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2000 Light Years From HomeHeavy Metal Breakdown1984
2000 Light Years From HomeThe Best Of The Eighties1993
Always And EternallyThe Last Supper2005
And The Devil Plays PianoThe Reaper1993
Back From The WarHeavy Metal Breakdown1984
Back From The WarThe Best Of The Eighties1993
Back To The RootsSymphony Of Death1994
Ballad Of A HangmanBallads Of A Hangman2009
BaphometKnights Of The Cross1998
Battle CrySymbol Of Eternity2022
Black DeathHeart Of Darkness1995
Black WidowsThe Last Supper2005
Blade Of The ImmortalThe Living Dead2018
Bucket List (Bonus Track)Healed By Metal2017
Call For WarHealed By Metal2017
Call Of The SirensClash Of The Gods2012
CharonClash Of The Gods2012
Circle Of WitchesHeart Of Darkness1995
Circle Of WitchesMasterpieces2002
Circle Of Witches (live)Tunes Of Wacken - Live2002
Circle Of Witches (live)25 To Live2005
Clash Of The GodsClash Of The Gods2012
Coming HomeThe Clans Will Rise Again2010
CrucifiedThe Last Supper2005
Cry For Freedom (James The VI)Tunes Of War1996
Culloden MuirTunes Of War1996
Days Of RevengeThe Clans Will Rise Again2010
Death Angel And The Grave DiggerClash Of The Gods2012
Death Smiles At All Of UsReturn Of The Reaper2014
Demon's DayHeart Of Darkness1995
Desert RoseThe Last Supper2005
Desert Rose (live)25 To Live2005
Deus Lo VultKnights Of The Cross1998
Dia De Los MuertosReturn Of The Reaper2014
Divided CrossThe Last Supper2005
Dolphins Cry (Bonus Track)Heart Of Darkness1995
Don't Kill The Children (Bonus Track)Witch Hunter1985
Don't Leave Me LonelyStronger Than Ever1987
Drop The BombWar Games1986
Drop The BombThe Best Of The Eighties1993
Emerald EyesExcalibur1999
Enola Gay - Drop The BombExhumation - The Early Years2015
Excalibur (live)Tunes Of Wacken - Live2002
Excalibur (live)25 To Live2005
ExecutionThe Clans Will Rise Again2010
FalloutWar Games1986
Fanatic AssassinsKnights Of The Cross1998
Fear Of The Living DeadThe Living Dead2018
Fight For FreedomWitch Hunter1985
Fight The FightThe Reaper1993
Fight The FightMasterpieces2002
Fire In Your EyesWar Games1986
Fire In Your EyesExhumation - The Early Years2015
Fist In Your FaceThe Living Dead2018
Forecourt To HellLiberty Or Death2007
Free ForeverHealed By Metal2017
Friends Of MineWitch Hunter1985
Funeral For A Fallen AngelBallads Of A Hangman2009
Funeral ProcessionThe Grave Digger2001
Get AwayWitch Hunter1985
Get AwayThe Best Of The Eighties1993
Get AwayExhumation - The Early Years2015
Get Ready For PowerWitch Hunter1985
Glory Or GraveThe Living Dead2018
God Of TerrorClash Of The Gods2012
Goodbye (Bonus Track)Rheingold2003
Grace Of GodSymbol Of Eternity2022
Grave DesecratorReturn Of The Reaper2014
Grave In The No Man's LandThe Last Supper2005
Grave In The No Man's Land (live)25 To Live2005
Grave Of The AddictedBallads Of A Hangman2009
HallelujahHealed By Metal2017
Hammer Of The ScotsThe Clans Will Rise Again2010
HateHeart Of Darkness1995
Haunted PalaceThe Grave Digger2001
Headbanging ManHeavy Metal Breakdown1984
Headbanging ManThe Best Of The Eighties1993
Headbanging ManMasterpieces2002
Headbanging ManExhumation - The Early Years2015
Healed By MetalHealed By Metal2017
Heart AttackHeavy Metal Breakdown1984
Heart Of A WarriorSymbol Of Eternity2022
Heart Of DarknessHeart Of Darkness1995
Heart Of DarknessMasterpieces2002
Heaven Can WaitWar Games1986
Heaven Can WaitThe Best Of The Eighties1993
Heavy Metal BreakdownHeavy Metal Breakdown1984
Heavy Metal BreakdownThe Best Of The Eighties1993
Heavy Metal BreakdownMasterpieces2002
Heavy Metal BreakdownExhumation - The Early Years2015
Heavy Metal Breakdown (live)Tunes Of Wacken - Live2002
Heavy Metal Breakdown (live)25 To Live2005
Hell DogClash Of The Gods2012
Hell FuneralReturn Of The Reaper2014
Hell Is My PurgatorySymbol Of Eternity2022
Hell Of DisillusionBallads Of A Hangman2009
Hell To PayThe Last Supper2005
Hellas HellasSymbol Of Eternity2022
Here I StandWitch Hunter1985
Here I StandExhumation - The Early Years2015
Hero (Bonus Track)Rheingold2003
Heroes Of This TimeKnights Of The Cross1998
Highland FarewellThe Clans Will Rise Again2010
Highland TearsLiberty Or Death2007
Holy WarfareSymbol Of Eternity2022
Home At LastClash Of The Gods2012
Home At Last (German Version) (Bonus Track)Clash Of The Gods2012
House Of HorrorSymphony Of Death1994
Hundred DaysThe Last Supper2005
Hymn Of The DamnedThe Living Dead2018
I Don't Need Your LoveStronger Than Ever1987
InquisitionKnights Of The Cross1998
Insane PainThe Living Dead2018
Into The WarBallads Of A Hangman2009
IntroSymphony Of Death1994
Intro (live)Tunes Of Wacken - Live2002
Jailbreak (Bonus Track)Ballads Of A Hangman2009
Jeepers Creepers (Bonus Track)The Last Supper2005
Keep On Rockin'War Games1986
Keep On Rockin'The Best Of The Eighties1993
Kill RitualHealed By Metal2017
Killing TimeTunes Of War1996
King Of The KingsSymbol Of Eternity2022
King PestThe Grave Digger2001
Kingdom Of The Night (Bonus Track)Healed By Metal2017
Knights Of The CrossKnights Of The Cross1998
Knights Of The Cross (live)Tunes Of Wacken - Live2002
Knights Of The Cross (live)25 To Live2005
Laughing With The DeadHealed By Metal2017
LawbreakerHealed By Metal2017
Lay It DownStronger Than Ever1987
Legion Of The LostHeavy Metal Breakdown1984
Legions Of The Lost (Pt. 2)The Reaper1993
Let Your Heads RollWar Games1986
Liberty Or DeathLiberty Or Death2007
LionheartKnights Of The Cross1998
Lionheart (live)Tunes Of Wacken - Live2002
Listen To The MusicStronger Than Ever1987
Lonely The Innocent DiesBallads Of A Hangman2009
Love Is A GameWitch Hunter1985
Love Is Breaking My HeartWar Games1986
Maidens Of WarRheingold2003
March Of The InnocentLiberty Or Death2007
MassadaLiberty Or Death2007
MedusaClash Of The Gods2012
Monks Of WarKnights Of The Cross1998
Moon RidersStronger Than Ever1987
Mordred's SongExcalibur1999
Morgane Le FayExcalibur1999
Morgane Le Fay (live)Tunes Of Wacken - Live2002
Morgane LeFay (live)25 To Live2005
My Life (Bonus Track)Heart Of Darkness1995
My Private Morning Hell (Bonus Track)Exhumation - The Early Years2015
Night DrifterWitch Hunter1985
Night DrifterThe Best Of The Eighties1993
Nights Of JerusalemSymbol Of Eternity2022
Nothing To BelieveReturn Of The Reaper2014
Ocean Of BloodLiberty Or Death2007
Over The SeaKnights Of The Cross1998
Paid In BloodThe Clans Will Rise Again2010
ParadiseWar Games1986
ParadiseThe Best Of The Eighties1993
ParadiseExhumation - The Early Years2015
Paradise (live)25 To Live2005
PassionThe Last Supper2005
Passion (Intro) (live)25 To Live2005
Play Your Game (And Kill)The Reaper1993
Playin' FoolsWar Games1986
Playing FoolsExhumation - The Early Years2015
PrayBallads Of A Hangman2009
RavenThe Grave Digger2001
Rebellion (live)25 To Live2005
Rebellion (The Clans Are Marching)Tunes Of War1996
Rebellion (The Clans Are Marching)Masterpieces2002
Rebellion (The Clans Are Marching) (live)Tunes Of Wacken - Live2002
RebelsThe Clans Will Rise Again2010
Resurrection DayReturn Of The Reaper2014
Return Of The ReaperReturn Of The Reaper2014
Rheingold (live)25 To Live2005
Ride OnThe Reaper1993
Road Rage KillerReturn Of The Reaper2014
Ruler Mr. HThe Reaper1993
Sacred FireThe Grave Digger2001
Saints Of The Broken Soul (Bonus Track)Clash Of The Gods2012
SaladinSymbol Of Eternity2022
Satan's HostReturn Of The Reaper2014
School's OutWitch Hunter1985
Scotland UnitedTunes Of War1996
Scotland UnitedMasterpieces2002
Scotland United (live)Tunes Of Wacken - Live2002
Scythe Of TimeThe Grave Digger2001
Season Of The WitchReturn Of The Reaper2014
Shadow Of The WarriorThe Living Dead2018
ShadowlandLiberty Or Death2007
ShadowmakerHeart Of Darkness1995
Shadows Of A Moonless NightThe Reaper1993
Shadows Of The PastStronger Than Ever1987
Shine On (Bonus Track)Witch Hunter1985
Ship Of Hope (Bonus Track)Liberty Or Death2007
Shoot Her DownThe Best Of The Eighties1993
Shoot Her DownExhumation - The Early Years2015
Shoot Her Down (live)25 To Live2005
Shout It OutSymphony Of Death1994
SilenceThe Grave Digger2001
Silent RevolutionLiberty Or Death2007
Sky Of SwordsSymbol Of Eternity2022
Sleepless (Bonus Track)The Last Supper2005
Son Of EvilThe Grave Digger2001
Son Of Evil (live)25 To Live2005
Soul SaviorThe Last Supper2005
SpiderThe Clans Will Rise Again2010
Spirits Of The DeadThe Grave Digger2001
Spy Of Mas'onThe Reaper1993
Stand Up And RockStronger Than Ever1987
Stand Up And RockExhumation - The Early Years2015
Stay Till The MorningStronger Than Ever1987
StormriderBallads Of A Hangman2009
Stronger Than EverStronger Than Ever1987
Symbol Of EternitySymbol Of Eternity2022
Symphony Of DeathSymphony Of Death1994
Symphony Of DeathMasterpieces2002
Symphony Of Death (live)25 To Live2005
Tattooed RiderReturn Of The Reaper2014
Tears Of Blood (Bonus Track)Witch Hunter1985
Tears Of MadnessHeart Of Darkness1995
Ten Commandments Of MetalHealed By Metal2017
The Ballad Of Mary (Queen Of Scots)Tunes Of War1996
The Ballad Of Mary (Queen Of Scots)Masterpieces2002
The Ballad Of Mary (Queen Of Scots) (live)Tunes Of Wacken - Live2002
The Battle Of BannockburnKnights Of The Cross1998
The Battle Of BannockburnMasterpieces2002
The Battle Of Bannockburn (live)25 To Live2005
The Battle Of FloddenTunes Of War1996
The Brave (Intro)Tunes Of War1996
The Bruce (The Lion King)Tunes Of War1996
The Clans Will Rise AgainThe Clans Will Rise Again2010
The Curse Of JacquesKnights Of The Cross1998
The Curse Of Jacques (live)25 To Live2005
The Dark Of The SunTunes Of War1996
The Dark Of The SunMasterpieces2002
The Dark Of The Sun (live)Tunes Of Wacken - Live2002
The Dark Of The Sun (live)25 To Live2005
The EndWar Games1986
The Fall Of The Brave (Outro)Tunes Of War1996
The Final WarExcalibur1999
The Gallows PoleBallads Of A Hangman2009
The Grave DancerHeart Of Darkness1995
The Grave Dancer (live)25 To Live2005
The Grave DiggerThe Grave Digger2001
The Grave Digger (live)25 To Live2005
The Hangman's EyeHealed By Metal2017
The HouseThe Grave Digger2001
The House (live)25 To Live2005
The Keeper Of The Holy GrailKnights Of The Cross1998
The Last CrusadeSymbol Of Eternity2022
The Last SupperThe Last Supper2005
The Last Supper (live)25 To Live2005
The Madness ContinuesThe Reaper1993
The Night BeforeThe Last Supper2005
The Piper McLeodThe Clans Will Rise Again2010
The Power Of MetalThe Living Dead2018
The ReaperThe Reaper1993
The ReaperMasterpieces2002
The Reaper (live)Tunes Of Wacken - Live2002
The Reaper (live)25 To Live2005
The RingRheingold2003
The Round Table (Forever)Masterpieces2002
The Round Table (Forever) (live)Tunes Of Wacken - Live2002
The Round Table (live)25 To Live2005
The Round Table - ForeverExcalibur1999
The Secrets Of MerlinExcalibur1999
The Shadow Of Your SoulBallads Of A Hangman2009
The Siege of AkkonSymbol Of Eternity2022
The SpellExcalibur1999
The Terrible OneLiberty Or Death2007
The TruthTunes Of War1996
Tribute To DeathThe Reaper1993
Tristan's FateExcalibur1999
Twilight Of The GodsRheingold2003
Twilight Of The Gods (live)25 To Live2005
TyrantHeavy Metal Breakdown1984
TyrantExhumation - The Early Years2015
Under My FlagThe Reaper1993
Until The Last King DiedLiberty Or Death2007
Valhalla (live)25 To Live2005
Valley Of TearsThe Clans Will Rise Again2010
Walls Of SorrowClash Of The Gods2012
Wanna Get CloseStronger Than Ever1987
War GodReturn Of The Reaper2014
WarchildHeart Of Darkness1995
Warriors RevengeClash Of The Gods2012
Watch Me DieThe Clans Will Rise Again2010
We Wanna Rock YouHeavy Metal Breakdown1984
We Wanna Rock YouThe Best Of The Eighties1993
We Wanna Rock YouExhumation - The Early Years2015
Wedding DayThe Reaper1993
What War Left BehindThe Living Dead2018
When Death Passes ByThe Living Dead2018
When Night FallsHealed By Metal2017
When Rain Turns To BloodThe Clans Will Rise Again2010
Whom The Gods LoveThe Clans Will Rise Again2010
Wild And DangerousSymphony Of Death1994
William Wallace (Braveheart)Tunes Of War1996
Witch HunterWitch Hunter1985
Witch HunterThe Best Of The Eighties1993
Witch HunterExhumation - The Early Years2015
Witchunter (live)25 To Live2005
With The WindClash Of The Gods2012
World Of FoolsSymphony Of Death1994
YesterdayHeavy Metal Breakdown1984
YesterdayThe Best Of The Eighties1993
Yesterday (live)25 To Live2005
Young And Dangerous (Bonus Track)Exhumation - The Early Years2015
Zombie DanceThe Living Dead2018

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