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20 - 2020-201985
20 - 20Midnight Moods1991
601 1 - 2 No. PoplarGeorge Benson - Jack McDuff1964
A Change Is Gonna ComeLivin' Inside Your Love1979
A Foggy DayIt's Uptown1965
A Telephone Call AwaySongs And Stories2009
Affirmation (live)Weekend In London2020
Ain't That A ShameWalking To New Orleans - Remembering Chuck Berry And Fats Domino2019
Ain't That PeculiarIt's Uptown1965
Ain't That PeculiarBenson Burner1965
All ClearBeyond The Blue Horizon1971
All I AmGivin' It Up2006
All I KnowStanding Together1998
All Of MeThe George Benson Cookbook1966
Along Comes MaryGiblet Gravy1968
Are You HappyTell It Like It Is1969
At The Mambo InnTenderly1989
Baby WorkoutBig Boss Band1990
Back To LoveStanding Together1998
BallerinaInspiration - A Tribute No Nat King Cole2013
Basie's BagBig Boss Band1990
BayouBenson Burner1965
Because - Come TogetherThe Other Side Of Abbey Road1969
Before You GoLivin' Inside Your Love1979
Being With YouIn Your Eyes1983
Being With YouThe Greatest Hits Of All2003
Being With YouClassic Love Songs2010
Benny's BackThe George Benson Cookbook1966
Benson's RiderBenson Burner1965
Benson's RiderThe George Benson Cookbook1966
Beyond The OzoneBenson + Farrell1976
Beyond The Sea (La mer)20-201985
Big Fat LadyThe George Benson Cookbook1966
Billie's BouceGiblet Gravy1968
Black RoseIrreplaceable2003
Blue MondayWalking To New Orleans - Remembering Chuck Berry And Fats Domino2019
BluesadelicI Got A Woman And Some Blues1970
Body TalkBody Talk1974
Body Talk (Alternate Take)Body Talk1974
Bossa RockaThe George Benson Cookbook1966
Breezin'Midnight Moods1991
Breezin'The Greatest Hits Of All2003
Breezin'Givin' It Up2006
Breezin'Classic Love Songs2010
Briar PatchGeorge Benson - Jack McDuff1964
Bright EyesBenson Burner1965
Bring It On Home To MeGivin' It Up2006
BullfightIt's Uptown1965
C-SmoothStanding Together1998
California DreamingWhite Rabbit1972
California P.M. (live)Weekend In L.A.1978
Calling YouLove Remembers1993
Camel HumpBenson + Farrell1976
Carnival JoysGoodies1968
Cast Your Fate To The WIndCast Your Fate To The Wind1975
Cast Your Fate To The WindGood King Bad1976
Cell PhoneIrreplaceable2003
Chattanooga Choo ChooShape Of Things To Come1969
Chicken GibletsBenson Burner1965
Clabber BiscuitsBenson Burner1965
ClockwiseIt's Uptown1965
Come Back BabyAbsolute Benson2000
Come In From The ColdSongs And Stories2009
Come Into My WorldLove Remembers1993
Cruise ControlStanding Together1998
Cruise Control (live)Weekend In London2020
Cry Me A RiverGeorge Benson - Jack McDuff1964
DanceBody Talk1974
Danny BoyGuitar Man2011
Deeper Than You ThinkAbsolute Benson2000
Did You Hear ThunderWhile The City Sleeps1986
Dinorah, DinorahGive Me The Night1980
Doin' The ThingBenson Burner1965
Don't Cha Hear Me Callin' To YaTell It Like It Is1969
Don't Know WhyGuitar Man2011
Don't Let Me Be Lonely TonightSongs And Stories2009
Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight (live)Weekend In London2020
Don't Let Me Lose This DreamShape Of Things To Come1969
Don't Start No SchtuffGivin' It Up2006
Doobie, Doobie BluesGoodies1968
Down Here On The Ground (live)Weekend In L.A.1978
Durham's TurnI Got A Woman And Some Blues1970
Easy LivingGeorge Benson - Jack McDuff1964
El BarrioAbsolute Benson2000
El MarWhite Rabbit1972
EmCast Your Fate To The Wind1975
EmGood King Bad1976
EternallyIt's Uptown1965
Every Time You Go AwayGivin' It Up2006
Everybody Does ItTwice The Love1988
Everything Must ChangeIn Flight1977
ExoticaSongs And Stories2009
Face It Boy, It's OverShape Of Things To Come1969
Family ReunionSongs And Stories2009
Feel Like Makin' Love (live)Weekend In London2020
Feel Like Making LoveIn Your Eyes1983
Feel Like Making LoveMidnight Moods1991
Feel Like Making LoveThe Greatest Hits Of All2003
FingerleroGuitar Man2011
FlamingoBenson Burner1965
Flute SongBenson + Farrell1976
Fly By NightStanding Together1998
Footin' ItShape Of Things To Come1969
Footprints In The SandThat's Right1996
ForevermoreBenson Burner1965
FourGivin' It Up2006
Full CompassBad Benson1975
Giblet GravyGiblet Gravy1968
Give Me The NightGive Me The Night1980
Give Me The NightMidnight Moods1991
Give Me The NightThe Greatest Hits Of All2003
Give Me The NightClassic Love Songs2010
Give Me The Night (live)Weekend In London2020
Givin' It Up For LoveGivin' It Up2006
God Bless The ChildGivin' It Up2006
Golden Slumbers - You Never Give Me Your MoneyThe Other Side Of Abbey Road1969
Gonna Love You MoreIn Flight1977
Good HabitTwice The Love1988
Good Morning BluesI Got A Woman And Some Blues1970
Goodbye ColumbusI Got A Woman And Some Blues1970
GoodnightBenson Burner1965
Got To Be ThereLove Remembers1993
Greatest Love Of AllMidnight Moods1991
Groovin'Giblet Gravy1968
Hammond's Bossa NovaBenson Burner1965
Havana MoonWalking To New Orleans - Remembering Chuck Berry And Fats Domino2019
Hello BirdieIt's Uptown1965
Hello BirdieBenson Burner1965
Here Comes The Sun - I Want You (She's So Heavy)The Other Side Of Abbey Road1969
Here, There And EverywhereTenderly1989
Hey GirlLivin' Inside Your Love1979
Hipping The HopAbsolute Benson2000
Hippy DipGeorge Benson - Jack McDuff1964
Hold Me20-201985
Hold On I'm ComingSpace1978
Holdin' OnThat's Right1996
Hot BarbecueGeorge Benson - Jack McDuff1964
How Do You Keep The Music PlayingBig Boss Band1990
How You've ChangedWalking To New Orleans - Remembering Chuck Berry And Fats Domino2019
I Could Write A BookTenderly1989
I Don't KnowGeorge Benson - Jack McDuff1964
I Got A WomanI Got A Woman And Some Blues1970
I Hear You KnockingWalking To New Orleans - Remembering Chuck Berry And Fats Domino2019
I Hear You Knocking (live)Weekend In London2020
I Just Wanna Hang Around You20-201985
I Only Have Eyes For YouBig Boss Band1990
I Remember WesGoodies1968
I Want To Hold Your HandGuitar Man2011
I Worry 'Bout YouI Got A Woman And Some Blues1970
I'll Be Good To YouLove Remembers1993
I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A LetterInspiration - A Tribute No Nat King Cole2013
In Search Of A DreamIn Your Eyes1983
In Your EyesIn Your Eyes1983
In Your EyesMidnight Moods1991
In Your EyesThe Greatest Hits Of All2003
In Your EyesClassic Love Songs2010
In Your Eyes (live)Weekend In London2020
Inside Love (So Personal)In Your Eyes1983
It's All In The Game (live)Weekend In L.A.1978
Jackie, AllTell It Like It Is1969
JaguarIt's Uptown1965
JaguarBenson Burner1965
Jama JoeTell It Like It Is1969
JazzencoAbsolute Benson2000
Johnnie LeeThat's Right1996
Jumpin' With Symphony SidThe George Benson Cookbook1966
Just Another SundayGeorge Benson - Jack McDuff1964
Just One Of Those ThingsInspiration - A Tribute No Nat King Cole2013
Keep Rollin'Standing Together1998
Keep Talkin'Benson Burner1965
Kiss And Make UpLove Remembers1993
Kisses In The MoonlightWhile The City Sleeps1986
Kisses In The MoonlightMidnight Moods1991
Kisses In The MoonlightThe Greatest Hits Of All2003
Lady Blue (live)Weekend In L.A.1978
Lady Love MeThe Greatest Hits Of All2003
Lady Love MeClassic Love Songs2010
Lady Love Me (One More Time)In Your Eyes1983
Lady Love Me (One More Time)Midnight Moods1991
Land Of 1000 DancesTell It Like It Is1969
Last Train To ClarksvilleShape Of Things To Come1969
Late At NightIn Your Eyes1983
LatelyAbsolute Benson2000
Let GoTwice The Love1988
Let It RainGivin' It Up2006
Let's Do It AgainTwice The Love1988
Little Train (From Bachianas Brasileiras No.2)White Rabbit1972
Livin' Inside Your LoveLivin' Inside Your Love1979
Livin' Inside Your LoveMidnight Moods1991
Livin' Inside Your LoveClassic Love Songs2010
Living In High DefinitionSongs And Stories2009
Living On Borrowed LoveTwice The Love1988
Long Come TutuGivin' It Up2006
Lost In LoveLove Remembers1993
Love All The Hurt AwayThe Greatest Hits Of All2003
Love All The Hurt AwayClassic Love Songs2010
Love BalladLivin' Inside Your Love1979
Love BalladMidnight Moods1991
Love BalladThe Greatest Hits Of All2003
Love BalladClassic Love Songs2010
Love Ballad (live)Weekend In London2020
Love DanceGive Me The Night1980
Love Is A Hurtin' ThingLivin' Inside Your Love1979
Love Is Here TonightWhile The City Sleeps1986
Love Of My LifeLove Remembers1993
Love RemembersLove Remembers1993
Love Will Come AgainIn Your Eyes1983
Love X LoveGive Me The Night1980
Love X LoveMidnight Moods1991
Love X LoveThe Greatest Hits Of All2003
Love X LoveClassic Love Songs2010
Love X Love (live)Weekend In London2020
Lovin' On Borrowed TimeLove Remembers1993
Loving Is Better Than LeavingIrreplaceable2003
Low Down And DirtyGiblet Gravy1968
Mama WailerBenson Burner1965
Marvin SaidThat's Right1996
Medicine ManAbsolute Benson2000
Memphis, TennesseeWalking To New Orleans - Remembering Chuck Berry And Fats Domino2019
Midnight Love AffairGive Me The Night1980
Midnight Love AffairMidnight Moods1991
Midnight Love AffairClassic Love Songs2010
Minor TruthBenson Burner1965
Missing YouIrreplaceable2003
Mona LisaInspiration - A Tribute No Nat King Cole2013
Mona Lisa (+ Lil' Georgie Benson)Inspiration - A Tribute No Nat King Cole2013
Moody's MoodGive Me The Night1980
Moody's MoodThe Greatest Hits Of All2003
Moody's Mood (live)Weekend In London2020
Mornin'Givin' It Up2006
My BabeBenson Burner1965
My Cherie AmourTell It Like It Is1969
My Cherie AmourGuitar Man2011
My Heart Is DancingLove Remembers1993
My Latin BrotherBad Benson1975
My One And Only LoveGuitar Man2011
My Woman's Good To MeTell It Like It Is1969
Myna Bird BluesIt's Uptown1965
Myna Bird BluesBenson Burner1965
Nadine (Is It You)Walking To New Orleans - Remembering Chuck Berry And Fats Domino2019
NaimaGuitar Man2011
Nassau DayLivin' Inside Your Love1979
Nature BoyIn Flight1977
Nature BoyMidnight Moods1991
Nature BoyThe Greatest Hits Of All2003
Nature BoyClassic Love Songs2010
Nature BoyInspiration - A Tribute No Nat King Cole2013
Never Give Up On A Good ThingMidnight Moods1991
Never Give Up On A Good ThingThe Greatest Hits Of All2003
Never Give Up On A Good ThingClassic Love Songs2010
Never Give Up On A Good Thing (live)Weekend In London2020
Never Too Far To FallIn Your Eyes1983
New Day20-201985
No One Emotion20-201985
No Sooner Said Than DoneBad Benson1975
No Sooner Said Than DoneSpace1978
Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You20-201985
Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For YouThe Greatest Hits Of All2003
Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You (live)Weekend In London2020
Nuthin' But A PartySongs And Stories2009
Ode To A KuduBeyond The Blue Horizon1971
Ode To A Kudu (live)Weekend In L.A.1978
Off BroadwayGive Me The Night1980
Oh DarlingThe Other Side Of Abbey Road1969
Old Devil MoonBenson + Farrell1976
On BroadwayThe Greatest Hits Of All2003
On Broadway (live)Weekend In L.A.1978
On Broadway (live)Midnight Moods1991
On Green Dolphin StreetBig Boss Band1990
One Like YouSongs And Stories2009
One On OneAbsolute Benson2000
One Rock Don't Make No BoulderCast Your Fate To The Wind1975
One Rock Don't Make No BoulderGood King Bad1976
Ordinary PeopleGivin' It Up2006
Out In The Cold AgainTell It Like It Is1969
Out Of The BlueI Got A Woman And Some Blues1970
P ParkThat's Right1996
Paper MoonGuitar Man2011
Peg-Leg JackBenson Burner1965
People Get ReadyGoodies1968
Please Don't Walk Away20-201985
Please Don't Walk AwayClassic Love Songs2010
PlumBody Talk1974
Poquito Spanish, Poquito FunkStanding Together1998
Portrait Of JennieBig Boss Band1990
Prelude To FallLivin' Inside Your Love1979
Push, PushBenson Burner1965
Rainy Night In GeorgiaSongs And Stories2009
Ready And AbleThe George Benson Cookbook1966
Ready Now That You AreBig Boss Band1990
Reason For BreathingIrreplaceable2003
Redwood CityBenson Burner1965
Return Of The Prodigal SonBenson Burner1965
Return Of The Prodigal SonThe George Benson Cookbook1966
Rock-A-ByeGeorge Benson - Jack McDuff1964
Rockin' ChairWalking To New Orleans - Remembering Chuck Berry And Fats Domino2019
Rolling HomeBenson + Farrell1976
Route 66Inspiration - A Tribute No Nat King Cole2013
Sack Of WoeGiblet Gravy1968
SailingSongs And Stories2009
Secrets In The NightWhile The City Sleeps1986
Shadow DancersGeorge Benson - Jack McDuff1964
Shape Of Things That Are And WereShape Of Things To Come1969
Shape Of Things To ComeShape Of Things To Come1969
She Went A Little Bit FurtherI Got A Woman And Some Blues1970
Shell Of A ManCast Your Fate To The Wind1975
Shell Of A ManGood King Bad1976
ShiverWhile The City Sleeps1986
ShiverMidnight Moods1991
ShiverThe Greatest Hits Of All2003
ShiverClassic Love Songs2010
Show Me The LoveSongs And Stories2009
Siberian WorkoutCast Your Fate To The Wind1975
Siberian WorkoutGood King Bad1976
Since I Fell For YouGuitar Man2011
Six PlayIrreplaceable2003
Six To FourBreezin'1976
Sky DiveSpace1978
SkylarkBig Boss Band1990
Slow SceneBenson Burner1965
SmileInspiration - A Tribute No Nat King Cole2013
So This Is LoveBreezin'1976
So WhatBeyond The Blue Horizon1971
Someday We'll All Be FreeSongs And Stories2009
Something - Octopus's Garden - The EndThe Other Side Of Abbey Road1969
Somewhere In The EastBeyond The Blue Horizon1971
Somewhere IslandLove Remembers1993
Song For My BrotherThat's Right1996
Song For My FatherGoodies1968
Soul LimboTell It Like It Is1969
Soulful StrutLivin' Inside Your Love1979
Stairway To LoveIrreplaceable2003
Stand Up20-201985
Standing TogetherStanding Together1998
Star Of A Story (X)Give Me The Night1980
Starting All OverTwice The Love1988
Stella By StarlightTenderly1989
StephanieTwice The Love1988
Still WatersStanding Together1998
Stormy WeatherIt's Uptown1965
Straighten Up And Fly RightInspiration - A Tribute No Nat King Cole2013
Strings Of LoveIrreplaceable2003
Summer BreezeGivin' It Up2006
Summer LoveThat's Right1996
Summer Wishes, Winter DreamsBad Benson1975
SummertimeIt's Uptown1965
SunnyGiblet Gravy1968
Take FiveBad Benson1975
TeaserWhile The City Sleeps1986
Tell It Like It IsTell It Like It Is1969
Tender LoveTwice The Love1988
TenderlyGuitar Man2011
TequilaGuitar Man2011
That Lucky Old SunGoodies1968
That's RightThat's Right1996
The Borgia StickThe George Benson Cookbook1966
The Changing WorldBad Benson1975
The CookerBenson Burner1965
The CookerThe George Benson Cookbook1966
The Gentle RainBeyond The Blue Horizon1971
The GhettoAbsolute Benson2000
The Ghetto (live)Weekend In London2020
The Greatest Love Of AllThe Greatest Hits Of All2003
The Greatest Love Of All (live)Weekend In L.A.1978
The Lady In My LifeGuitar Man2011
The Man From ToledoBenson Burner1965
The Party's OverGeorge Benson - Jack McDuff1964
The Sweet Alice BluesGeorge Benson - Jack McDuff1964
The ThinkerThat's Right1996
The Three Day ThangGeorge Benson - Jack McDuff1964
The Wind And IIn Flight1977
The World Is A GhettoIn Flight1977
Theme From Good King BadGood King Bad1976
Theme From Good Thing BadCast Your Fate To The Wind1975
Theme From Summer Of '42White Rabbit1972
This Is All I AskTenderly1989
This MasqueradeBreezin'1976
This MasqueradeThe Greatest Hits Of All2003
This Masquerade (Edit)Classic Love Songs2010
Thunder WalkGiblet Gravy1968
Too Many TimesWhile The City Sleeps1986
Too YoungInspiration - A Tribute No Nat King Cole2013
Top Of The WorldBody Talk1974
True BlueThat's Right1996
Turn Out The LamplightGive Me The Night1980
Turn Your Love AroundThe Greatest Hits Of All2003
Turn Your Love AroundClassic Love Songs2010
Turn Your Love Around (live)Weekend In London2020
Twice The LoveTwice The Love1988
Unchained MelodyLivin' Inside Your Love1979
UnforgettableInspiration - A Tribute No Nat King Cole2013
Until You BelieveTwice The Love1988
Use MeIn Your Eyes1983
Valdez In The CountryIn Flight1977
Walk On ByGiblet Gravy1968
Walkin' My Baby Back HomeBig Boss Band1990
Walkin' My Baby Back HomeInspiration - A Tribute No Nat King Cole2013
Walking To New OrleansWalking To New Orleans - Remembering Chuck Berry And Fats Domino2019
Water BrotherTell It Like It Is1969
We All Remember Wes (live)Weekend In L.A.1978
We As Love (live)Weekend In L.A.1978
We Got The LoveClassic Love Songs2010
Weekend In L.A. (live)Weekend In L.A.1978
Welcome Into My WorldLivin' Inside Your Love1979
What Do You ThinkBenson Burner1965
What's NewGiblet Gravy1968
What's New (Alternative Take)Giblet Gravy1968
What's New (Alternative Take)Giblet Gravy1968
What's On Your MindGive Me The Night1980
When I Fall In LoveInspiration - A Tribute No Nat King Cole2013
When Love Comes CallingThat's Right1996
When Love Has GrownBody Talk1974
Where Are You NowThat's Right1996
While The City SleepsWhile The City Sleeps1986
White RabbitWhite Rabbit1972
Whole ManIrreplaceable2003
Will You Still Be MineGeorge Benson - Jack McDuff1964
Willing To FightLove Remembers1993
Willow Weep for MeIt's Uptown1965
Willow Weep For MeBenson Burner1965
Windmills Of Your MindGoodies1968
Windsong (live)Weekend In L.A.1978
Without A SongBig Boss Band1990
Without HerI Got A Woman And Some Blues1970
You Are The Love Of My Life20-201985
You Are The Love Of My LifeThe Greatest Hits Of All2003
You Can Do It, BabyStanding Together1998
You Can't Catch MeWalking To New Orleans - Remembering Chuck Berry And Fats Domino2019
You Don't Know What Love IsTenderly1989
You Make Me Feel Like A Natural WomanGoodies1968
You're Never Too Far From MeLivin' Inside Your Love1979
You're Still My BabyTwice The Love1988

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