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A And ESeventh Tree2008
A&EThe Singles2012
AliveHead First2010
AlvarTales Of Us2013
AnnabelTales Of Us2013
AnymoreSilver Eye2017
Beast That Never WasSilver Eye2017
Become The OneSilver Eye2017
BelieverHead First2010
BelieverThe Singles2012
Black CherryBlack Cherry2003
Black CherryThe Singles2012
Caravan GirlSeventh Tree2008
ClayTales Of Us2013
ClownsSeventh Tree2008
Cologne Cerrone HoudiniSeventh Tree2008
Crystalline GreenBlack Cherry2003
Deep HoneyBlack Cherry2003
Deer StopFelt Mountain2000
DreamingHead First2010
DrewTales Of Us2013
Eat YourselfSeventh Tree2008
Everything Is Never EnoughSilver Eye2017
Faux Suede DrifterSilver Eye2017
Felt MountainFelt Mountain2000
Fly Me AwaySupernature2005
Fly Me Away (C2 Remix 4)We Are Glitter2006
ForeverBlack Cherry2003
Hairy TreesBlack Cherry2003
HappinessSeventh Tree2008
Happiness (Single Version)The Singles2012
Head FirstHead First2010
Horse TearsFelt Mountain2000
Human (Goldfrapp, Gregory, Locke, Norfolk)Felt Mountain2000
HuntHead First2010
I Wanna LifeHead First2010
JoTales Of Us2013
LaurelTales Of Us2013
Let It Take YouSupernature2005
Little BirdSeventh Tree2008
Lovely 2 C USupernature2005
Lovely 2 C U (T. Raumschmiere Remix)We Are Glitter2006
Lovely HeadFelt Mountain2000
Lovely HeadThe Singles2012
Melancholy SkyThe Singles2012
Monster LoveSeventh Tree2008
Moon In Your MouthSilver Eye2017
Number 1Supernature2005
Number 1The Singles2012
Number 1 (Alan Braxe + Fred Falke Main Remix)We Are Glitter2006
Number 1 (Mum Remix)We Are Glitter2006
OceanSilver Eye2017
Ooh La LaSupernature2005
Ooh La LaThe Singles2012
Ooh La La (Benny Benassi Extended Remix)We Are Glitter2006
Oompa RadarFelt Mountain2000
Paper BagFelt Mountain2000
PilotsFelt Mountain2000
Ride A White Horse (Ewan Pearson Disco Odyssey Part 1)We Are Glitter2006
Ride A White Horse (Fk-Ek Vocal Version)We Are Glitter2006
Ride A White Horse (Goldfrapp, Gregory, Nick Batt)Supernature2005
Ride A White Horse (Single Version)The Singles2012
Road To SomewhereSeventh Tree2008
RocketHead First2010
RocketThe Singles2012
Satin ChicSupernature2005
Satin Chic (Bombay Mix By The Shortwave Set)We Are Glitter2006
Satin Chic (Through The Mystic Mix, Dimension 11 By The Flaming Lips)We Are Glitter2006
Shiny And WarmHead First2010
SimoneTales Of Us2013
Slide InSupernature2005
Slide In (Dfa Remix)We Are Glitter2006
SlippageBlack Cherry2003
Some PeopleSeventh Tree2008
StrangerTales Of Us2013
Strict MachineBlack Cherry2003
Strict Machine (Single Mix)The Singles2012
SystemagicSilver Eye2017
TheaTales Of Us2013
TigermanSilver Eye2017
Time Out From The WorldSupernature2005
TiptoeBlack Cherry2003
TrainBlack Cherry2003
TrainThe Singles2012
TwistBlack Cherry2003
UllaTales Of Us2013
UtopiaFelt Mountain2000
Utopia (Genetically Enriched)The Singles2012
VoicethingHead First2010
Yellow HaloThe Singles2012
You Never KnowSupernature2005
You Never Know (Mum Remix)We Are Glitter2006
Zodiac BlackSilver Eye2017

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