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6th AvenueSince I Saw You Last2013
ActressSince I Saw You Last2013
All That I've Given AwayTwelve Months, Eleven Days1999
AlwaysOpen Road1997
Are You Ready NowOpen Road1997
Arms Around MeTwelve Months, Eleven Days1999
Before You Turn AwayTwelve Months, Eleven Days1999
Don't Need A ReasonTwelve Months, Eleven Days1999
Dying InsideSince I Saw You Last2013
Everything I Ever WantedOpen Road1997
Face To Face (+ Elton John)Since I Saw You Last2013
Fast CarTwelve Months, Eleven Days1999
For All That You WantTwelve Months, Eleven Days1999
Forever LoveOpen Road1997
GodSince I Saw You Last2013
Hang On In There BabyOpen Road1997
Hello MotherTwelve Months, Eleven Days1999
I Fall So DeepOpen Road1997
JumpSince I Saw You Last2013
Lay Down For LoveOpen Road1997
Let Me GoSince I Saw You Last2013
Lie To MeTwelve Months, Eleven Days1999
Lie To MeTwelve Months, Eleven Days1999
Love Won't WaitOpen Road1997
More Than LifeSince I Saw You Last2013
Mr EverythingSince I Saw You Last2013
My CommitmentOpen Road1997
Never KnewOpen Road1997
Nothing Feels The SameTwelve Months, Eleven Days1999
Open RoadOpen Road1997
RequiemSince I Saw You Last2013
Since I Saw You LastSince I Saw You Last2013
Small Town GirlsSince I Saw You Last2013
So Help Me GirlOpen Road1997
StrongerTwelve Months, Eleven Days1999
The Song I'll Never WriteSince I Saw You Last2013
This HouseSince I Saw You Last2013
WalkTwelve Months, Eleven Days1999
We Like To LoveSince I Saw You Last2013
WonderingTwelve Months, Eleven Days1999
Yesterday's GirlTwelve Months, Eleven Days1999

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