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AliciaLand Of Gold1980
Aloha-Oe, Until We Meet AgainZauber der Karibik1980
Aloha-Oe, Until We Meet AgainTropical Dreams1982
Aloha-Oe, Until We Meet AgainThe Best Of Goombay Dance Band1983
Ave Maria No MorroHoliday In Paradise1981
Ave Maria No MorroTropical Dreams1982
Ave Maria No MorroThe Best Of Goombay Dance Band1983
Bang Bang LuluZauber der Karibik1980
Born To WinBorn To Win1982
Caribbean DreamsBorn To Win1982
Caribbean GirlZauber der Karibik1980
Carry The LoadBorn To Win1982
CherokeeHoliday In Paradise1981
Child Of The SunLand Of Gold1980
Child Of The SunTropical Dreams1982
Child Of The SunThe Best Of Goombay Dance Band1983
Conga ManZauber der Karibik1980
Cucu-Rru-Cu-Cu PalomaTropical Dreams1982
Day After Day (How My Time Drifts Away)Land Of Gold1980
El BandidoLand Of Gold1980
EldoradoLand Of Gold1980
EldoradoTropical Dreams1982
EldoradoThe Best Of Goombay Dance Band1983
Fly FlamingoZauber der Karibik1980
Golden VeilBorn To Win1982
Goombay DanceZauber der Karibik1980
GuantanameraTropical Dreams1982
I Will ReturnHoliday In Paradise1981
I'll Be HomeHoliday In Paradise1981
If You Ever Fall In LoveBorn To Win1982
If You Ever Fall In LoveThe Best Of Goombay Dance Band1983
Indio BoyHoliday In Paradise1981
Indio BoyTropical Dreams1982
Island In The SunTropical Dreams1982
Island Of DreamsZauber der Karibik1980
Island Of DreamsTropical Dreams1982
Island Of DreamsThe Best Of Goombay Dance Band1983
Isle Of AtlantisLand Of Gold1980
JerichoBorn To Win1982
King Of PeruLand Of Gold1980
Land HoLand Of Gold1980
Little Blue CanaryBorn To Win1982
Long Time AgoHoliday In Paradise1981
Love And TequilaLand Of Gold1980
Lovely LandHoliday In Paradise1981
Mama CocoLand Of Gold1980
MarrakeshHoliday In Paradise1981
MonkeyZauber der Karibik1980
MontezumaHoliday In Paradise1981
My BonnieTropical Dreams1982
My BonnieThe Best Of Goombay Dance Band1983
Paradise Of JoyZauber der Karibik1980
Paradise Of JoyTropical Dreams1982
RainLand Of Gold1980
RainTropical Dreams1982
RainThe Best Of Goombay Dance Band1983
Reggae NightsHoliday In Paradise1981
Robinson CrusoeTropical Dreams1982
Robinson CrusoeThe Best Of Goombay Dance Band1983
Santorini GoodbyeBorn To Win1982
Santorini GoodbyeThe Best Of Goombay Dance Band1983
Seven TearsHoliday In Paradise1981
Seven TearsTropical Dreams1982
Seven TearsThe Best Of Goombay Dance Band1983
Sing Little ChildrenZauber der Karibik1980
SlaveryBorn To Win1982
Song For TomorrowBorn To Win1982
Sun Of JamaicaZauber der Karibik1980
Sun Of JamaicaTropical Dreams1982
Sun Of JamaicaThe Best Of Goombay Dance Band1983
Take Me Down To The CaribbeanBorn To Win1982
Take Me Home To JamaicaZauber der Karibik1980
Tel AvivBorn To Win1982
The MagicianHoliday In Paradise1981
Under The Sun, Moon And StarsLand Of Gold1980
We'll Ride The Wave TogetherTropical Dreams1982

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