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AegirThe Other Side2017
All AloneUtopia2013
All This TimeThe Other Side2017
AngelGothic Electronic Anthems2003
Angel (Club Version)Gothic Electronic Anthems2003
Beauty After MidnightHappiness In Darkness2008
Dark SalvationEmpire Of Dark Salvation2005
DarksideHappiness In Darkness2008
Daughter Of SEmpire Of Dark Salvation2005
Day Of ReckoningThe Other Side2017
Der fliegende MannThe Other Side2017
DevilGothic Electronic Anthems2003
Dusk Till DawnHappiness In Darkness2008
EmperorHappiness In Darkness2008
ForgottenEmpire Of Dark Salvation2005
FreakHappiness In Darkness2008
Gates Of SalvationEmpire Of Dark Salvation2005
Gothic AnthemGothic Electronic Anthems2003
Happiness In DarknessEmpire Of Dark Salvation2005
HatredGothic Electronic Anthems2003
Ich will allesThe Other Side2017
LeviathanEmpire Of Dark Salvation2005
MammothHappiness In Darkness2008
March Of The DeadGothic Electronic Anthems2003
MonstersEmpire Of Dark Salvation2005
NachtzehrerEmpire Of Dark Salvation2005
Post LuoiumGothic Electronic Anthems2003
PrayGothic Electronic Anthems2003
Raise The DeadUtopia2013
Red ChristThe Other Side2017
Shadows Of Evil SinsGothic Electronic Anthems2003
SideshowHappiness In Darkness2008
Someone Is After MeUtopia2013
Somewhere In TimeThe Other Side2017
Swallowed By The EarthEmpire Of Dark Salvation2005
Taking OverThe Other Side2017
The AllmightyHappiness In Darkness2008
The CallingEmpire Of Dark Salvation2005
The Holy OneGothic Electronic Anthems2003
The New BeginningUtopia2013
The PossessionGothic Electronic Anthems2003
The SunThe Other Side2017
ThrillerHappiness In Darkness2008
We Are The Ones Who Rule The WorldThe Other Side2017
We Die In DreamsEmpire Of Dark Salvation2005
WelcomeEmpire Of Dark Salvation2005
WishGothic Electronic Anthems2003
Your SaviourHappiness In Darkness2008

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