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A Taste Of HeavenLove2016
A Taste Of Heaven (Reprise)Love2016
Are You Looking For LoveWe Did It1979
Baby Baby Sweet BabyGeorge McCrae1975
Brand New ManLove2016
BreathlessDo Something1994
Call MeLove2016
Count On MeLove2016
Cut The RugDiamond Touch1976
Dance In A CircleDiamond Touch1976
Dancin' Through The StormDiamond Touch1976
Do SomethingDo Something1994
Don't You Feel My LoveWe Did It1979
Every Time You Say GoodbyeOne Step Closer To Heaven1984
Fire In The NightOne Step Closer To Heaven1984
Girl Of My DreamsLove2016
Girls Don't LieI Feel Love For You1987
Givin' Back The FeelingDiamond Touch1976
Hey, Sexy DancerGeorge McCrae (1978)1978
Hey, Sexy DancerLatest And Greatest Hits2006
Home Sick Love SickTogether1975
Honey (I'll Live My Life For You)Latest And Greatest Hits2006
Honey I (I'll Live My Life For You)George McCrae1975
I Ain't Lyin'George McCrae1975
I Can't Help MyselfI Feel Love For You1987
I Can't Leave You AloneDo Something1994
I Can't Leave You Alone (I Keep Holdin' On)Rock Your Baby1974
I Can't Leave You Alone (I'll Keep Holding On)Latest And Greatest Hits2006
I Feel Love For YouI Feel Love For You1987
I Get LiftedRock Your Baby1974
I Get LiftedLatest And Greatest Hits2006
I Got LoveGeorge McCrae (1978)1978
I Have A HeartI Feel Love For You1987
I Love YouWe Did It1979
I Need Somebody Like YouRock Your Baby1974
I Want You Around MeWe Did It1979
I'll Do The Rockin'Together1975
I'm Comin' At YouTogether1975
I'm Gonna Stay With My Baby TonightDiamond Touch1976
I'm Still BelievingOne Step Closer To Heaven1984
If Our Love Comes To An EndDo Something1994
It It Wasn't For YouOne Step Closer To Heaven1984
It Was Always YouOne Step Closer To Heaven1984
It's Been So LongGeorge McCrae1975
It's Been So LongLatest And Greatest Hits2006
Just An HourI Feel Love For You1987
Just Another FoolOne Step Closer To Heaven1984
Keep Rockin' Your BabyLatest And Greatest Hits2006
Kiss Me (The Way I Like It)George McCrae (1978)1978
Kiss Me (The Way I Like It)Latest And Greatest Hits2006
Knocking On Heaven's DoorI Feel Love For You1987
Let George Do ItGeorge McCrae (1978)1978
Let Your Love Do The TalkinTogether1975
Let's Dance (People All Over The World)George McCrae (1978)1978
Let's Dance (People All Over The World)Latest And Greatest Hits2006
Let's Dance Dance DanceTogether1975
Listen To Your HeartOne Step Closer To Heaven1984
Little Things SoftlyDo Something1994
Living In A Fantasy WorldI Feel Love For You1987
Living Out A DreamLove2016
Longing For YouLove2016
Look At YouRock Your Baby1974
Love In MotionDiamond Touch1976
Love In MotionLatest And Greatest Hits2006
Love Life And SoulWe Did It1979
Love MeLove2016
Loved And LostDiamond Touch1976
Make It RightRock Your Baby1974
Make It RightLatest And Greatest Hits2006
Make Your Dreams Come TrueDo Something1994
Mechanical BodyTogether1975
My Love, My Life, My SoulWe Did It1979
My Love, My Life, My SoulLatest And Greatest Hits2006
Never Never GirlGeorge McCrae (1978)1978
Never Too LateOne Step Closer To Heaven1984
Nice And SlowLatest And Greatest Hits2006
Nothing But LoveDiamond Touch1976
Nothing But LoveLatest And Greatest Hits2006
Now That I Have YouOne Step Closer To Heaven1984
One Step Closer To LoveOne Step Closer To Heaven1984
Ooh BabyI Feel Love For You1987
Ooh Baby BabyLove2016
Over My HeadGeorge McCrae (1978)1978
Party DownLatest And Greatest Hits2006
Rock My NoDo Something1994
Rock Your BabyRock Your Baby1974
Rock Your BabyLatest And Greatest Hits2006
Rock Your Baby (Reprise)Rock Your Baby1974
Rock Your Baby (Version 1987)I Feel Love For You1987
Rockin' ChairLatest And Greatest Hits2006
Sexy WomanLove2016
Sing A Happy SongGeorge McCrae1975
Sitting In LimboGeorge McCrae (1978)1978
Take It EasyI Feel Love For You1987
Take This Love Of MineGeorge McCrae1975
That's LoveI Feel Love For You1987
The RubTogether1975
Time For EmotionsDo Something1994
Wanna Be Your LoverDo Something1994
We Did ItWe Did It1979
We Got LoveLove2016
When I First Saw YouGeorge McCrae1975
Why Can't We Live TogetherLatest And Greatest Hits2006
Winners Together Or Losers ApartTogether1975
You And I Were Made For Each OtherTogether1975
You Can Have It AllRock Your Baby1974
You Can't Have It AllLatest And Greatest Hits2006
You Can't Make A Woman Love YouI Feel Love For You1987
You Don't KnowWe Did It1979
You Got Me Going CrazyWe Did It1979
You Got My HeartRock Your Baby1974
You Got To KnowGeorge McCrae1975
You Make Me Feel AlrightDo Something1994
You Treat Me GoodGeorge McCrae1975

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