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20-20 (Tunnel Vision)Lights Out2012
A Sign Of PeacePeace2018
Ain?t Fit To Live HereHisingen Blues2011
An Industry Of MurderLights Out2012
As the Years Pass By, The Hours BendGraveyard2007
Bird Of ParadisePeace2018
Blue SoulGraveyard2007
Breathe In Breathe Out62023
Bright Lights62023
Buying Truth (Tack och förlat)Hisingen Blues2011
Can't Walk OutInnocence And Decadence2015
Cause And DefectInnocence And Decadence2015
Cold LovePeace2018
Del ManicPeace2018
Don't Take Us For FoolsGraveyard2007
Endless NightLights Out2012
Evil WaysGraveyard2007
Exit 97Innocence And Decadence2015
Far Too CloseInnocence And Decadence2015
Fool In The EndLights Out2012
From A Hole In The WallInnocence And Decadence2015
GoliathLights Out2012
Hard Times Lovin'Lights Out2012
Hard-HeadedInnocence And Decadence2015
Hisingen BluesHisingen Blues2011
I Follow You62023
It Ain't Over YetPeace2018
Just A Drop62023
LongingHisingen Blues2011
Lost In ConfusionGraveyard2007
Low (I Wouldn't Mind)Peace2018
Magnetic ShunkInnocence And Decadence2015
Never Theirs To SellInnocence And Decadence2015
No Good, Mr. HoldenHisingen Blues2011
No Way Out62023
Please Don'tPeace2018
Rampant Fields62023
Right Is WrongGraveyard2007
RSSHisingen Blues2011
Sad Song62023
Satan's FinestGraveyard2007
See The DayPeace2018
Seven SevenLights Out2012
Slow Motion CountdownLights Out2012
Stay For A SongInnocence And Decadence2015
Submarine BluesGraveyard2007
The Apple And The TreeInnocence And Decadence2015
The FoxPeace2018
The HatchInnocence And Decadence2015
The SirenHisingen Blues2011
The Suits, The Law And The UniformsLights Out2012
Thin LineGraveyard2007
Too Much Is Not EnoughInnocence And Decadence2015
Uncomfortably NumbHisingen Blues2011
Ungrateful Are The DeadHisingen Blues2011
Walk OnPeace2018

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