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All NightCaught In A Loop2006
All Night (Radio Edit)Caught In A Loop2006
Are You LuluPerceptions Of Pacha2008
Big Band WolfGet Busy Living2010
Big Band WolfGoldfish2012
Brush Your HairGet Busy Living2010
Brush Your HairGoldfish2012
Call Me (feat. Monique Hellenberg)Get Busy Living2010
Call Me (feat. Monique Hellenberg) (2012 Edit)Goldfish2012
Coming HomePerceptions Of Pacha2008
Cruising ThroughPerceptions Of Pacha2008
Cruising ThroughGoldfish2012
Cruising Through (Radio Edit)Perceptions Of Pacha2008
Crunchy Joe (feat. Sakhile Moleshe)Get Busy Living2010
Crunchy Joe (feat. Sakhile Moleshe)Goldfish2012
DreamCaught In A Loop2006
EgyptologyCaught In A Loop2006
Fort KnoxPerceptions Of Pacha2008
Fort Knox (2012 Edit)Goldfish2012
From Zanzibar With LoveCaught In A Loop2006
Get Busy Living (feat. Emily Bruce)Get Busy Living2010
Get Busy Living (feat. Emily Bruce)Goldfish2012
Get Busy Living (feat. Emily Bruce) (Radio Edit)Get Busy Living2010
HighfalutinCaught In A Loop2006
Hold TightPerceptions Of Pacha2008
Hold TightGoldfish2012
Humbug (2012 Edit)Goldfish2012
Humbug (feat. Sakhile Moleshe)Get Busy Living2010
In Too DeepGoldfish2012
In Too Deep (feat. Emily Bruce)Get Busy Living2010
Just For TonightPerceptions Of Pacha2008
Last Tango In ParadiseCaught In A Loop2006
Love And HateCaught In A Loop2006
Mbira BeatCaught In A Loop2006
Mbira Beat (2012 Edit)Goldfish2012
My RainbowGet Busy Living2010
My RainbowGoldfish2012
ObeyCaught In A Loop2006
Show You How (feat. David Poole)Get Busy Living2010
Sold My SoulPerceptions Of Pacha2008
Soundtracks And Come BacksPerceptions Of Pacha2008
Soundtracks And Come Backs (2012 Edit)Goldfish2012
The Four Forty Five BluesCaught In A Loop2006
The Real DealCaught In A Loop2006
The Real Deal (2012 Edit)Goldfish2012
The Real Deal (Radio Edit)Caught In A Loop2006
This Is How It GoesPerceptions Of Pacha2008
This Is How It Goes (2012 Edit)Goldfish2012
This Is How It Goes (Radio Edit)Perceptions Of Pacha2008
Times May Change YouCaught In A Loop2006
Wait A MinuteCaught In A Loop2006
Washing Over Me (featr. Morning Parade)Goldfish2012
We Come Together (feat. Sakhile Moleshe)Get Busy Living2010
We Come Together (feat. Sakhile Moleshe)Goldfish2012
Wet WellyPerceptions Of Pacha2008
Woman's A DevilGoldfish2012

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