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14 Steps To Harlem14 Steps To Harlem2017
35 Millimeter DreamsGhost Writer1977
35 Millimeter DreamsRock'n' Roll Adult1982
35 Millimeter DreamsI'm Alive2006
96 TearsEscape Artist1980
96 TearsRock'n' Roll Adult1982
96 TearsI'm Alive2006
96 Tears (Single Version) (Bonus Track)Escape Artist1980
AfrodiziakWildlife Dictionary1997
All Around The WorldThe King Of In Between2012
American BackslideGuts For Love1983
American Boy And GirlAmerican Boy And Girl1979
Any RainTruth Serum2013
Bad DreamAmerican Boy And Girl1979
Ballad Of MeGarland Jeffreys1973
Been There And BackOne-Eyed Jack1978
Bottle Of LoveDon't Call Me Buckwheat1992
Bound To Get Ahead SomedayGarland Jeffreys1973
Bound To Get Ahead SomedayRock'n' Roll Adult1982
Boys And GirlsWildlife Dictionary1997
Boys And GirlsI'm Alive2006
Bring Back The LoveAmerican Boy And Girl1979
Calcutta MonsoonGarland Jeffreys1973
ChristineEscape Artist1980
ChristineI'm Alive2006
Christine (Ballad) (Bonus Track)Escape Artist1980
City KidsAmerican Boy And Girl1979
Collide The GenerationsTruth Serum2013
Color LineDon't Call Me Buckwheat1992
Colorblind LoveTruth Serum2013
Colored Boy Said14 Steps To Harlem2017
Coney Island WinterThe King Of In Between2012
Cool Down BoyGhost Writer1977
Cool Down BoyRock'n' Roll Adult1982
Dance UpGuts For Love1983
Desperation DriveOne-Eyed Jack1978
Don't Call Me BuckwheatDon't Call Me Buckwheat1992
Don't Call Me BuckwheatI'm Alive2006
Dragons To SlayTruth Serum2013
EggsGarland Jeffreys1973
Escape Goat Dub (Bonus Track)Escape Artist1980
EverybodyThe King Of In Between2012
Far Far AwayTruth Serum2013
FidelityGuts For Love1983
Ghost Of A ChanceEscape Artist1980
Ghost WriterGhost Writer1977
Ghost WriterMatador And More1992
Ghost WriterI'm Alive2006
Gotta Get Away From This WorldWildlife Dictionary1997
Graveyard RockEscape Artist1980
Guts For LoveGuts For Love1983
Hail Hail Rock And RollDon't Call Me Buckwheat1992
Hail Hail Rock And Roll (Album Version) (Bonus Track)Escape Artist1980
Hail Hail Rock N RollI'm Alive2006
HappinessWildlife Dictionary1997
Harlem BoundGarland Jeffreys1973
Haunted HouseOne-Eyed Jack1978
Help14 Steps To Harlem2017
I May Not Be Your KindGhost Writer1977
I May Not Be Your KindRock'n' Roll Adult1982
I May Not Be Your KindMatador And More1992
I May Not Be Your KindI'm Alive2006
I Was Afraid Of MalcolmDon't Call Me Buckwheat1992
I'm A Dreamer14 Steps To Harlem2017
I'm AliveI'm Alive2006
I'm AliveThe King Of In Between2012
I'm Not A Know It AllDon't Call Me Buckwheat1992
If Mao Could See Me NowAmerican Boy And Girl1979
In God's Waiting RoomThe King Of In Between2012
InnocentEscape Artist1980
Is This The Real WorldTruth Serum2013
It?s What I AmTruth Serum2013
Jump JumpEscape Artist1980
Keep On TryingOne-Eyed Jack1978
Keep On TryingMatador And More1992
Lift Me UpGhost Writer1977
Livin' For MeMatador And More1992
Living For MeAmerican Boy And Girl1979
Lon ChaneyGarland Jeffreys1973
LonelinessGuts For Love1983
LonelyvilleDon't Call Me Buckwheat1992
Love Is Not A ClichéThe King Of In Between2012
Love JonesWildlife Dictionary1997
LovelightGarland Jeffreys1973
Lover's Walk (Bonus Track)Escape Artist1980
Lovetown SerenadeWildlife Dictionary1997
Luna Park Love Theme14 Steps To Harlem2017
MatadorAmerican Boy And Girl1979
MatadorRock'n' Roll Adult1982
MatadorMatador And More1992
Matador (Bonus Track)I'm Alive2006
Miami Beach (Bonus Track)Escape Artist1980
Midnite Cane (Bonus Track)Garland Jeffreys1973
Modern LoversEscape Artist1980
Moonshine In The CornfieldDon't Call Me Buckwheat1992
Murder JubileeDon't Call Me Buckwheat1992
Mystery KidsEscape Artist1980
New York SkylineGhost Writer1977
New York SkylineMatador And More1992
New York SkylineI'm Alive2006
Night Of Living DeadAmerican Boy And Girl1979
No Woman No CryMatador And More1992
No Woman, No CryOne-Eyed Jack1978
OceanaWildlife Dictionary1997
Oh My SoulOne-Eyed Jack1978
One Eyed JackOne-Eyed Jack1978
One Eyed JackMatador And More1992
Original LustWildlife Dictionary1997
Proud HighwayI'm Alive2006
R.O.C.K.Escape Artist1980
R.O.C.K.Rock'n' Roll Adult1982
R.O.C.K.I'm Alive2006
Racial RepertoireDon't Call Me Buckwheat1992
Real ManGuts For Love1983
Rebel LoveGuts For Love1983
Reelin'One-Eyed Jack1978
Reggae On Broadway14 Steps To Harlem2017
Return Of The MatadorI'm Alive2006
Revolution Of The MindTruth Serum2013
Rock And Roll MusicThe King Of In Between2012
Roller Coaster TownThe King Of In Between2012
Rough And ReadyGhost Writer1977
SalvadorGuts For Love1983
Schoolyard Blues14 Steps To Harlem2017
Scream In The NightOne-Eyed Jack1978
SexualityWildlife Dictionary1997
SexualityI'm Alive2006
She Didn't LieGarland Jeffreys1973
She Didn't LieOne-Eyed Jack1978
She's A KillerThe King Of In Between2012
Ship Of FoolsAmerican Boy And Girl1979
Ship Of FoolsMatador And More1992
Ship Of FoolsTruth Serum2013
Shoot The Moonlight OutAmerican Boy And Girl1979
Shoot The Moonlight OutMatador And More1992
ShoutGuts For Love1983
Spanish BloodDon't Call Me Buckwheat1992
Spanish Heart14 Steps To Harlem2017
Spanish TownGhost Writer1977
Spanish TownMatador And More1992
Spanish TownI'm Alive2006
StreetwiseThe King Of In Between2012
SurrenderGuts For Love1983
TemptationWildlife Dictionary1997
That's My LoverWildlife Dictionary1997
The AnswerDon't Call Me Buckwheat1992
The AnswerI'm Alive2006
The Beautifull TruthThe King Of In Between2012
The ContortionistThe King Of In Between2012
Till John Lee Hooker Calls MeThe King Of In Between2012
Time Goes Away14 Steps To Harlem2017
True ConfessionsEscape Artist1980
True To MeGarland Jeffreys1973
Truth SerumTruth Serum2013
Venus14 Steps To Harlem2017
Waiting For The Man14 Steps To Harlem2017
We The People (Bonus Track)Escape Artist1980
Welcome To The WorldDon't Call Me Buckwheat1992
Wet MoneyWildlife Dictionary1997
What Does It TakeGuts For Love1983
When You Call My Name14 Steps To Harlem2017
Why-OGhost Writer1977
Wild In The StreetsGhost Writer1977
Wild In The StreetsRock'n' Roll Adult1982
Wild In The StreetsMatador And More1992
Wild In The StreetsI'm Alive2006
Wildlife DictionaryWildlife Dictionary1997
ZooGarland Jeffreys1973

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