions2021
No One KnowsKerplunk!1992
No PrideInsomniac1995
Nuclear FamilyUno2012
Oh LoveUno2012
Oh LoveGreatest Hits: God's Favorite Band2017
Oh Yeah!Father Of All Motherfuckers2020
One For The RazorbacksKerplunk!1992
One of My LiesKerplunk!1992
Only Of You39-Smooth1990
Ordinary WorldRevolution Radio2016
Ordinary World (+ Miranda Lambert)Greatest Hits: God's Favorite Band2017
OutlawsRevolution Radio2016
Panic SongInsomniac1995
Paper Lanterns39-Smooth1990
Peacemaker21st Century Breakdown2009
Platypus (I Hate You)Nimrod1997
Poprocks And CokeInternational Superhits!2001
Private AleKerplunk!1992
Prosthetic HeadNimrod1997
Prosthetic Head (BBC Live Session)BBC Sessions2021
Pulling TeethDookie1994
RedundantInternational Superhits!2001
Redundant (BBC Live Session)BBC Sessions2021
Restless Heart Syndrome21st Century Breakdown2009
Revolution RadioRevolution Radio2016
Road To Acceptance39-Smooth1990
Rusty JamesUno2012
Sassafras RootsDookie1994
Say GoodbyeRevolution Radio2016
See The Light21st Century Breakdown2009
See You TonightDos2012
Sex, Drugs & ViolenceTre2012
SheInternational Superhits!2001
SheGreatest Hits: God's Favorite Band2017
She (BBC Live Session)BBC Sessions2021
She (live)Awesome As Fuck2011
She's A RebelAmerican Idiot2004
Somewhere NowRevolution Radio2016
St. JimmyAmerican Idiot2004
St. Jimmy (live)Bullet In A Bible2005
Stab You In The HeartFather Of All Motherfuckers2020
Static Age21st Century Breakdown2009
Stay The NightUno2012
Still BreathingRevolution Radio2016
Still BreathingGreatest Hits: God's Favorite Band2017
Stop When The Red Lights FlashDos2012
Stray HeartDos2012
Stuart And The Ave.Insomniac1995
Stuck With MeInsomniac1995
Stuck With MeInternational Superhits!2001
Stuck With Me (BBC Live Session)BBC Sessions2021
Sugar YouthFather Of All Motherfuckers2020
Sweet 16Uno2012
Take BackNimrod1997
Take The Money And CrawlFather Of All Motherfuckers2020
The ForgottenTre2012
The GrouchNimrod1997
The Judge's Daughter39-Smooth1990
The One I Want39-Smooth1990
Tight Wad HillInsomniac1995
Too Dumb To DieRevolution Radio2016
Troubled TimesRevolution Radio2016
Viva La Gloria21st Century Breakdown2009
Viva La Gloria (live)Awesome As Fuck2011
WaitingInternational Superhits!2001
Waiting (BBC Live Session)BBC Sessions2021
Wake Me Up When September EndsAmerican Idiot2004
Wake Me Up When September EndsGreatest Hits: God's Favorite Band2017
Wake Me Up When September Ends (live)Bullet In A Bible2005
Wake Me Up When September Ends (live)Awesome As Fuck2011
Walk AwayTre2012
Walking AloneNimrod1997
Walking ContradictionInsomniac1995
Walking ContradictionInternational Superhits!2001
Walking Contradiction (BBC Live Session)BBC Sessions2021
WarningInternational Superhits!2001
WarningGreatest Hits: God's Favorite Band2017
Welcome To ParadiseKerplunk!1992
Welcome To ParadiseInternational Superhits!2001
Welcome To ParadiseGreatest Hits: God's Favorite Band2017
Welcome To Paradise (Re-Recording)Dookie1994
Westbound SignInsomniac1995
WhatsernameAmerican Idiot2004
When I Come AroundDookie1994
When I Come AroundInternational Superhits!2001
When I Come AroundGreatest Hits: God's Favorite Band2017
When I Come Around (BBC Live Session)BBC Sessions2021
When I Come Around (live)Awesome As Fuck2011
Who Wrote Holden CaulfieldKerplunk!1992
Who Wrote Holden Caulfield (live)Awesome As Fuck2011
Why Do You Want Him39-Smooth1990
Wild OneDos2012
Words I Might Have AteKerplunk!1992
Worry RockNimrod1997
Wow That's LoudDos2012
YoungbloodRevolution Radio2016
¡Viva La Gloria21st Century Breakdown2009

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