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10.000 Faces#132020
Acoustic Medley 2010 (live)Homegrown - Alive In Lugano2011
All I Care ForGotthard1992
All I Care ForOne Life One Soul - Best Of Ballads2002
All I Care ForOne Team One Spirit2004
All We AreLipservice2005
All We Are (live)Made In Switzerland2006
And Then GoodbyeLipservice2005
And Then GoodbyeHeaven - Best Of Ballads Part 22010
AngelOne Life One Soul - Best Of Ballads2002
Angel (live)D-Frosted1997
Another Last Time#132020
Anytime Anywhere (live)Homegrown - Alive In Lugano2011
Anytime, AnywhereLipservice2005
Anytime, Anywhere (live)Made In Switzerland2006
Anytime, Anywhere (live)Defrosted 22018
Back To YouOpen1999
Bad News#132020
Bad To The BoneDomino Effect2007
Bang (live)Defrosted 22018
Beautiful (live)Defrosted 22018
Best TimeOpen1999
Better Than Love#132020
Blackberry WayOpen1999
Blame On MeSilver2017
Break AwayNeed To Believe2009
Bye Bye Caroline (+ Francis Rossi) [Acoustic Version]Defrosted 22018
C'est La VieBang!2014
C'est la vie (live)Defrosted 22018
Cheat And HideOpen1999
Cheat And HideOne Team One Spirit2004
Come AliveDomino Effect2007
Come AlongHomerun2001
Come TogetherDial Hard1993
Cupid ArrowLipservice2005
Customized Lovin' (Bonus Track)Silver2017
Dirty Devil RockDial Hard1993
Domino EffectDomino Effect2007
Don't Let Me DownHeaven - Best Of Ballads Part 22010
Don’t Let Me DownNeed To Believe2009
Dream OnLipservice2005
Dream On (live)Made In Switzerland2006
EagleOne Team One Spirit2004
End Of TimeHomerun2001
Every Time I Die#132020
Everything Can ChangeHomerun2001
Everything Can Change (Piano Version)One Team One Spirit2004
Everything I WantLipservice2005
Everything I WantHeaven - Best Of Ballads Part 22010
Everything InsideSilver2017
FallingDomino Effect2007
Falling (Special Acoustic Version)Heaven - Best Of Ballads Part 22010
Father Is That EnoughG.1996
Father Is That EnoughOne Life One Soul - Best Of Ballads2002
Father Is That Enough (live)D-Frosted1997
Feel What I FeelBang!2014
Feel What I Feel (live)Defrosted 22018
Fire And IceOne Team One Spirit2004
FiredanceOne Team One Spirit2004
First Time In A Long TimeHuman Zoo2003
First Time In A Long TimeOne Team One Spirit2004
Fist In Your FaceG.1996
Fist In Your FaceOne Team One Spirit2004
Free And AliveOpen1999
Get DownGotthard1992
Get Down (live)D-Frosted1997
Get It While You CanDial Hard1993
Get Up 'N' Move OnBang!2014
Give Me RealFirebirth2012
Gone Too FarDomino Effect2007
Gone Too Far (live)Homegrown - Alive In Lugano2011
Got To Be LoveOpen1999
Have A Little FaithHuman Zoo2003
Have A Little FaithOne Team One Spirit2004
Have A Little FaithHeaven - Best Of Ballads Part 22010
He Ain't Heavy, He's My BrotherOne Life One Soul - Best Of Ballads2002
Heal MeDomino Effect2007
HeavenOne Life One Soul - Best Of Ballads2002
HeavenOne Team One Spirit2004
HeavenHeaven - Best Of Ballads Part 22010
Heaven (live)Made In Switzerland2006
Heaven (live)Homegrown - Alive In Lugano2011
Heaven (live)Defrosted 22018
Here Comes The HeatDial Hard1993
Hey JimiOpen1999
HigherDial Hard1993
Hole In OneG.1996
Hole In One (live)D-Frosted1997
HomerunOne Life One Soul - Best Of Ballads2002
HomerunOne Team One Spirit2004
Human ZooHuman Zoo2003
Human ZooOne Team One Spirit2004
Hurry (live)D-Frosted1997
HushOne Team One Spirit2004
Hush (live)D-Frosted1997
Hush (live)Made In Switzerland2006
Hush (live)Homegrown - Alive In Lugano2011
Hush (live)Defrosted 22018
I CanFirebirth2012
I Can Say I'm Sorry#132020
I Can Say I'm Sorry (Piano Version)#132020
I Don't Mind (live)Homegrown - Alive In Lugano2011
I Don’t MindNeed To Believe2009
I Know, You KnowNeed To Believe2009
I Won't Look DownBang!2014
I WonderLipservice2005
I Wonder (live)Made In Switzerland2006
I'm AliveLipservice2005
I'm On My WayDial Hard1993
I'm On My WayOne Life One Soul - Best Of Ballads2002
I'm On My Way (live)D-Frosted1997
I'm Your Travlin' ManDial Hard1993
I've Seen An Angel CryLipservice2005
I've Seen An Angel Cry TonightHeaven - Best Of Ballads Part 22010
Immigrant Song (live)Made In Switzerland2006
In The NameG.1996
In The Name (live)Made In Switzerland2006
Inside OutOne Team One Spirit2004
Intro (live)Homegrown - Alive In Lugano2011
Janie's Not AloneHuman Zoo2003
Janie's Not AloneOne Team One Spirit2004
Jump The GunBang!2014
Lay Down The LawG.1996
Leo Vs. Steve (Guitar- - Vocal-Solo)Homegrown - Alive In Lugano2011
Let It BeG.1996
Let It BeOne Team One Spirit2004
Let It Be (live)D-Frosted1997
Let It Be (live)Made In Switzerland2006
Let It RainOpen1999
Let It RainOne Life One Soul - Best Of Ballads2002
Let It RainOne Team One Spirit2004
Let Me In KatieBang!2014
Letter To A FriendDomino Effect2007
Lift 'U' UpLipservice2005
Lift 'U' Up (live)Made In Switzerland2006
Lift U Up (live)Homegrown - Alive In Lugano2011
Lift U Up (live)Defrosted 22018
Light In Your EyesHomerun2001
Light In Your EyesOne Team One Spirit2004
Lonely HeartacheGotthard1992
Lonely PeopleHomerun2001
Lonely PeopleOne Life One Soul - Best Of Ballads2002
Long Way DownHuman Zoo2003
Looking At YouOne Life One Soul - Best Of Ballads2002
Love For MoneyDial Hard1993
Love Soul MatterOne Life One Soul - Best Of Ballads2002
Love Soul MatterOne Team One Spirit2004
Love Soul Matter (live)D-Frosted1997
Make My DayG.1996
Make My DayOne Team One Spirit2004
Man On A Mission#132020
Marry You#132020
Master Of IllusionDomino Effect2007
Maybe (Duett)Bang!2014
Mean Street RocketGotthard1992
Merry X-MasHeaven - Best Of Ballads Part 22010
Mighty QuinnG.1996
Mighty QuinnOne Team One Spirit2004
Mighty Quinn (live)Made In Switzerland2006
Miss MeSilver2017
Miss Me (live)Defrosted 22018
Mountain MamaDial Hard1993
Mountain MamaOne Team One Spirit2004
Mountain Mama (live)D-Frosted1997
Mountain Mama (live)Made In Switzerland2006
Mountain Mama (live)Defrosted 22018
Movin' OnG.1996
Movin' OnOne Team One Spirit2004
Mr Ticket ManBang!2014
My BeliefBang!2014
My Oh MySilver2017
Need To BelieveNeed To Believe2009
Need To BelieveHeaven - Best Of Ballads Part 22010
Need To Believe (live)Homegrown - Alive In Lugano2011
No Time To Cry#132020
No Time To Cry (Demo Version)#132020
No TomorrowHuman Zoo2003
No TomorrowOne Team One Spirit2004
Not Fooling AnyoneSilver2017
Nothing Left At AllLipservice2005
Nothing Left At AllHeaven - Best Of Ballads Part 22010
Nothing Left At All (live)Made In Switzerland2006
NowDomino Effect2007
One In A MillionHuman Zoo2003
One Life One Soul (live)Defrosted 22018
One Life, One SoulG.1996
One Life, One SoulOne Life One Soul - Best Of Ballads2002
One Life, One SoulHeaven - Best Of Ballads Part 22010
One Life, One Soul (+ Monsterrat Caballe)One Team One Spirit2004
One Life, One Soul (live)D-Frosted1997
One Life, One Soul (live)Made In Switzerland2006
One Team - One SpiritOne Team One Spirit2004
Only Love Is RealSilver2017
Open FireDial Hard1993
Out On My OwnOne Life One Soul - Best Of Ballads2002
Out On My Own (live)D-Frosted1997
Out On My Own (live)Defrosted 22018
Peace Of MindOpen1999
Peace Of MindOne Life One Soul - Best Of Ballads2002
Reason For ThisSilver2017
Reason To LiveHomerun2001
Reason To LiveOne Life One Soul - Best Of Ballads2002
Reason To LiveOne Team One Spirit2004
Rebel SoulNeed To Believe2009
Red On A SleeveBang!2014
Remember It's Me (live)Defrosted 22018
Remember It?s MeFirebirth2012
Rescue Me#132020
Ride OnG.1996
Right From WrongNeed To Believe2009
Right OnFirebirth2012
Right On (live)Defrosted 22018
Ruby TuesdayOne Life One Soul - Best Of Ballads2002
Said And DoneLipservice2005
Said And Done (live)Made In Switzerland2006
Save The Date#132020
Say GoodbyeHomerun2001
Say GoodbyeOne Team One Spirit2004
Shangri La (live)Homegrown - Alive In Lugano2011
Shangri-LaNeed To Believe2009
She Goes DownDial Hard1993
Silver RiverSilver2017
Sister MoonG.1996
Sister MoonOne Team One Spirit2004
Sister Moon (live)D-Frosted1997
Sister Moon (live)Made In Switzerland2006
Sister Moon (live)Homegrown - Alive In Lugano2011
Sister Moon (live)Defrosted 22018
Smoke On The Water (live)Defrosted 22018
Someday (live)D-Frosted1997
Spread Your WingsBang!2014
Standing In The LightGotthard1992
Standing In The LightOne Team One Spirit2004
Starlight (live)Defrosted 22018
Stay For The NightLipservice2005
Stay With MeSilver2017
Stay With Me (live)Defrosted 22018
Still I Belong To YouHuman Zoo2003
Still I Belong To YouOne Team One Spirit2004
Sweet Little R'R'G.1996
Sweet Little Rock 'N' Roller (live)Defrosted 22018
Sweet Little Rock'n'Roller (live)D-Frosted1997
Take It All BackFirebirth2012
Take It EasyHomerun2001
Take MeGotthard1992
Tears To CryNeed To Believe2009
Tears To CryHeaven - Best Of Ballads Part 22010
Tell MeFirebirth2012
Tell Me (live)Defrosted 22018
Tell No LiesOpen1999
Tequila Symphony NoSilver2017
Tequila Symphony No. 5 (live)Defrosted 22018
Thank YouBang!2014
That's ItGotthard1992
The CallDomino Effect2007
The CallHeaven - Best Of Ballads Part 22010
The Cruiser (Judgement Day)Domino Effect2007
The Oscar Goes To (live)Homegrown - Alive In Lugano2011
The Oscar Goes To...Domino Effect2007
The Other Side Of MeLipservice2005
The Story Is OverFirebirth2012
The TrainHomegrown - Alive In Lugano2011
Tomorrow's Just BegunDomino Effect2007
Tomorrow's Just BegunHeaven - Best Of Ballads Part 22010
Top Of The WorldHuman Zoo2003
Top Of The WorldOne Team One Spirit2004
Top Of The World (live)Made In Switzerland2006
Top Of The World (live)Homegrown - Alive In Lugano2011
Unconditional FaithNeed To Believe2009
Unconditional FaithHeaven - Best Of Ballads Part 22010
Unconditional Faith (live)Homegrown - Alive In Lugano2011
Unspoken WordsNeed To Believe2009
Unspoken Words (live)Homegrown - Alive In Lugano2011
Walk On (Bonus Track)Silver2017
Want You InOpen1999
What About LoveOne Team One Spirit2004
What Am IHeaven - Best Of Ballads Part 22010
What Can I DoHuman Zoo2003
What I LikeHuman Zoo2003
What I LikeOne Team One Spirit2004
What I Wouldn't Give (Acoustic Version)Defrosted 22018
What You GetBang!2014
Where Are You (Dedicated To Steve Lee)Firebirth2012
Where I BelongHuman Zoo2003
Where Is Love When It's GoneDomino Effect2007
Where Is Love When It's GoneHeaven - Best Of Ballads Part 22010
Why (live)Defrosted 22018
Why Don't We Do ItOne Team One Spirit2004
Wun Ga-LiHomerun2001
Yippie Aye YayFirebirth2012
YouOne Life One Soul - Best Of Ballads2002
YouOne Team One Spirit2004

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